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What Are Freerolls? How Are They Beneficial? Poker
Amarylisa Gonsalves
Posted on 28 Feb, 2022
By Amarylisa Gonsalves
On 28 Feb, 2022
By Amarylisa Gonsalves
On 28 Feb, 2022

What Are Freerolls? How Are They Beneficial?

Whether you are new to Gutshot or have been with us for some time now, one thing you will surely find in abundance at Gutshot – FREEROLLS! We regularly host freeroll tournaments for our beloved players across poker platforms. What exactly are freerolls? Why do we host so many freerolls for our players? Why should players play freerolls? If these questions have ever crossed your mind, then this article will answer all your questions. 

What are freerolls?

Freeroll tournaments in poker are free-to-enter events that players can play without paying any buy-ins. Basically, players can play freerolls at no cost. All players have to do is register for the freeroll tournament and play the tournament without any buy-in. Every player gets credited with a certain number of chips to play with when seated on the poker table. Every player gets the same number of chips, so every player has a fair chance of winning. If the player wins the tournament or finishes in the money, he/she gets to take home the cash reward won by him/her. Amazing, isn’t it? Sure it is!

These freeroll tournaments have predetermined fixed guarantees. The players who finish in the money can enjoy a share of this prize pool. There are online poker rooms which offer high GTDs on freerolls too. For example, Gutshot exclusive freerolls offer a ₹10,000 guarantee, and players who make in the money get to take home a portion of the ₹10,000 prize pool. Some freerolls allow free rebuys and re-entries, while some feature a nominal amount for rebuys and re-entries. 

Freerolls are truly wonderful and if you are a newbie, you should definitely play as many freerolls as you can. Not convinced yet? Let us tell you why freerolls are a win-win.

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Why play freerolls?

  • Zero Investment

As mentioned earlier, freerolls do not require players to invest anything to enter the tournament. Players can play a freeroll tournament without any buy-in amount for FREE. This is one of the biggest advantages of freerolls because a lot of players who are just starting out in the game are afraid to invest and lose their hard-earned money in hefty buy-ins. Freerolls eliminate this fear, giving them an opportunity to play the game absolutely free until they are confident enough to invest in buy-ins.

  • Return On Investment

Given that freerolls let you play and win for free, they offer high returns. Even if a player wins as small as ₹100, it is still a return, since he/she did not invest anything to get that amount. 

  • Bankroll booster

Players can play for free and win real cash rewards. This can prove to be a great bankroll booster for payers who are just starting out in the poker universe. These free cash rewards earned can be used to play high-value tourneys and win great prizes.

  • Sharpen your poker skills

Freeroll tournaments let you practice your poker skills and sharpen them. Since you have not invested any money, you can try different strategies and tricks without the fear of losing anything. At the same time, you can observe other players’ gameplay and styles. Try them yourself and learn new things about the game.

If you are convinced about playing freerolls, just head to our poker rooms page and sign up on a poker room of your choice. So hurry up, get started with freerolls, and boost your bankroll. Sign up as a Gutshot player to avail some exclusive freerolls, offers, bonuses, rewards, and much more.

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