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Vinayak Bajaj Triumphs Over All Odds To Be A Millionaire  Poker
Amarylisa Gonsalves
Posted on 30 Sep, 2022
By Amarylisa Gonsalves
On 30 Sep, 2022
By Amarylisa Gonsalves
On 30 Sep, 2022

Vinayak Bajaj Triumphs Over All Odds To Be A Millionaire 

What makes poker winnings sweet? The prize money and the title you get to proudly flaunt. And if it’s a title like The Millionaire, it gets all the more special. Well, winning The Millionaire title on Spartan Poker has always been the most sought-after thing for most poker players across the country and today one player has won the bragging rights for it. 

Recently, seasoned pro Vinayak Bajaj achieved a milestone by shipping The Millionaire Main Event (ME) to be known as the ultimate Millionaire. In the process, the Ranchi-based player outsmarted Dhaval Mudgal to claim the title for ₹31,53,253. But it wasn’t just the Millionaire title that blessed Bajaj’s night. To top it, he also shipped the Adda52 Millions event to bag an additional ₹5,89,226, taking his cumulative earnings to over ₹37 Lakh in a single night.

What do you have to say about The Millionaire series on Spartan Poker?

I am really happy. The Main Event is always the key event of the entire series, and winning the ME is always special. The prize money is obviously the best because it’s the ME and the entries are maximum, so it’s naturally the best event to ship in the entire series. 

The Millionaire series is a good idea by Spartan Poker, especially the multi-day, multi-stacks concept. The series has a number of events which is a good opportunity to win good money and play some good tournaments in a single series. Spartan Poker should keep doing this regularly.

You beat Dhaval Mudgal in the heads-up to claim the title. Tell us more about that. 

We made a three-way deal. The FT was pretty shallow. When it was down to the final three, I had like 30 – 40 BB, while the other two had close to 10 – 12 BB each so it was pretty shallow, and the amount of money involved was huge. So when the stacks are so shallow, it only makes sense to make a deal and split the money.

You shipped two tourneys that night. The Millionaire ME and Adda52 Millions. What do you have to say about that incredible feat?

Winning the Adda52 Millions was like the icing on the cake. Of course, being a Sunday, there were multiple tables running, but my primary focus was on the ME, and I was playing the Adda52 Millions alongside. I ran deep there and on the FT, I’d say I got a little lucky. I was just surfing through the table with my entire focus on the ME, and gradually I reached the FT. I played simple solid poker, no fancy stuff. 

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The Adda52 Millions was a deal with Abhishek Goindi. What do you have to say about him, and how did you both decide on the deal?

I made a deal with Abhishek Goindi. When we were down to the final three, we checked the numbers and we rejected the deal as one of the guys had some 10 – 12 BB. After he was eliminated, we played a little bit and after a while we almost had an equal stack. I had a little more than Goindi, and we were pretty deep, like 50 bigs effective, so we decided to deal it off. It was a long Sunday anyway and the Adda52 Millions FT usually goes on till 5.30 am. 

Tell us more about what your grinding schedule looks like.

Honestly, I grind for four days in a week. If there’s a big series going on, then I might be grinding for five days. I don’t generally grind for more than five days in a week, it just gets too hectic. My idea is to grind 4 – 5 days a week and maximize the number of tournaments you can play. Play as much as you can on those 4 – 5 days, and probably mix up. Like if a series is going on, there’s an advantage as you can add more tables. During the series it makes sense to maximize your volume. Volume is an important part while playing poker. 

What is a poker mantra that you swear by?

There’s no mantra in poker. It’s just work hard, keep learning and keep playing. So working hard is the mantra.

When it comes to online poker usernames, you have some of the wittiest and unique usernames. You totally ace the username game too. How do you come up with them?

Usernames are the only thing that other people can see on the table, so I like to keep it witty. In general I’m a Bollywood fan, so I keep revolving around that.

Among all your interesting usernames, ‘bhai_on_mary_jane’ is one that we couldn’t crack. What’s the story behind that username?

That’s the username even I’m not very proud of. But I probably didn’t really think much. I made this username in a hurry. That is what first came to my mind, there’s no real story behind it. 

What’s the next big thing in line for Vinayak Bajaj?

I would like to keep working on the game, which is the most important thing. Keep playing those tournaments wherever I get a chance, probably look for better tournaments, better opportunities. That’s the basic idea. Travelling is also allowed now, so you may see me in some live events. I traveled to Vietnam last month. It was a bricked series, but still it was a good experience. I think keep working hard and look for better tournaments, keep the grind on and look to travel a bit, that’s the future plan.

When can we expect to see you grind live?

Like I mentioned, I just had a live series in August 2022 in Vietnam. Let’s see, there are other live series coming by the end of the year, DPT is coming up, I’m sure there are a couple more series coming up where I can travel more. Probably, you’ll see me at a couple of live series towards the end of the year.

What is your ultimate goal when it comes to poker?

The ultimate goal is to keep working hard, there’s no end goal. You want to move up the stakes and there too you want to keep working hard on your game. Learning is the end goal and that should never stop. There’s no point where you reach and you’re like I’m done. That shouldn’t happen. You will succeed if you have discipline and hard work. 

We wish this champion all the very best for all that he plans and his poker career. Hope to see you crush many more titles and win amazing cash prizes.

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