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WPT magazine 2023

The World Poker Tour (WPT) Prime India 2023 was one of the most highly awaited tournament series in the country. The announcement of this series to be hosted at Deltin Royale in Goa, made every poker player eager to attend this event. With some marquee tournaments in its schedule this WPT event had a lot in store for its players and this series did not disappoint in any way. Be it the tournament structure or the mighty payouts, the benchmark set by WPT Prime India 2023 was set very high. With the best of the poker talent showing up for the event, it was a dazzling show of strength and intellect at the felts of Deltin Royale.

Organizers story for the e-mag

With the World Poker Tour (WPT) making a comeback in India after almost three years, the players and poker enthusiasts were no doubt excited, but now the responsibility was on the organisers to live up to the expectations and excitement of the players. And as everyone witnessed the organisers pulled it off in the most graceful manner possible.

When we say organisers it wasn’t just one team, it was a collaborative effort from different teams like WPT, Deltin, Adda52, Thank God for Poker, and others working tirelessly to put up a show that left everyone in awe. We got in touch with Danny McDonagh, Tournament Director, who shared how the event went from the lens of the organisers.

Cover Story

The World Poker Tour (WPT) returned to the Indian land after a hiatus of almost three years, and needless to say, the spirit and excitement was at an all-time high. The seven-day long series witnessed several champions, but one champion who stole the show, and rightly so was Kolkata’s cash game player Prasit Chowdhury. The young player defied all odds to claim the Main Event for over ₹86 Lakh.

As he gloriously poses with his trophy on the cover of Gutshot Magazine’s WPT special edition, don’t miss out on his candid confessions and insights on his journey to the WPT Prime India 2023 Main Event throne.

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