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Amarjeet Singh wins the Destiny 12.0 SnG Finale SnG

13 Jan, 2020 Amarjeet Singh wins the Destiny 12.0 SnG Finale

Sunday was a busy day in the virtual felts, while on one hand, Spartan Poker was hosting January edition’s The Millionaire Lite and on the other, it was also the ultimate day for Destiny 12.0 SnG Finalists! The poker enthusiasts are well-aware by the format of Destiny by now. Let’s rewi...

Divyank Prasoon wins the Destiny 11.0 SnG Finale SnG

04 Nov, 2019 Divyank Prasoon wins the Destiny 11.0 SnG Finale

Destiny 11.0 is one of the most prominent online tournament series hosted by Spartan Poker. Numerous poker enthusiasts compete with one another to reach the SnG Finale that awards the winners a chance to win Las Vegas packages. It was a night to celebrate and a Sunday to be reminisced b...

Meet the Destiny 11.0 SnG Finalists SnG

02 Nov, 2019 Meet the Destiny 11.0 SnG Finalists

Destiny by Spartan Poker has gained much prominence over the years. The time has come to crown the ultimate champion of the current series. Running its 11th edition, Divyank Prasoon was declared as the 10th and final winner, and now each champion will head to compete in the Destiny 11.0...

Poker 2 SnG

27 Sep, 2018 Ignore the Sit and Go Wizard – Here’s Why?

While Sit N Go Wiz can analyze what hands you ought to call or pushing with based on stack sizes and ranges, it can’t estimate what it can’t quantify.  Things that Sit N Go Wiz can’t gauge include: Fold equity: Sit N Go Wiz can’t figure how much fold value you ha...

Poker SnG

23 Sep, 2018 Change in Poker Sit and Go’s

Sit and Go’s are infamous for their change. The change itself isn’t generally the genuine issue, however, as the dissatisfaction can send any player over the edge. Sit and Go, players, contingent upon their specific points of confinement and games, are acquainted with swings...

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