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Guransh Machra
Posted on 26 Feb, 2024
By Guransh Machra
On 26 Feb, 2024
By Guransh Machra
On 26 Feb, 2024

Indian Premier League Most Expensive Players List

The first edition of the Indian Premier League took place in 2008. Rajasthan Royals beat Chennai Super Kings in the tournament’s inaugural edition to become the first-ever IPL winners. The maximum salary cap in the first season was around ₹20 Crore. This is less than what some players were sold for at the 2024 IPL auction. The purse per team has now been increased to ₹100 Crore as of 2024. This list discusses some of the most expensive Indian Premier League players in the tournament’s history.

Who Are The Most Expensive Players In IPL History?

Sr. No. Player Price Team Year
1 Mitchell Starc ₹24.75 Crore Kolkata Knight Riders 2024
2 Pat Cummins ₹20.50 Crore Sunrisers Hyderabad 2024
3 Sam Curran ₹18.50 Crore Punjab Kings 2023
4 Cameron Green ₹17.50 Crore Mumbai Indians 2023
5 Ben Stokes ₹16.25 Crore Chennai Super Kings 2023
6 Chris Morris ₹16.25 Crore Rajasthan Royals 2021
7 Yuvraj Singh ₹16 Crore Delhi Daredevils 2015
8 Nicholas Pooran ₹16 Crore Lucknow Super Giants 2023
9 Pat Cummins ₹15.50 Crore Kolkata Knight Riders 2020
10 Ishan Kishan ₹15.25 Crore Mumbai Indians 2022

10. Ishan Kishan (Mumbai Indians – ₹15.25 Crore)

Ishan Kishan has been a part of the Mumbai Indians since 2018. However, he became one of the most expensive players in the Indian Premier League history when he was repurchased by Mumbai in 2022. Mumbai did not retain Kishan but instead bought him in the auction. They paid a whopping ₹15.25 Crore to keep the Indian wicketkeeper with them

Punjab Kings originally rivalled Mumbai for Kishan. When they backed out after a final bid of ₹7.50 Crore, it seemed the Mumbai Indians would get the youngster for a relatively lower amount. However, Gujarat Titans stepped in and took the bidding to nearly ₹13 Crore. After Gujarat, it was Sunrisers Hyderabad’s turn to increase the bid even further. Ultimately, Mumbai Indians ended up paying ₹15.25 Crore for Ishan Kishan.

9. Pat Cummins (Kolkata Knight Riders – ₹15.50 Crore)

Indian Premier League Player - Pat Cummins

Credit: India Today

In the IPL 2020 auctions, Pat Cummins was sold for a whopping ₹15.50 Crore to Kolkata Knight Riders. The 2020 Auction saw two teams go at each other for the signature of Australian bowler Pat Cummins, and neither team ended up buying him. Delhi Capitals and Royal Challengers Bangalore started the bidding for Cummins right from the start. They kept going to and fro all the way till RCB bid ₹14.75 Crore.

This was when Delhi Capitals decided to back out, and everyone thought RCB had gotten Cummins. In a surprise move, however, Kolkata Knight Riders entered the fray and bid ₹15 Crore for the player. RCB made one last bid before backing out and letting KKR have Pat Cummins for ₹15.50 Crore.

8. Nicholas Pooran (Lucknow Super Giants – ₹16 Crore)

Nicholas Pooran was bought by the Lucknow Super Giants for ₹16 Crore in 2023. Multiple teams were involved in trying to secure his signature. Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals started the bidding process. Once CSK backed out, it was Delhi Capitals who joined in. DC managed to make RR back out, but the bidding was still not over.

Lucknow Super Giants decided to join the bidding war once Rajasthan backed out. RR’s last bid for Pooran came at ₹7 Crore. From there on, DC and LSG kept bidding against each other till the bid reached ₹16 Crore with LSG. That is when DC decided enough was enough and backed out of the bidding war, letting LSG have Nicholas Pooran for ₹16 Crore.

7. Yuvraj Singh (Delhi Daredevils – ₹16 Crore)

Indian Premier League Player - Yuvraj Singh

Credit: NDTV Sports

Yuvraj Singh was sold for ₹16 Crore in the 2015 IPL auction. The fact that a bid from the 2015 auction manages to make it to this list is beyond impressive. The total purse and player prices were much lower in the past seasons and have increased significantly over the years. However, Yuvraj Singh managed to sell for ₹16 Crore even in 2015. There were originally four teams interested in the player.

These teams were Rajasthan Royals, Royal Challengers Bangalore, Kings XI Punjab, and Delhi Daredevils. However, after the ₹7 Crore mark was breached, RR and KXIP left the fray. From there, DD and RCB went head-to-head for the Indian all-rounder. Delhi managed to outbid Bangalore and bought Yuvraj Singh for a whopping ₹16 Crore.

