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Gutshot Editorial
Posted on 26 Feb, 2024
By Gutshot Editorial
On 26 Feb, 2024
By Gutshot Editorial
On 26 Feb, 2024

ISPL Team Chennai Singams Acquire 16 Players for ₹96.4 Lakh

Business stalwarts Rajdipkumar Gupta, Sandipkumar Gupta, and actor Suriya Sivakumar, promoters of Chennai Singams bought 16 players, including star player Sumeet Dhekale aka ‘Bahubali’ for the inaugural edition of ISPL. All rounders R. Thavith Kumar and Venkatachalapathi Vignesh from the south zone bought for a cumulative amount of ₹6 Lakh. The Chennai-based franchise is among the six teams competing in the street-to-stadium league’s premiere edition from 6th to 15th March 2024 in Mumbai.

Chennai Singams Player Sumeet Dhekale

Credit: CricketGraph

The Chennai Singams team, with a purse of ₹1 Crore, bought 16 players for a cumulative amount of ₹96.4 Lakh, making the team the highest bidder at the auction. Representing Chennai Singams were co-owners, Rajdipkumar Gupta, and the core team consisting Rahul Pandey, Ashish Jaiswal and Sandeep Jaiswal. 

Rajdip Gupta, Co-owner, Chennai Singams said,

“Our team strength is our players. We are elated to have bought some of the best players in the lot. The scouting camp that we hosted was very fruitful. Can’t wait for the Chennai Singams team to take to the field.”

Actor Suriya Sivakumar, Co-Owner, Chennai Singams said,

“Witnessing the dedication, skill and talent on display, namely Sumeet Dhekale, Ketan Mhatre, R. Thavith Kumar, Venkatachalapathi Vignesh among others, I am confident that Chennai Singams will cross a milestone in the upcoming inaugural edition of the Indian Street Premier League. Our team is marked by passion, determination, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Experience and raw talent are hard to resist! Chennai Singams is more than just a team; cricket is more than just a game for us. It’s an emotion!  Like all cricket lovers, I also eagerly await the game of our players in the ISPL matches. Sports and sportsmanship are a forever inspiration! Let us roar together, Chennai Singams!”

A team formed with players from different corners of the country, Chennai Singams, bought Sumeet Dhekale for ₹19 Lakh who is one of the most expensive players followed by Ketan Mhatre for ₹16.5, Farman Khan for ₹10.5 Lakh, Dilip Binjwa for 9 Lakh, Sanjay Kanojjiya for ₹7 Lakh, Sagar Ali for ₹4.4 Lakh, Harish Parmar for ₹3 Lakh, Vedant Mayekar for ₹3 Lakh, Pankaj Patel for ₹3 Lakh, Farhat Ahmad for ₹3 Lakh, R. Thavith Kumar for ₹3 Lakh, Venkatachalapathi Vignesh for ₹3 Lakh, Aniket Sanap for ₹3 Lakh, Bablu Patil for ₹3 Lakh, Rajdeep Jadeja for ₹3 Lakh and Vishwanath Jadhav for ₹3 Lakh.

The strength of Chennai Singams comes together with 6 players from the West zone, and two each from the East, North, South, Central and under 19 categories.

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Chennai Singams Squad:

Sr No Zone Player Name Age Playing Roles Preferred Batting Hand Preferred Bowling Style
1 East Sagar Ali  26 Batsman Left Handed  
2 Sanjay Kanojjiya 28 Batsman Left Handed Right Arm spinner
3 North  Farman Khan  29 Bowler Right Hand Right Arm Fast 
4 Farhat Ahmad  33 Bowler Right Hand Right Arm Fast 
5 South  R. Thavith Kumar  32  All rounder Left-Handed  Left Arm Fast
6 Venkatachalapathi Vignesh 26  All rounder Right Hand Right Arm Medium 
7 Central  Dilip Binjwa 40 All rounder  Left-Handed  Left Arm Medium
8 Pankaj Patel 26 Bowler Right Handed Left Arm Fast
9 West  Sumeet Dhekale  37 Batsman Left Handed  
10 Bablu Patil  39 All rounder  Right Handed  
11 Ketan Mhatre 28 Batsman  Right Handed Right Arm Fast
12 Aniket Sanap 36 Bowler Left Handed Left Arm Spinner
13 Rajdeep Jadeja 31 Bowler Right Handed Right Arm Spinner 
14 Vedant Mayekar 18 All rounder   Right Handed Right Arm Fast
15 Harish Parmar  19 All rounder   Right Handed Right Arm Fast
16 Vishwanath jadhav 29 All rounder   Right Handed Right Arm Fast

Chennai is one of the six teams who are part of ISPL. The teams are – are Mumbai, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Srinagar and Chennai.

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About Chennai Singams

Chennai Singams, the Chennai-based Indian Street Premier League (ISPL) franchise, is co-owned by Rajdipkumar Gupta, Sandipkumar Gupta, and actor Suriya Sivakumar. The team has a roaring lion as their logo, which represents Chennai’s strength and valour, while the vibrant yellow colour enhances the city’s radiance. The owners are committed to sports promotion and talent development, as evidenced by their ownership of multiple clubs and support for women’s cricket. As the ISPL prepares for its thrilling T10 tennis ball cricket tournament from March 6th to 15th, 2024, Chennai Singams promises to captivate audiences with their spirited performances on Mumbai’s streets-turned-stadiums.

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