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SVS Day 1 Mehta Kurup Pande Mohindroo among title winners Poker
Team Gutshot
Posted on 21 Nov, 2019
By Team Gutshot
On 21 Nov, 2019
By Team Gutshot
On 21 Nov, 2019

SVS Day 1: Mehta, Kurup, Pande, Mohindroo among title winners

Spartan Poker constantly comes up with incredible tournament offerings for its loyal user base. And one such being Spartan Value Series (SVS) organized for low/mid-stakes players. After the SSS, this 5-day long series hit the website yesterday guaranteeing INR 52+ Lakhs! Last day lined up 5 tournaments and 5 winners walked out winning big! And here is a quick summary of SVS Day 1

SVS Event #1 INR 50k GTD

The opening tournament of the day commenced for a buy-in of INR 110, enticing a field of 478 entries. The top 31 players received a share from the prize pool for a min-cash INR 440. It was Gitanshu Mehta aka ‘zamindar’ who emerged victoriously, taking the first title of the day after defeating ‘sleeptimer1’ in heads-up.

In Level #32, with the blinds at 6,000/12,000 ante 1,200, Mehta (As 9s) had 1 million chips up against ‘sleeptimer1’ (9h 2h) who had 40k chips. The latter goes all-in and the board runs Tc 5d Kh 5c 3d, Mehta shows his pair of Fives with Ace kicker, ultimately grabbing INR 10,575. The runner-up managed to add INR 7,120 into his poker bankroll.

SVS Event #2 INR 70k GTD

As the day progressed, the buy-ins kept increasing and the second tournament saw 291 players entering for INR 220 and only 23 players could be in the money. The player to receive a larger chunk of the prize pool was ‘sleeptimer1’ who claimed the event along with valuable prize money after defeating ‘parzival74’ in heads-up. The runner-up from SVS Event #1 is an anonymous player but a frequent face on Spartan Poker.

In Level #28, blinds at 3,500/7,000 ante 700, both players enter the final hand of the tournament. ‘sleeptimer1’ (3h Ac) with 854k was against his opponent ‘parzival74’ (Qd 7d) with 163k chips. The latter puts his entire stack in the middle and the board runs 5c 9h 2s Ad 4d, and that’s when ‘sleeptimer1’ shows his straight over his opponent’s Ace high emerging as the champion.

SVS Event #3 INR 35k GTD

Powering through the field was Zook Kurup aka ‘zook666’ beating his opponent ‘pshark’ in heads-up. The winner took the limelight by adding the first-place prize money and strengthening his poker bankroll. The tournament attracted a total of 217 players with each chipping in a buy-in of INR 165. The prize pool was later seen to be shared by the top 17 finishers for a min-cash of INR 549.

In Level #27, blinds at 3,000/6,000 ante 600, Kurup (As 6h) with 400k chips up against ‘pshark’ (4h 4s) with 142k chips. On the 7h 8d 5d flop, the former bets 29k while the latter raises 71k and gets a call from Kurup. 4c 3h on turn and river saw Kurup completing his straight over his opponent’s trip Fours, sending him to the runner-up position and walking out with healthy prize money!

SVS Event #4 INR 2.25 Lakhs GTD

The buy-in increased to INR 880 yet enticing 254 players registered in the tournament. The top 20 players obtained a share from the prize pool for a min-cash INR 3,015. Outlasting the field was Sanchit Pande aka ‘TheMadKing’, the champion who defeated Sachin Raj aka ‘Hell’ in heads-up. The final hand of the tournament saw a pair over pair as Pande showed his single higher pair of Six to bag the healthy prize money along with the title.

SVS Event #5 Hi-Fi INR 6 Lakhs GTD

Each SVS day ends with the last event being the Hi-Fi. The final tournament saw 433 players entering for a buy-in of INR 1,650. Slightly surpassing the guarantee and creating a prize pool of INR 6.49 Lakhs, the top places got a share from the same for a min-cash of INR 4,221. It was Aashvin Mohindroo playing under the username ‘Hell’sAngel’ beating ‘DARLING MINION’ in heads-up.

In Level #39, (10,000/20,000 ante 2,500), Mohindroo (4c Ah) enters the final hand with 2 million chips playing against his opponent ‘DARLING MINION’ (8d Kc) with 639k chips. The table saw the entire stack of both the players in the middle. The board runs 6s 9d Ts Tc 2d and the former showed pair of Tens with Ace kicker and ultimately pocketing an ambitious amount.

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