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HiScore Fantasy: How To Play On India's Leading Gaming Platform Fantasy sports
Smit Trivedi
Posted on 09 Feb, 2023
By Smit Trivedi
On 09 Feb, 2023
By Smit Trivedi
On 09 Feb, 2023

HiScore Fantasy: How To Play On India’s Leading Gaming Platform

HiScore is an Indian online gaming platform that offers various games like poker, rummy and fantasy sports. The platform has is making a name for itself in the fantasy sports section after being a well-known entity in the poker and rummy markets. With a variety of skill-based games available across many verticals, HiScore has truly become a one-stop destination for all the online players in the country.

The exciting user interface makes HiScore an enjoyable and user-friendly platform with the ultimate gaming experience. They have made the process of playing fantasy games very easy to play for all its users. HiScore also keeps on coming up with creating new ways to develop the platform, making it attractive for new potential users.

How to Play HiScore Fantasy

Find a match to get started

  • Find a match of your choice with the picks logo on the top left to get started

Learn how to play Nostra Picks

  • Welcome to Nostra Picks
  • Make your picks and use power-ups to win cash

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Steps to Play HiScore Fantasy

Make a Pics Set

  • Read the questions and choose answers to make picks.
  • Correct Picks are worth +10 points
  • A wrong one gets you -4 

Use Hints and Polls to Pick Better 

  • Each pick has a hint that you can read to answer better
  • You can also check the audience poll to see what others chose 

Apply Power-ups to your picks 

  • Once you have made all picks for any match, choose the power-ups to enhance your score. 

Join Contests with your sets

Once your picks and power-ups are chosen, use your set to join a contest to try and win real cash. 

Join the HiScore contest without any hassle 

  • Now use one set of picks to join multiple contests.
  • You can choose an old set of picks or make a new one, every time you join a contest.

HiScore ensures that players maximize their chances of walking away your winnings. It also guarantees a safe, secure, and protected gaming experience while monitoring promotions and follow all rules to stop all malfunctions, illegal, and unhealthy practices immediately.

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