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USOP Da Nang 2023 Early Bird Packages: Secure Your Main Event and High Roller Seats! Poker
Smit Trivedi
Posted on 23 Oct, 2023
By Smit Trivedi
On 23 Oct, 2023
By Smit Trivedi
On 23 Oct, 2023

USOP Da Nang 2023 Early Bird Packages: Secure Your Main Event and High Roller Seats!

U Series of Poker (USOP) not long ago announced the final series on their 2023 calendar – USOP Da Nang 2023. The series is scheduled to take place at the Furama Resort in Danang, Vietnam. The live poker series will take place between 17th to 27th November 2023.

For the highly anticipated USOP Da Nang 2023, poker enthusiasts can seize a unique opportunity with exclusive early bird packages tailored for the High Roller and Main Event. By availing these packages, participants can not only ensure their participation but also enjoy a host of additional benefits, making their USOP poker experience even more rewarding and memorable.

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USOP Da Nang 2023 High Roller Package

In this early bird offer, players can pre-register for any specific High Roller event and enjoy up to 11 complimentary nights (breakfast included) at the lavish 5-star categorised Furama Resort Danang. Here, players can also get a pickup from the airport to the hotel as a part of the deal. This package is divided into three categories, namely, Platinum, Gold, and the Silver package. 

Platinum Package

This package offers buy-ins for events like Super High Roller, Billionaire Club Challenge, High Roller – Warm Up and Superstar Challenge along with eleven free night’s stay

Gold Package

With the Gold package, you can play in events like High Roller – Warm Up, Super High Roller, Superstar Challenge and one other High Roller event of the player’s choice. Players will also get seven free night’s stay at the resort under this category.

Silver Package

Under this package deal, players can grind in tournaments like Superstar Challenge, Super High Roller and any one High Roller event of the player’s choice along with five free night’s stay.

Players who wish to add extra nights to their package deals can do so at VND 2,400,000/per night.

USOP Da Nang High Roller Offers

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USOP Da Nang 2023 Main Event Package

The Main Event early bird offer comes with three categories, namely Main, Premium and Custom.

Main Package

Here, the buy-in for the Main Event will be included (VND 25 Million). Those who buy this package will also get five nights’ stay at the luxurious Furama Resort Danang between 23rd to 28th November. This package comes with a price tag of VND 37,000,000.

Premium Package

For this package, players will have to pay VND 62,400,000. This package contains buy-ins for Mystery Bounty and Main Event which come with buy-ins of VND 11 Million and VND 25 Million respectively. Players will get eleven night’s stay at the Furama Resort in Danang between 17th to 28th November.  

Custom Package

Over here, players can add their preferred events and the number of nights they would like to stay. This comes at a cost of VND 2,400,000/per night.

There are additional perks which players will be offered for the Main Even Early Bird packages to USOP Da Nang 2023, which are free pick-up service from the airport to the hotel. There is a complimentary daily breakfast for up to two people. Players will get access to a dedicated VIP line for buy-ins. The Main Event bubble protection feature is also available for all Day 1 flights (1 claim/per player).

USOP Da Nang Nov 2023 Main Event offers


Keep in mind players, the reservation and the payment for the packages have to be completed on or before 15th November 2023. Pre-payment can be done via VND bank transfer or USDT (Tether Stablecoin Cryptocurrency). Furthermore, these packages are sold on a first come first served basis and availability of rooms at the resort.

Players who would like to get more information on the above packages and the USOP Da Nang 2023 series can reach out to the brand on WhatsApp (English), Zalo (Vietnamese) and Kakao Talk (Korean).

These early bird packages by U Series of Poker will make life much simpler when it comes to your overall grinding experience at the USOP Da Nang 2023. Don’t miss out on these amazing offers, book your Main Event and High Roller packages right away.

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USOP Da Nang Nov 2023

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