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Things To Do In Da Nang Vietnam Poker
Amarylisa Gonsalves
Posted on 03 Apr, 2023
By Amarylisa Gonsalves
On 03 Apr, 2023
By Amarylisa Gonsalves
On 03 Apr, 2023

Things To Do In Da Nang Vietnam

Vietnam is fast emerging as a hot destination for poker. Over the past two years or so, the coastal country has seen back-to-back poker series happening. And by poker series, we don’t mean just any other poker events! Some of the world’s most prestigious poker series brands, like the World Poker Tour (WPT), Asian Poker Tour (APT), and most recently the Triton Poker Series, have made stops in the land of the ‘Ascending Dragon.’

Among the hottest poker destinations in Vietnam is the east coast city of Da Nang. Primarily because of the top gaming venues called Hoiana Resort and Golf, located in the Hoi An region of Da Nang. This property recently hosted the Triton Poker Vietnam 2023 series. But hey, the fifth most populous city of Vietnam, Da Nang has more than just casinos and poker to offer.

Things To Do In Da Nang

And to make things simpler for you, we’ve listed down a list of activities you can do on your poker trip to Da Nang.

Beach Person Or Mountain Person?

Whether you are a fan of the sun, sea and surf or enjoy solitude and greenery at an altitude, Da Nang will slake your thirst either way. With breathtaking views from atop mountains and a serene state of mind by the waves, this gorgeous city will not disappoint you.

The Marble Mountains


Marble Mountains, Da Nang (Photo credit: Doom International)

Legends say a giant dragon rose out of the sea and deposited her egg on the land, which grew in size and hatched to form ‘Ngu Hanh Son’ or the Five Marble Mountains. They represent the five elements of nature — water, earth, air, fire and metal. The Marble Mountains is a group of five mountains; however, only one of them, Thuy Son, is accessible to tourists. One can find several small trails, caves, pagodas and statues, along with a lot of Instagram-worthy photo spots. Due to the region’s relatively even weather, these mountains are accessible from 7:00 am to 5:30 pm daily all year round.

Ba Na Hills

Ba Na Hills

Ba Na Hills (Photo credit: Forbes)

The mesmerising views and especially the sunsets from the Ba Na Hills are not to be missed! One of the world’s best cable car systems takes you to the top, where you can take a walk on the Cau Vang (Golden Bridge), held by two giant hands. Apart from that, there are several other attractions like a fantasy park, wax museum, spas, monasteries, shrines, restaurants and even a French village gracing the crown of Ba Na hills. 

By the Waters

Vietnam is a coastal country, and hence, beaches here are in abundance. Channel the beach-lover in you by sitting along the beautiful coastline, by the clear waters and enjoying the calmness of these popular beaches. 

Non Nuoc Beach

Non Nuoc Beach

Non Nuoc Beach (Photo credit: Tripadvisor)

Non Nuoc Beach was voted as one of the most beautiful and attractive beaches on the planet, according to Forbes. The green water and white sand of this five-kilometer-long coastal stretch will leave you spellbound. Located just at the foot of the Five Mountains, the beach is your place to go if you love surfing. Not to forget the shady, green and cool forest of casuarinas trees along the coast, which is just perfect for camping.

My Khe Beach

My Khe Beach

My Khe Beach (Photo credit: Central Vietnam Guide)

Blue sky, smooth white sand, gentle slope, clear water and a lining of coconut trees is what My Khe beach looks like. My Khe beach was recognised as one of the 10 most popular beaches in Asia by Australia’s Sunday Herald Sun. Located at just 30 minutes drive from Hoi An town, My Khe beach is where you should head for some serenity and peace after long grinding sessions.

For The Love Of Art

If you’re the kind of person who is always looking to adore art and artistic creations, let us tell you Da Nang has plenty of them for you. Relive the history, culture and traditions of the city by visiting the places. 

3D Museum Art

3D Art Museum

3D Museum Art (Photo credit: Tripadvisor)

The 3D Museum in Paradise Danang is the largest 3D Trick Art Museum in Vietnam. The museum has hundreds of 3D artworks, all hand drawn and hand painted using three-dimensional and scientific method combinations. The realistic and live-looking paintings are a treat to the eyes. One can also get some crazy photos here. 

Da Nang Fine Arts Museum

Da Nang Fine Arts Museum

Da Nang Fine Arts Museum (Photo credit: Tripadvisor)

Da Nang Fine Arts Museum is a three-storey structure founded in 2014 to preserve the culture of the city. From paintings to sculptures and handicrafts to folk art, this museum has a lot to offer. So if you are someone who has a thing for antiques and classic art, you should definitely visit this Fine Arts Museum.

Shopping Therapy?

Vietnamese handicrafts and products will pull you towards them as you travel the streets of Da Nang. Whether you are looking for some regular supplies during your stay in Da Nang or looking for some fascinating things to bring back home, these shopping places in Da Nang are where you can have your pick of local souvenirs. 

