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Tag: IPC 20 Lakh Freeroll

IPC Megastacks May 2022: The Success Story of India’s Young Poker Talents IPC 20 Lakh Freeroll

26 May, 2022 IPC Megastacks May 2022: The Success Story of India’s Young Poker Talents

Earlier this week, the India Poker Championship (IPC) Megastacks May 2022 finally concluded, following a week-long extravaganza of exciting tournaments, glitz and glamour galore. Following a brief hiatus of two long and arduous years, imposed by a global pandemic, the IPC Megastacks whi...

IPC 20 Lakh Freeroll

23 May, 2022 Sameer Delivers A Double Bust

On Level 17, Deepanjali Anand jammed 42,000 into the pot with A 2 and was called by Russian player Dzianis with 9 6, and Sameer Rattonsey who had A T. This community cards fell out 3 T A J 5 and Rattonsey won the pot after he flopped two pairs on the board (AA, TT). […]

IPC 20 Lakh Freeroll

23 May, 2022 Two More Down

Kunal Yadav shoved all-in preflop and was called by Paawan Bansal, who made an all-in call, and Shashank Murarka called. The board showed J Q 2 J 2. Yadav showed 8 8, Bansal flipped 8 8, and Murarka showed K K to win the pot and bust Yadav and Bansal at the 9th and 8th […]

IPC 20 Lakh Freeroll

23 May, 2022 Rishab Busts In 10th Place

On Level 15, Rishab Dalmia went preflop all-in for 75,000 and Navaneeth Anantharaman called the shove with A 9. The board opened with 7 2 5 7 A and delivered two pairs (AA, 77) to Anantharaman on the river. This mean that Dalmia busted in the 10th spot with a payout of ₹30,000.  Anantha...

IPC 20 Lakh Freeroll

23 May, 2022 Raju Busted

At Level 10, Preflop action saw J Raju going all-in with Q 7 (14,800) and his rival Navneet called. The board cards read 6 K 8 A 2. Navneet hit two pairs on the flop with his K 8 and showed Raju the door in the process.  Raju: Q 7 Navneet: K 8 Board: 6 […]

IPC 20 Lakh Freeroll

23 May, 2022 Peter’s Dimes Lose To Ace

At Level 9, IPC Director, Peter Abraham locked horns with Saransh Garg. Preflop saw Garg going all-in with Ah 4d and Abraham made the call. The board ran out 4 6 2 K A. The head honcho had Dimes in his armoury which fell short to battle Garg who hit an A-pair on the river. […]

IPC 20 Lakh Freeroll

23 May, 2022 Himanshu Goes Home

Katya goes all-in preflop for 6,700 with A Q and Himanshu Kataria called with J 3. The community cards open to 4 2 A J 7. Katya flopped an Ace-pair and took the pot. Kataria busted from the freeroll as he had a smaller pair. Katya: A Q Kataria: J 3 Board: 4 2 A […]

IPC 20 Lakh Freeroll

23 May, 2022 Ashvin’s Pocket Queens Rock

On Table 4 at Level 7 with blinds 1,000/1,500, Vineet Kumar (J 8) shoved all-in with 2,900 and another player raised to 8,000. Here, Ashvin Rao (Q Q) also took the all-in route with 30,600. The board ran out 5 K 9 9 A. Rao hits two pairs on the turn and grabs the pot […]

IPC 20 Lakh Freeroll

23 May, 2022 No Time To Play?

What happens when you are the commentator at IPC Megastacks May 2022 Main Event and the game reaches heads up? You don’t have time to play. This happened to Akshay Kapoor who was scheduled to start his commentary for the ME heads up but was also playing the ₹20 Lakh Freeroll. In a momen...

IPC 20 Lakh Freeroll

23 May, 2022 Nikita Wins, Triples Up!

While many may consider the freeroll felts to be a soft playing field, it is also one that is filled with a lot of action. On Table 1, that is exactly what happened. Russian player Maksim M jammed his 11,100 stack with A J and Abhijeet Kumar shoved 11,100 into the pot as well with [&hel...

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