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WTF! Daniel Negreanu Just Took A Dig At Patrik Antonius’ Game? Poker
Amarylisa Gonsalves
Posted on 07 Jan, 2023
By Amarylisa Gonsalves
On 07 Jan, 2023
By Amarylisa Gonsalves
On 07 Jan, 2023

WTF! Daniel Negreanu Just Took A Dig At Patrik Antonius’ Game?

When you play against a pro or a rather known poker player there are some things you know and will expect. Like certain hands that a sensible player wouldn’t play, or in a specific hand, you expect them to make a certain move. But what if that player ends up doing something completely out of the box?! Maybe an out of the line move for a great player. You’d be disappointed, and that player might lose the respect they held. 

Well, that’s what happened with poker pro Daniel Negreanu in a high-stakes game with Patrik Antonius. Recently, ‘Top Gun Financial’ posted a blog on the said hand calling it ‘The Most Interesting Poker Hand Ever.’ DNegs replied to his tweet while taking a potshot at Antonius’ gameplay, saying, “The fact that I folded better than 55 is evidence that it’s a bad value jam. He is only getting called by better hands. 55 jam is a punt that paid off lol.” (sic)

DNegs did not shy away from saying that what Antonius did was a bad value jam for a player like the former tennis player and coach. He further also said that the Finnish player had been playing poorly in that game and jamming with 55 was just a punt that ended up working for him. 

What exactly happened between Daniel Negreanu and Patrik Antonius?

It was a PokerGo High Stakes game. The hand in contention involved top pros Phil Ivey, Antonius, and Negreanu, of course. At stakes $500/$1,000, Antonius raised to $2,500 from early position holding pocket fives. Another player called holding 6 4 , while Negreanu called from the button with pocket nines. Ivey from the big blind, called holding KTo.

The flop showed T, 9, 5, and Ivey flopped a top pair. Negreanu got a middle set and Antonius hit a bottom set. Ivey checked on the flop, and Antonius bet $5,000, one other player folded; Negreanu and Ivey called. The pot was now $26,500. The turn showed another T, thus giving Ivey three of a kind. On the other hand, ‘KidPoker’ and Antonius got full houses. Next, Ivey and Antonius checked. At this point, Negreanu bet $26,000 and the other two called.

The pot was now $104,500, and the river showed a Q. Ivey and Antonius both checked and Negreanu made a $54,000 bet. Ivey tanks before making a wise decision to fold, while Antonius made a bold decision to shove for about $150,000. 

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Here, for Negreanu, there are three full house threats, with players having hole cards 55, T9 and QT. And out of the two, Negreanu can only beat one, given his starting hand. Although DNegs beats 55, he still loses to QT and T9. 

On the other hand, for Antonius, he too has three full house possibilities. Players with hole cards 99, T9 and QT are a threat to him, since he can easily be beaten by all three, yet he decides to shove. Negreanu assumed that usually a player with a stature like Antonius wouldn’t go for that kind of a move.

Negreanu clearly has a positive expected value (EV) here, however he makes a fold. In his YouTube vlog, he is adamant that 55 is probably not in the range of a great player like Antonius. Thus at this point a fold is obvious for him as his assumption of Antonius being a player who wouldn’t jam 55 proved terribly wrong.

The Canadian pro’s reply invited several comments and doubts from Twitteratis, and he was much obliged to answer them. Have a look: 

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