May 2022 issue of Gutshot, India’s one, and only Real Money Gaming magazine are here!

DPT Special Edition

Gutshot Magazine’s Deltin Poker Tournament (DPT) Special Edition has DPT April 2022 Main Event winner Sumit Lalchandani on the cover. This overnight star grabbed everyone’s attention when he turned the tables to ship the ME title and that jaw-dropping sum in prize money. But is that all? No. Lalchandani has some interesting things to say about his victory and how stepping into Deltin Royale changed his life in way that cannot be expressed in words.

We often read about winners of a poker tournament series and their fat pay cheques. But have you ever wondered what goes into making a flawless poker series with all the boxes checked? A lot of hard work, sweat and sleepless nights! To get an accurate account of what was done to put up a fantastic show, we interviewed Praveen Dwarkanath, Poker Head, Deltin.

Avinash Koneru is a name we all will remember for all the right reasons. He shipped Adda52’s Big Millions and with that he also won a million hearts too. When an IT professional qualifies via a satellite and outsmarts 1,000+ entries to nail the title, people watch in amazement. Trust us, this one will leave you inspired.

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