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Gutshot Rummy Dictionary - Pure Sequence Rummy Dictionary

24 May, 2021 Gutshot Rummy Dictionary – Pure Sequence

The online gaming industry is flourishing like never before, and one of the online games which has seen exponential growth during recent years is online rummy. More and more people are enjoying their favorite game from any location at any time they want. Today we will look at one of the...

The Rummy Rule Book opens up on ‘How to Play Rummy’! Rummy Dictionary

17 Sep, 2020 Gutshot Rummy Dictionary – Deadwood

Gin Rummy is a type of popular rummy game played across the globe since the 1900s. Though it looks like a simple game, it takes years to ace the 2-player card game. Gin rummy is played amongst 2 players in which the goal is to meld all the cards into runs or sets before the […]

Rummy Dictionary

28 Aug, 2020 Gutshot Rummy Dictionary – Wild Card

Every day more and more number of consumers are flocking to online sites, leading to the growth of the virtual gaming industry in India. Online games have found its share of takers for skill-based games such as Rummy and Poker. The country has a long history of card games and if you wou...

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Top 15 Rummy Rooms

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