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Tag: Cricket Gyaan

Bollywood Cricket Movies to watch for good Cricket Gyaan

19 Oct, 2018 Bollywood Cricket Movies to watch for good

For time immemorial, India’s obsession with Bollywood and Cricket counts to the edge of the fandom that the country has for the duo. Here, in this blog, we have shared a list of Bollywood movies that will surely remind you of all the good times that the sport has seen and the industry h...

Cricket Gyaan

17 Jul, 2018 Minimum ODI Scores by the best 10 teams

Ordinarily, in ODI matches, one group escapes too effectively not ready to contend with extraordinary exhibitions by the restriction. There were commonly in ODI matches, that one group escape too effortlessly not ready to go up against staggering exhibitions by restriction bowlers. Rega...

Cricket Gyaan

16 Jul, 2018 How to become a Professional Cricketer?

Cricket is not just a sport in India, it’s a religion. People are crazy about the sport and worship the legendary players. The passion for this sport is 110% amongst all us Indians because we all have played cricket since our childhood.Our father and grandfather do tell us stories...

Cricket Gyaan

13 Jul, 2018 Types of Cricket Matches

Test Cricket Test cricket is the most elevated standard of the top of the line cricket. A Test match is a universal fixture between groups represent to those nations that are Full Members of the ICC. Test match between two groups is typically played in a gathering of matches called a &#...

How to become a good fast bowler Cricket Gyaan

10 Jul, 2018 How to become a good fast bowler

There are four steps: Refining Your Strength and Conditioning, Learning to concentrate on accuracy, Bowling Techniques, Appreciating the Game Community Q&A. The main component in a cricket team’s success is a well trained fast bowler. These steps will help you become a skilled fast ...

Types of pace bowling in Cricket Cricket Gyaan

06 Jul, 2018 Types of pace bowling in Cricket

Bowling in cricket is an action which a bowler is going to deliver towards the wicket defended or bowler delivering the ball towards the batsman, this is known as Bowling. Bowling is an important aspect of cricket, there are two types of bowling i.e. Pace bowling & Spin bowling. PAC...

BLU vs GRN Dream11 Prediction, BYJU'S VCA T20 2021 Match 15 Winners Prediction, Toss Prediction, Pitch Report & More Cricket Gyaan

05 Jul, 2018 Forms of Spin Bowling in Cricket

A cricket bowler resembles a baseball pitcher; he tosses the ball toward the batsman and tries to get him out or reject him. A turn bowler is cunning; he conveys the ball with an assortment of twists. Despite the fact that turn is his primary weapon, he likewise shifts the speed and sta...

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