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Tuesday Roundup: Manish Lakhotia Nails The Megastack After Tough Battle Poker
Amarylisa Gonsalves
Posted on 23 Jun, 2021
By Amarylisa Gonsalves
On 23 Jun, 2021
By Amarylisa Gonsalves
On 23 Jun, 2021

Tuesday Roundup: Manish Lakhotia Nails The Megastack After Tough Battle

Tuesday night on the online felts was a low-key affair, but that didn’t dampen the enthusiasm and passion of the poker players. The night witnessed poker pros as well as amateurs putting their best foot forward and strived hard for the top spots. Let’s take a look at what the night looked like.

Megastack – ₹17 Lakh

Spartan Poker’s staple Megastack tournament was a star-studded affair. The tournament was the biggest one of the night with a prize pool of ₹17 Lakh. The tournament attracted 607 entries. The top 55 places were paid a min-cash of ₹8,922. 

Poker pro Manish Lakhotia aka ‘thekid’ shipped this tournament for ₹3,53,274 by re-entering twice. Rajeev Kumar aka ‘AthenaVolt’ finished at the runner-up spot and bagged ₹2,23,983 in prize money. At the third spot Vishal Bajaj aka ‘CrownUpJr’ cashed ₹1,61,886. 

Aman Parakh (4th, ₹1,30,929), Shashank Desai (6th, ₹79,759), Amit Kaushik (7th, ₹59, 364), Yudhishter Jaswal (9th, ₹34,781), Vishnu Khandelwal (10th, ₹28,771), Vivek Singh (11th, ₹28,771), Vinayak Bajaj (14th, ₹22,034), Gaurav Sood (29th, ₹12,564), WSOP bracelet winner Kartik Ved (31st, ₹12,564), Ghanshyam Tripathi (36th, ₹10,743), Sanish Chhabra (38th, ₹10,743), IOPC January 2021 Millionaire United winner, Siddhanth Kripalani (42nd, ₹8,922), Guruprasad Gupta (48th, ₹8,922), Anirban Das (51st, ₹8,922) and Siddharth Gangwar (51st, ₹8,922) managed to grab some cash.

On the other hand, NPS #48 NPS MINI-MAIN EVENT  winner, Ronuk Lekhraj (70th), Anmol Narang (85th), Uttam Kumar Sinha (88th), Shardul Parthasarathi (90th), Utkarsh Vaish (91st), Annant Jain (94th), Mohit Mehta (96th), Ankit Wadhawan (100th) Arjanveer Singh (106th)and Kunal Patni (130th) left the table without making any money. Ashish Ahuja, Alok Birewar and Aniruddh Balodhi were also a part of the Megastack. 

  • Total entries: 607
  • Prize pool: ₹17 Lakh
  • Buy-In: ₹3,300
  • Places paid: 55
  • Min-Cash: ₹8,922

The Race – ₹7 Lakh

Spartan Poker’s The Race tournament witnessed poker pros as well as amateurs racing for the top spot. The ₹7 Lakh guarantee tournament pulled in 456 entries into its fold. The min-cash paid at this tourney was ₹4,830 and the top 39 places were paid.

Vishal Ojha aka ‘Darky012’ topped the table and took a pay cheque of ₹1,21,337. Devvrat Arya aka ‘deranzzdd’ finished second and had a payday of ₹1,12,322. Vivek Singh aka ‘KasolHeights’ took home the highest five-figure prize money of ₹68,250.

Online reg Manish Lakhotia, who shipped the Megastack, finished sixth at this tourney adding ₹32,690 to his earnings. Kunal Patni (10th, ₹12,250), Vinayak Bajaj (14th, ₹9,660), Ajit Singh Arora (16th, ₹8,610), Kritagya Sharma (18th, ₹7,560), Sanish Chhabra (20th, ₹7,560),  Alok Birewar (27th, ₹6,160), and Uttam Kumar Sinha (30th, ₹5,460) also made it in the money. 

