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Deals Rummy vs Points Rummy: Differences You Must Know deals rummy

30 Jul, 2023 Deals Rummy vs Points Rummy: Differences You Must Know

Rummy is one of the most popular card games in India right now. While it was earlier played mostly at festivals, gatherings or certain occasions, it has now gone on to be a career option for online gamers. It is also worth noting that the trend of playing this game online is taking over...

Beginner's guide to Deals Rummy deals rummy

30 Oct, 2020 Beginner’s guide to Deals Rummy

A rummy beginners guide is essentially to take you through the steps, tips and facts of a particular game. Today we have a beginners guide to Deals Rummy.  In Deals Rummy, players are allocated chips at the beginning of the deal for pre-decided number of deals. One winner wins all the c...

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