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SPiCE India & Sri Lanka Merger 2024

SPiCE 2024 began with the India stop being clubbed with the Sri Lanka one. Industry leaders and experts, operators, professionals and online gaming enthusiasts came together under one roof to network, discuss and explore the vast potential the online gaming has to offer in both India and Sri Lanka along with looking for solutions to issues that affect this space.

The 2024 edition of Gutshot Magazine dived into the biggest news that hit online gaming in 2023— 28% GST levied on deposits made. One could not miss covering the road forward post GST and present the possibilities that lie ahead for this industry. Overall, the magazine covers the subjects that matter the most and some more.

GST Story

Is there any good in the 28% GST levied on online gaming? This question dominates many discussions about taxation in online gaming. The 28% GST levied on this industry brought a lot of dismay among top leaders and business entities. The impact was out there for everyone to see; but there are some who are looking for probable solutions which can make businesses sustainable despite the change in taxation rate.

SPiCE Awards

A lot of hard work and innovation has been witnessed in the online gaming space this past year. And with some incredible work done, comes recognition. SPiCE Awards does that exactly. We highlight the names of brands and professionals who have excelled in their respective verticals and won the SPiCE Awards in 2023.

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