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Tag: Anuj Mishra

Anuj Mishra

18 May, 2022 Harshad’s Smart Move Sends Anuj Away

Anuj Mishra, who had less than 12 BB, shoved all-in from the button, holding 3 Q. Harshad Barve sensed that Mishra was trying to steal the pot, and hence he quickly called from the big blind, with his 7 K. The board of J 4 5 9 A gave both players a ace-high hand, however, […]

Anuj Mishra

17 May, 2022 Ace Kicks Anuj Out

At Level 12 with blinds at 1,500/2,500, WSOP bracelet winner Aditya Sushant bet 5,000 preflop with Ace-Queen suited which was called by Anuj Mishra who held Qd Js. The flop opened 9c Qs 8h and gave both players a queen-pair which hinted that a sure shot action was to follow post-flop. T...

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