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WPT Philippines 2020: Gopez, Lin, Chargualaf, Lim win titles! Poker
Team Gutshot
Posted on 12 Feb, 2020
By Team Gutshot
On 12 Feb, 2020
By Team Gutshot
On 12 Feb, 2020

WPT Philippines 2020: Gopez, Lin, Chargualaf, Lim win titles!

The World Poker Tour (WPT) is back with its latest edition in the Philippines to run between 6 – 17 February at Okada Manila. So far, seven tournaments have crowned their worthy winners with the most prestigious title! The All Bankrolls Kickoff was the first event comprising of 6 starting flights and gradually after battling for 5 days, Philippines’ Edilberto Gopez claimed the PHP 596,200 in prize money.

Event 1 pulled out a total of 371 entries for buy-ins ranging from PHP 5,000 to PHP 20,000. A small bunch of players progressed from each day and the showdown saw 32 players returning to their seats. It was the native player and the overall chip leader Florencio Campomanes who had a towering stack of 1,064,000, Emmanuel Segismundo bagging 735k chips and Flight 5 chip in-charge Christopher Mateo with 697k chips.

With the elimination of Mateo in the 6th place, the five players agreed to flip for the trophy. Euryd Rivera ended in the 5th place with for PHP 308k, Wilson Tolon earning PHP 324k, Joseph Sia in the 3rd place pocketing PHP 434k, Segismundo ended in the 2nd place for PHP 624k but the WPT trophy belonged to Gopez!

Top 10 payouts:

  1. Edilberto Gopez – PHP 596,200
  2. Emmanuel Segismundo – PHP 642,800
  3. Joseph Sia – PHP 434,500
  4. Wilson Tolon – PHP 324,100
  5. Euryd Rivera – PHP 308,000
  6. Christopher Mateo – PHP 912,900
  7. Ryan McAllister – PHP 1657,500
  8. Terry Gonzaga – PHP 140,000
  9. Jessie Leonarez – PHP 115,000
  10. Bryan Santos – PHP 98,000

Event 5: Deepstack NLH

The WPT Deepstack NLH, a one-day tournament attracted 135 runners for a buy-in of PHP 8,000. This number created a final prize pool of PHP 921,888 out of which the top 17 places ended in the money. It was China’s Xin Lin to outlast Lebanon’s Nader Ammar and seize PHP 260,000 in prize money.

Top 10 payouts:

  1. Xin Lin – PHP 260,000
  2. Nader Ammar – PHP 165,000
  3. Reagan Benico – PHP 98,000
  4. Michelle Porte – PHP 60,000
  5. Ryan Anderkin – PHP 45,500
  6. Jose Colada – PHP 39,000
  7. Yasuharu Kawamoto – PHP 33,500
  8. Eriko Kotani – PHP 29,888
  9. Keisuke Kimura – PHP 26,000
  10. Jimmie Javier – PHP 23,000

Event 6: Pot-Limit Omaha

Another tournament that ended yesterday was a two-day event Pot-Limit Omaha that registered 43 players which led to the creation of PHP 750,780 in the prize pool, a share of which reached the top 6 places. And Netherland’s Joris Michi earned PHP 45,000 for ending in the 6th position. Following his club was Australia’s Anothon Abram.

Gradually, the tournament reached heads-up play that saw Nicholas Lim railing out Japan’s Takusu Sugiru in second position. The Australian champ lifted the trophy along with PHP 293,000 in prize money!

Top 6 payouts:

  1. Nicholas Lim – PHP 293,000
  2. Takusu Sugiura – PHP 172,780
  3. Kentaro Sako – PHP 105,000
  4. Masahiro Kikuchi – PHP 75,000
  5. Anthony Abram – PHP 60,000
  6. Joris Michi – PHP 45,000

Event 7: Turbo NLH Freezeout

The seventh event of WPT Philippines brought 53 players in Okada Manila after each entry paid the PHP 15,000 buy-in. Drawing a final prize pool of PHP 649,035, the top 7 places earned a share from the same for their efforts. After hours of the grinding session, Guam’s Joshua Chargualaf claimed the first-place prize money of PHP 240,000, further adding his fourth career win and first-ever WPT title.

Top 7 payouts:

  1. Joshua Chargualaf – PHP 240,000
  2. Jacque Ramsden – PHP 170,000
  3. Yann Lemaire – PHP 933,500
  4. Jaeuk Lee – PHP 66,000
  5. Ryan Peter Malangen – PHP 52,000
  6. Yasuharu Kawamoto – PHP 41,500
  7. Christopher Barclay – PHP 31,035

The festival offers 21 tournaments and the players have been awaiting the top attraction, Main Event PHP 12 million GTD that is scheduled to run from 14 to 17 February. For the latest updates on poker industry news and tournament updates, keep reading GutshotMagazine.com and stay tuned!

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