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Tag: Cricket Gyaan

The changing attitudes towards Cricket Cricket Gyaan

13 Mar, 2019 The changing attitudes towards Cricket

The cricket arena is developing a growing popularity of short format matches such as T20 cricket, making the phenomenon of instant gratification more relevant than ever before. Whether or not you buy in to the view that test match cricket is obsolete and arguably holding the game back, ...

Cricket Players Cricket Gyaan

22 Nov, 2018 Unbelievable Cricket records held by Indians

“Unique” becomes an understatement when it comes to the love of Indians for cricket. All of us cricket lovers have seen some form of unique love being displayed for players on and off the field. Unique is also the correct word when discussing about the records Indian players hold. Here ...

cricket commentators Cricket Gyaan

14 Nov, 2018 Top cricket commentators

Commentary in sport often is a depiction of the state of the mind of the person watching the event and also reflects his/her viewpoint about the sport and his prejudices. The viewers and masses often form and build a viewpoint of the player and sport by what these commentators have to s...

Bollywood Cricket Movies to watch for good Cricket Gyaan

19 Oct, 2018 Bollywood Cricket Movies to watch for good

For time immemorial, India’s obsession with Bollywood and Cricket counts to the edge of the fandom that the country has for the duo. Here, in this blog, we have shared a list of Bollywood movies that will surely remind you of all the good times that the sport has seen and the industry h...

Indian Cricketers Cricket Gyaan

13 Oct, 2018 Indian Cricketers who rewrote their own destinies

India, the land of Bollywood, Indian food and Cricket have a long list of Rags to Riches when it comes to struggle in the history of its citizens ever so. One such professional field in the country which enjoys name and fame, both on a large scale for the longest time that the game is [...

Cricket Gyaan

30 Sep, 2018 6 Cricketers and their Signature shots

Like Indian Gods are remembered by their ‘vahanas’, it’s actually their ‘vahanas’ that make them popular since unconventional usage of the same requires coordination and determination within the cricketers, oops! We mean the Gods. Before you confuse between Indian mythology and the lege...

Cricket Cricket Gyaan

27 Sep, 2018 Cricket Controversies That the World Can’t Get Over

For as long as we know, cricket has had plenty of controversies around it, here, in the following article we have enlisted a number of them that the world witnessed as the biggest of the controversies in the history. The West Indian fast ghouls The 1970s and 1980 witnessed a golden peri...

Cricket Cricket Gyaan

22 Sep, 2018 ROFL Cricket PJs

Cricket, without any doubt is India’s favourite sport so much so that it is now fundamentally included in the list of world religions! And that what is followed widely is also talked about widely and hence, has not just buzzes but also plentiful of jokes on the topic. Today, Gutshot bri...

Cricket is India's favourite sport Cricket Gyaan

20 Sep, 2018 Reasons why Cricket is India’s favourite sport

Amongst the most obsessed things by India, that which tops the list is Cricket. Politics, Daily Soaps, Cars and random people on social media are the other topics that follow cricket in the list of the most discussed affairs within the country. While there is no debate over the fact tha...

Cricket Gyaan

17 Jul, 2018 Minimum ODI Scores by the best 10 teams

Ordinarily, in ODI matches, one group escapes too effectively not ready to contend with extraordinary exhibitions by the restriction. There were commonly in ODI matches, that one group escape too effortlessly not ready to go up against staggering exhibitions by restriction bowlers. Rega...


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