6. Chris Morris (Rajasthan Royals – ₹16.25 Crore)

Chris Morris broke the record for the most expensive IPL player when he was sold for ₹16.25 Cr in 2021. While Morris set a base price of just ₹75 Lakh for himself, he ended up going for ₹16.25 Cr. The bidding for Morris was started by Mumbai Indians and Royal Challengers Bangalore.

The two went to and fro all the way till ₹10 Crore. This is when RCB decided to back out and was replaced by Rajasthan Royals. Mumbai pushed all the way ₹13 Crore before backing out. Punjab Kings then entered the race to try to steal Morris at the last moment, but Rajasthan Royals did not give in. They were determined to secure Chris Morris for the 2021 season and ended up buying him for ₹16.25 Crore, setting an IPL record.

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5. Ben Stokes (Chennai Super Kings – ₹16.25 Crore)

Indian Premier League Player - Ben Stokes

Credit: Sky Sports

Five different teams bid for Ben Stokes in the 2023 IPL auction before he eventually went to Chennai Super Kings for ₹16.25 Crore. The original bids came from Rajasthan Royals and Royal Challengers Bangalore. RCB backed out first and was replaced by Lucknow Super Giants. RR made just one bid after LSG joined in and then backed out themselves. It was Sunrisers Hyderabad that decided to enter the bidding this time. SRH and LSG went head-to-head before RR backed out after Lucknow made a bid of ₹15 Crore. Chennai Super Kings joined the fray right at the end and managed to outbid LSG, securing Ben Stokes for ₹16.25 Crore. This made him the costliest Chennai Super Kings player ever.

4. Cameron Green (Mumbai Indians – ₹17.50 Crore)

Cameron Green saw three different teams bid for him. The original two bids came from Mumbai Indians and Royal Challengers Bangalore. After MI bid ₹7 Crore for Green, RCB decided they had seen enough and backed out. This is when Delhi Capitals joined in. Both teams seemed determined to secure the allegiance of the Australian all-rounder, but it was Mumbai Indians who eventually did so. After a long-fought battle, DC finally decided to back out once MI bid ₹17.50 Crore for the player.

3. Sam Curran (Punjab Kings – ₹18.50 Crore)

Six teams bid for Sam Curran in the 2023 Indian Premier League auction. Mumbai Indians went up against Royal Challengers Bangalore at the start. After RCB backed out, Rajasthan Royals joined the fray, coming in at ₹7 Crore. After a good fight, Mumbai Indians decided to back out themselves after RR made a bid of ₹11.50 Crore. The bidding for Curran, however, was far from over. Chennai Super Kings decided to come in and made RR back out after making a bid of ₹13.25 Crore.

Once RR backed out, Punjab Kings became the fifth team to join in. PBKS seemed very determined to get Curran and eventually made CSK back off. However, Lucknow Super Giants decided to come in at ₹15.75 Crore. They made a couple of bids but backed out once PBKS bid ₹16.50 Cr, making Curran the most expensive player in the tournament’s history. However, what came as a shock to everyone was Mumbai Indians re-entering the bidding process. MI continued the bidding war before eventually backing out when PBKS bid ₹18.50 Crore. Sam Curran was sold for ₹18.50 Crore to PBKS, making him the most expensive player in IPL history.

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2. Pat Cummins (Sunrisers Hyderabad – ₹20.50 Crore)

Pat Cummins broke Curran’s record and became the most expensive player in the Indian Premier League, albeit for a very short period. Cummins sold for a whopping ₹20.50 Crore in the 2024 IPL auction. Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings started the bidding for Cummins. MI backed out first, making way for Royal Challengers Bangalore to enter.

Once the bidding escalated beyond ₹7.60 Crore, CSK decided to take their leave and were replaced by Sunrisers Hyderabad. RCB and SRH went head-to-head to try to sign Cummins. RCB were ready to break the bank for Cummins and bid ₹20.25 Crore for him, but it was still not enough. SRH bid ₹20.50 Crore, and RCB decided to back out, letting Cummins go to SRH.

1. Mitchell Starc (Kolkata Knight Riders – ₹24.75 Crore)

Mitchell Starc became the most expensive player in Indian Premier League history after beating Pat Cummins’ record ₹20.50 Crore bid in the very same auction. Mitchell Starc was sold to Kolkata Knight Riders for a ridiculous amount of ₹24.75 Crore. Mumbai Indians and Delhi Capitals started the bidding for Starc, but both teams knew they would not get the player.

Kolkata Knight Riders and Gujarat Titans had considerably higher amounts left in their purse, which made it clear that either of those teams would eventually sign Starc. MI and DC bid up to ₹9.60 Crore before letting KKR and GT take over. Both teams went to and fro before KKR made GT back out. Gujarat Titans tried very hard to get Starc, but after KKR made a bid of ₹24.75 Crore, they decided to back out.

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