Da Nang Night Markets

Da Nang Night Markets

Da Nang Night Markets (Photo credit: Central Vietnam Guide)

Da Nang has not one, not two, but five night markets that are indeed a shopper’s paradise. Not only that, these flea and night markets will also give you a culinary experience like never before. Helio Night Market, Son Tra Night Market, Thanh Khe Tay night market, Le Duan Night Market and Hoa Khanh Night Market are where you should head to. Apparels, handicrafts, jewellery, souvenirs, music, lights, entertainment, live shows, and much more await to welcome you at these night markets.

Lotte Mart 

Lotte Mart 

Lotte Mart (Photo credit: Yonhap News)

If you’re looking for a more sophisticated place to shop, then Lotte Mart is the place for you. This lavish mall is the biggest shopping complex in Da Nang that houses almost all the top international brands and eateries. The mall also has a play area for children. Similarly, the Lotte Mart Da Nang has skating and bowling areas for people to have fun and entertainment on the weekends.

Hoi An Central Market

Hoi An Central Market

Hoi An Central Market (Photo credit: PlanetOfHotels)

Hoi An Central Market will give you a feel of authentic Vietnamese life. Located along the banks of the Thu Bon River, the market is bustling throughout the day. Here, buy some fresh fruits, vegetables, spices, handicrafts, and street snacks. A particular section of the market is dedicated to Asian silk and textiles. Early in the morning, one can also find fresh fish brought by local fishermen.

Treat Your Tastebuds 

Visiting a foreign land and not relishing its local delicacies should be a crime. So here are some of the best eateries in and around Da Nang that will take your tastebuds on a magical ride.While meat is central to many a local dish, vegetarians need not fret as there is a good range of dishes to entice their taste buds as well.

Morning Glory

Morning Glory

Morning Glory (Photo credit: Jacky Vietnam Travel)

Morning Glory is a cute and comfy space located in the old Hoi An town of Da Nang. Treat your tastebuds to authentic Vietnamese cuisine at Morning Glory. Considered the king of Hoi An restaurants, some of the delicacies that you can relish here are seabass rolled-around oyster mushrooms served with red risotto, shrimp curry, BBQ chicken or green mango salad. The restaurant’s modernised style makes it a perfect spot to chill and hang out with your pals after a long tiring day. 

Mi Quang 

Mi Quang is a traditional Da Nang concoction of wide rice noodles served atop a beefy broth with a choice of proteins and condiments. However this restaurant has nothing to do with its namesake. This place located in Da Nang, in fact, serves Vietnam’s version of Bolognese tagliatelle. It is predominantly a breakfast place which is highly affordable. 

Mi Quang Ba Mua 

Mi Quang 

Mi Quang (Photo credit: Jetsetting Fools)

Now if you do wish to devour a traditional bowl of Mi Quang, then Mi Quang Ba Mua should be your pick. It is a local chain serving higher quality and slightly costlier versions of the noodles paired with a wide range of protein choices.

Grind Hard, Party Harder

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. Similarly, all grind and no fun can be deflating for poker players. So after a long day’s grind, rejuvenate yourself with some drinks, dance and music at these well known bars and clubs in Da Nang.

Sevva Sky Lounge

Sevva Sky Lounge

Sevva Sky Lounge (Photo credit: New Orient Hotel)

Mind freeze after a long day’s grind and need a break?! Head to Sevva Sky Lounge, located on the rooftop of the New Orient Hotel. Along with cocktails and mouth-watering snacks, the lounge offers a breathtaking 360-degree view of Da Nang city, topped with some great music and a state-of-the-art sound and light system. The venue is your place for chilling out with friends and colleagues.

Guitar Hawaii Hoi An

Guitar Hawaii Hoi An

Guitar Hawaii Hoi An (Photo credit: Tripadvisor)

Hoi An’s live music bar, Guitar Hawaii, is perfect for a fun and recreational evening. International music paired with Flamenco, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Folk, Country, Blues, Traditional and more performances are part of the entertainment. Guests can join the performers to play, sing and dance with them. Apart from that, the friendly atmosphere, warm hospitality and exceptional service are other reasons why this is one of the best party places in Hoi An.

Fender Bar Live DJ and Live Music Hoi An

Fender Bar Live DJ and Live Music Hoi An

Fender Bar Live DJ and Live Music Hoi An (Photo credit: Facebook)

The Fender Bar also has options where players can play or sing with the live band and dance the night away. The dance part at Fender Bar starts at 11 PM with a wide range of popular music by the live DJ. The warm hospitality makes the place all the more preferred for enjoying the nightlife in the stunning town of Hoi An!

Isn’t this fascinating?! Traveling to Da Nang for poker just got better with these countless things to do and attractions to enjoy. Now that you know where to head for all things other than poker in Da Nang, we’re sure you are gonna make the most of your trip. So keep grinding, keep traveling and keep enjoying the little things that Vietnam has to offer.

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