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Tag: Poker Tips

Top 3 Tips For Using Blockers In Poker Poker Tips

14 Mar, 2023 Top 3 Tips For Using Blockers In Poker

The term blocker describes cards that remove certain hand combinations from the game. This concept has become extremely popular over the years, and most poker players use it in one way or another. However, while this concept can be extremely efficient for those who know how to use it, i...

Tips For Playing Multi-way Pots Poker Tips

10 Feb, 2023 Tips For Playing Multi-way Pots

Because of the number of factors that come into play, multi-way pots can represent a challenge even for the most experienced poker players, let alone players who are new to poker. Multi-way pots are one of the most complex areas of No Limit Hold’em, and they require hours and hours of s...

8 Ways To Become A Pro Poker Player In India Poker Tips

22 Feb, 2022 Here’s How You Can Become A Professional Poker Player

Whether it’s through friends or roommates in college, a trip to Goa, or even on Facebook, you have been introduced to poker in some way and are now thinking about going pro. The fact that you’ve decided to take on poker as a full-time career is a big deal, especially in India. Which is ...

Top 10 Morning Routine Tips For Poker Players Poker Tips

08 Feb, 2022 10 Morning Poker Routine Tips To Crush Your Game

The night-long poker grind is an intense one. Such a tough routine requires players to be alert and ready to slay any tournament they are playing. However, how a day ends may very well depend on how it begins. It is for this reason that a good morning schedule is as important as prepari...

8 Tips Every Live Poker Player Must Note Down Poker Tips

01 Jun, 2021 8 Tips Every Live Poker Player Must Note Down

Poker has hit the high notes of the modern era in recent times and casinos are rooting for a bigger chunk of revenue from it every day. Casinos all across the globe hustle everyday by minting fresh money. While poker or any other games in casinos are in the process of evolving and expan...

Best Tips From Poker Players To Ace Your Game Poker Tips

08 Feb, 2021 Best Tips From Poker Players To Ace Your Game

The poker circuit in India is home to many mega tournaments among which India Online Poker Championship (IOPC) is the biggest tournament series. With mammoth prize pools, players are always on high alert when this tournament series is about to start. While the 10th edition of IOPC just ...

Check Please Rohan Das Poker Tips

08 Oct, 2020 Tips For When You First Start Playing Poker

Ever since I started writing this column a few weeks ago and recounted my Poker journey, I’ve gotten a lot of messages and comments from friends telling me about how they want to learn more about the game but don’t know where to start and quite honestly it’s been very heartening to see ...

Promotion Image 2 Poker Tips

16 Jan, 2018 Tips on How to Beat The Bully in Poker!

(The 3rd tip will make you a better player, read on) We often draw parallels between life and Poker through our official mouthpiece. Through that, we have established one thing – Poker is like life. And much like in life, you will face bullies in Poker too (unless you are the bully of c...

Poker Tips2 Poker Tips

22 Dec, 2017 Top 4 Poker Tips to Handle Poker Stress

Who doesn’t go through stress! Almost every person, right from a gardener to a CEO, everyone deals with stress in some way or the other.  It is a valuable aspect for poker players to come to the stage and think of whether to “Hold or fold”. Unfortunately, although it is very effective i...

Poker Tips3 Poker Tips

21 Dec, 2017 Here’s How You Can Deal with Loss in Poker

To become a famous poker player is not an easy task. It sure seems like a cakewalk when you see James Bond play poker but real poker is not all fancy suits and women. It requires a lot of hard work and long hours of practice to develop into a genuinely good poker player. Another […]


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