Those who got busted before making any money included pros like Mohit Mehta (50th), Anirban Das (53rd), WPT Vietnam 2018 winner, Dhaval Mudgal (54th) Ankit Wadhawan (60th), Siddharth Gangwar (74th), Surbhit Grover (76th), Vivvek Dube (80th), Arsh Grover (82nd), Aman Parakh (84th) and Gaurav Sood (85th). 

  • Total entries: 456
  • Prize pool: ₹7 Lakh
  • Buy-In: ₹1,650
  • Places paid: 39
  • Min-Cash: ₹4,830

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The Mint – ₹15 Lakh

Adda52’s Tuesday staple The Mint was as usual full of action and best poker skills at work. The final prize pool stood at ₹15 Lakh and the min-cash was ₹8,250. The tournament witnessed 425 entries and the top 43 places were paid. 

After seven-hours of some intense gameplay, Vinay Rajpal aka ‘vinay0902’ emerged victorious and added ₹3,14,559 to his bankroll. The runner-up spot was claimed by Nadeem Basha aka ‘nadeem0021’ who took home ₹2,82,441. Mithun Mahesh aka ‘Themiths’ walked away with ₹1,57,500 at the third position.

Manish Lakhotia was present at the final table of this tourney too as he got busted at the sixth position for ₹52,500. Lakhotia won a total of ₹4,38,464 from the three tournaments. Sahil Mahboobani (11th, ₹18,750), Guruprasad Gupta (26th, ₹11,250), Kunal Patni (29th, ₹9,750), Yohan Patel (33rd, ₹9,750), Karann Dembla (37th, ₹8,250), Ram Kakkar (38th, ₹8,250), Vishal Bajaj (39th, ₹8,250) and Vishnu Khandelwal (42nd, ₹8,250) also finished in the money.

  • Total entries: 425
  • Prize pool: ₹15 Lakh
  • Buy-In: ₹3,850
  • Places paid: 43
  • Min-Cash: ₹8,250

NPS#59 Slam Dunk – ₹6 Lakh GTD

PokerBaazi’s NPS #59 Slam Dunk was one of the most happening tournaments of the night. The action in this tournament was evident from its final prize pool which stood at ₹14.69 Lakh which crushed the initial guarantee of ₹6 Lakh. The 979 entries in this tournament were the highest for the night. The min-cash at this tourney stood at ₹2,349 and top 117 places were paid.

Deep Patel aka ‘ChristopherCoke’ topped the table with three re-entries. He took home a pay cheque of ₹2.53 Lakh. The runner-up at this tournament was Kritarth Pant aka ‘AgentJack,’ who added ₹1.77 Lakh to his bankroll. Mystery player ‘skbhai’ walked away with ₹1.15 Lakh at the third spot.

Sahil Mahboobani (5th, ₹63,290), Vishnu Khadelwal (22nd, ₹10,280), Ritwik Khanna (32nd, ₹7,783), Prince Singh (33rd, ₹7,783), Kritagya Sharma (48th, ₹5,580), Sanish Chhabra (53rd, ₹5,580), Ankit Wadhawan (63rd, ₹4,699), Shashank Choudhary (73rd, ₹3,671), Chirag Sodha (74th, ₹3,671), Kunal Patni (84th, ₹3,230), Shashank Desai (89th, ₹3,230), IOPC January 2021 winner, Laksh Pal Singh (95th, ₹2,790), IPC 2020 winner, Rubin Labroo (104th, ₹2,349) and Sameer Tavanandi (107th, ₹2,349) made it in the money.

Sanat Mehrotra (120th), Aman Parakh (121st), Myron Periera (129th), Manish Lakhotia (135th), Tanmay Benara (139th), Nitin Arora (142nd), Ram Kakkar (147th), WSOP bracelet winner, Aditya Sushant (165th), Advait Rajguru (180th) and Mohit Mehta (188th) left the tourney empty-handed.

  • Total entries: 979
  • Prize pool: ₹14.69 Lakh
  • Buy-In: ₹1,650
  • Places paid: 117
  • Min-Cash: ₹2,349

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