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Gutshot Editorial
Posted on 21 Nov, 2019
By Gutshot Editorial
On 21 Nov, 2019
By Gutshot Editorial
On 21 Nov, 2019

WPT Cambodia: Metlapalli finishes 2nd in Megastack Freezeout

The international festival World Poker Tour (WPT) Cambodia crowned three more winners yesterday at the host venue at NagaWorld in Phnom Penh. The Megastack Freezeout was a two-day affair and yesterday resumed with the final 9 taking their seats. With his first-ever live career win, France’s Pierre Yves Faivre lifted the WPT crystal trophy along with the prize money!

The fifth event attracted an overall 149 players, each one aiming to grab the top prize of $19,925. While Day 2 kicked off with India’s Gaurav Sood amassing an impressive 1 million stack, he unfortunately was railed at 4th position for $4,519 (~INR 3.24 Lakhs). Another Indian in the money was Chakshu Deep Raina at 12th for $1,734 (~INR 1.24 Lakhs). This month has however seen various Indians sitting at the edge and finishing remarkably.

After the elimination of Japan’s Kohei Nakai at 9th place and Dhanesh Chainani in the 8th, the tournament didn’t take long to reach the final stages. Faivre (Qc Jd) had a stack of 6:1 up against India’s Ravi Shankar Metlapalli (9s 5s). The Frenchman shipped the tournament after pairing up the Jacks and pocketing $19,952, adding a valuable victory in his poker career. The runner-up, Metlapalli managed to walk out with $12,646 (~INR 9 Lakhs).

Final table payouts:

  1. Pierre Yves Faivre – $19,952
  2. Ravi Shankar Metlapalli – $12,646
  3. Kue Seong Tchong – $7,443
  4. Gaurav Sood – $4,519
  5. Ping Liu – $3,505
  6. Jerome Bradpiece – $2,894
  7. Erik Billgren – $2,529
  8. Dhanesh Chainani – $2,258
  9. Kohei Nakai – $1,995

$300 Short Deck

The 6th event of the series registered 149 players, each entering for a buy-in of $330. A prize pool of $25,142 was created and the share of which was received by the top 14 players at the close of Day 1. The Vietnamese chip leader from Day 1, Duc Tuan Tran was eliminated at 6th place for $ 1,313. The tournament saw players quickly tumbling away and leaving the final 3 players, Vietnam’s Duy Manh Ho, Malaysia’s Chung Fai Ngeow and George Robert Sandford reaching for an ICM deal. With Manh Ho carrying the largest stack, he was awarded the title.

Final table payouts:

  1. Duy Manh Ho – $6,015 (deal)
  2. Chung Fai Ngeow – $6,000 (deal)
  3. George Robert Sandford – $5,000 (deal)
  4. Svara Blaz – $2,070
  5. Chee Hoong Yeoh – $1,599
  6. Duc Tuan Tran – $1,313
  7. Hing Yaong Chow – $1,113
  8. Deok-Yeong Lee – $971
  9. Markus Garberg – $856
  10. Michael Roberth Hahn – $756

$300 Bounty Tournament

Yesterday wrapped up this single-day tournament which attracted 197 entries, entering for a buy-in of $300. A prize pool of $31,894 was drawn which was shared among the top 25 places for a min-cash of $239. Topping this field and claiming the crystal trophy was Australia’ Mr Blablata for $7,935.

Nevertheless, Indians have crowded the casino and last night observed two in the money including Nudurumati Pradeep at 9th place with $794 and Ankit Wadhawan at 21st position with $391.

Final table payouts:

  1. Mr Blablata – $7,935
  2. Chengbei Li – $5,466
  3. Volnei De Zorzi – $3,269
  4. Xiaoqian Ji – $1,989
  5. Kue Seong Tchong – $1,536
  6. Guiyang Wang – $1,273
  7. Asheque Elahi – $1,084
  8. Xin Zhao – $938
  9. Nudurumati Pradeep – $794
  10. In Dong Kim – $691

Super High Rollers

Five days into the WPT Cambodia series, Super High Rollers kick-started with 54 players entering for a buy-in of $5,300 ultimately building a huge prize pool of $261,900 which will be shared among the top 7 finishers. Each runner is now aiming for the top prize of $96,901.

However, Day 1 saw Australia’s Michael Egan topping the field with an impressive 2,130,000 chips followed by USA’s Ping Liu with 1,630,000 chips. The tough field also witnessed the WSOP bracelet winner and India’s leading player Abhinav Iyer at 14th position with 360,000 chips advancing to Day 2.

Day 1 Top 10 chip counts

  1. Michael Egan – 2,130,000
  2. Ping Liu – 1,630,000
  3. Paul Hong – 1,585,000
  4. Yunsheng Sun – 1,075,000
  5. Andre Lettau – 930,000
  6. Kok Wai Sim – 820,000
  7. Gabriel Carter – 740,000
  8. Hamish Crawshaw – 730,000
  9. Ying Lin Chua – 670,000
  10. Natalie Siew Po Teh – 630,000

With only 17 remaining players, Day 2 is scheduled to commence today, 21 November. So, grab your seats and keep reading GutshotMagazine.com for more WPT updates!

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