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Youtube Now Allows Users To ‘Mute’ Ads Related To Gambling And Alcohol Gambling
Donna Amo
Posted on 12 Dec, 2020
By Donna Amo
On 12 Dec, 2020
By Donna Amo
On 12 Dec, 2020

YouTube Now Allows Users To ‘Mute’ Ads Related To Gambling And Alcohol

Millions of users will now be able to control the amount of alcohol and gambling-related ads they see on Google and YouTube. The new ad control feature was introduced to the two platforms as a response to people’s feedback wishing they had an option to limit ads in certain categories. The update comes as a relief for many who are selective about the kinds of ads they see. The feature is available in ‘Ad settings’ only for the US based audiences for now.

The company will eventually introduce the update globally in early 2021. Advertisements for online gambling has increased significantly over the past few years, which is a growing concern for many who are worried about the impact it can have on the youth and children. By giving users the option to personalise the kind of ads they are shown may help address this concern.

Addressing this change, Google said, “We have had features like ‘mute’ this ad, where people can specify which ads they prefer not to see. Such features alongside our policies determine when and where gambling and alcohol ads can be shown as per local laws (age restrictions).”

Further adding, “This new feature is an extra step, putting the choice in the user’s hands and enabling them to further control their ad experience.” However, countries that already restrict alcohol and gambling related ads will see no change in their settings.

Google also mentioned that it is currently working with the International Alliance for Responsible Drinking (IARD) and its members, for their expertise so that a standard for responsible alcohol advertising and marketing can be maintained. The partnership would mean that users, beginning with YouTube, will now have the option to see fewer ads related to alcohol.

In giving people a greater control over what they see, the company aims to give them the chance to personalise their experience, which will only make it better.

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