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WSOP 2022: Espen Jorstad Ships The Main Event For $10 Million! Poker
Donna Amo
Posted on 17 Jul, 2022
By Donna Amo
On 17 Jul, 2022
By Donna Amo
On 17 Jul, 2022

WSOP 2022: Espen Jorstad Ships The Main Event For $10 Million!

The World Series of Poker (WSOP) 2022 has finally crowned its Main Event (ME) champion, Espen Jorstad. The day ended with Jorstad winning the first place prize of $10 million at Bally’s and Paris Las Vegas. The Norwegian defeated Adrian Attenborough in heads-up to clinch the ME title and the prestigious WSOP gold bracelet.

As the runner-up Attenborough walked away with $6,00,000 and Michael Duek finished in third for $4,00,000. The final day saw the three players battle it out, with Jorstad having a massive 99 BB lead. With this win, Jorstad became the first Norwegian player to clinch the WSOP Main Event title. He finished higher than his fellow countryman Felix Stephensen who in 2014 finished in the runner-up position. Jorstad is now sitting on top of the Norwegian all-time money list, dethroning Stephensen. The champion fought through the second largest Main Event field of 8,663 total entries to ship the coveted ME title.

Espen Jorstad On Winning

When the final day started it wasn’t long before Attenborough, who had the second highest chip lead, eliminated Duek on the tenth hand of the day. Just a little while after that, Attenborough made a call for his tournament life but was defeated by Jorstad who rivered a full house to become the winner.

The first thing Jorstad did after his victory was call his mother. “She was crying and had trouble speaking. She’s my biggest fan, so it was kind of emotional,” said Jorstad. “It feels really good. I think it is going to mean more in a few days when it sinks in. Right now, it just feels absurd. I was so focused on this match. I came in today to just play poker. I didn’t think too much. I tried to not think too much about what was at stake here, what we were playing for, and whatnot. I was just trying to play the best poker.

My opponent, Attenborough, was the one guy I didn’t want to meet heads up. He’s the one that’s been giving me the most trouble the whole tournament. I remember on Day 6 as well, I was like, he kept winning every pot against me, and I was like, get this guy out of here. Then I ended up heads up with the guy and I was like, ‘Oh, not like this.’ But I kept making good hands, fortunately. So, yeah, cards just fell in my favor today,” Jorstad said.

WSOP 2022: Espen Jorstad Ships The Main Event For $10 Million!

On Day 6 of the Main Event, Jorstad had expressed that Attenborough was the one player that he did not want to play heads-up against. But he ended up doing just that. “I just got better cards than him today,” added the Norwegian.

What Will He Do With $10 Million?

Winning such a huge amount is a big thing and the one question on everyone’s mind was what Jorstad would do with all that money. Here’s what he had to say, “My goal has been to reach into the High Roller scene and play more $25,000 tournaments and stuff like that. I’ve dipped my toes, but now I have a bigger bankroll to take some shots in those tournaments. I need to get in the lab and ensure I’m good enough to play them. And make some very sensible investments — cryptocurrencies and tech stocks, probably.”

Espen Jorstad Wins 2022 WSOP Main Event for $10,000,000

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Memorable Tank

When heads-up play started, both players had an almost even stack size with Jorstad slightly ahead. While everyone hoped for a marathon heads-up play that might last hours, it over a just a couple of hands after.

WSOP 2022: Espen Jorstad Ships The Main Event For $10 Million!

Attenborough three-bet preflop and then bet on the flop and on the turn, he then checked on the river. Jorstad then moved all-in and sent Attenborough tanking.

“How long was he tanking?” asked Jorstad. “It felt like an eternity. I was trying to focus on my breathing, did some meditation. I’ve been [meditating] on and off for an eternity. You focus on different body parts, focusing on each finger and just chilling in my zone.”

After 20 long minutes of tanking, Attenborough folded. However, the next hand saw Attenborough go into another deep tank and made the call but was unable to defeat Jorstad.

“I was curious how the match was going to go. The heads-up was almost finished in one hand which was kind of absurd. It went as expected. He’s a really tough opponent, plays aggressively and finds good hero calls,” said Jorstad.

2022 WSOP Main Event Final Table Results:

Place Player Country Prize (USD)
1st Espen Jorstad Norway $10,000,000
2nd Adrian Attenborough Australia $6,000,000
3rd Michael Duek Argentina $4,000,000
4th John Eames United Kingdom  $3,000,000
5th Matija Dobric Croatia  $2,250,000
6th Jeffrey Farnes United States $1,750,000
7th Aaron Duczak Canada  $1,350,000
8th Philippe Souki United Kingdom $1,075,000
9th Matthew Su United States $850,675
10th Asher Conniff United States $675,000

Image Credits: PokerGo and PokerNews

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Image Credit: PokerNews

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