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SSS Day 1: Manish Lakhotia takes down ReCharge Poker
Team Gutshot
Posted on 10 Dec, 2019
By Team Gutshot
On 10 Dec, 2019
By Team Gutshot
On 10 Dec, 2019

SSS Day 1: Manish Lakhotia takes down ReCharge

The most awaited December edition of Spartan Super Series (SSS) is here again on Spartan Poker for the mid/high stakes players, the last opportunity to grab a few titles before the year ends. Spilling out a huge guarantee of INR 5+ Crores, SSS is spread across an entire week with 42 varying events, each coming with astonishing prize money. So, let’s take a quick look at SSS Day 1

SSS Event #1 INR 1 Lakhs GTD

The first edition of SSS commenced with the initial tournament guaranteeing INR 1 Lakh. With the lowest buy-in of INR 220, the first event itself was a hit, recording a field of 532 entries. The guarantee slightly surpassed and the top 39 players finished in the money for a min-cash INR 734. It was Raman Rajput aka ‘Jack of clubs’ claiming the first-place prize after the tournament halted with a 3-way deal and Rajput building up the largest stack of 1.2 million. In second place was ‘Skulkikker’ and in third was ‘shib lock’.

SSS Event #2 Afternoon Showdown INR 5 Lakhs GTD

The buy-in shoots up this time to become INR 2,200 in the Afternoon Showdown. A smaller field of 185 players entered the second tournament and the top 15 places strolled out for a min-cash INR 9,000. A leading online player in both the live as well as virtual circuit Rajat Sharma aka ‘Garammasala’ took away the limelight after beating ‘SSMG6617’ in heads-up.

In the final hand of the tournament arrived, Sharma holding Qd Ac entered with a stack of 1.12 million against his opponent ‘SSMG6617’ holding 2h Qc with 258k chips. Pre-flop itself saw the entire stack of the anonymous player in the middle. The board ran 7s 8c 9h 9s 6s, and Sharma bagged the title with Ace kicker after both hit a pair of Nines on the board.

SSS Event #3 Afternoon Hi-Fi INR 3 Lakhs GTD

The buy-in decreased to become INR 1,100, attracting 244 players in the Afternoon Hi-Fi. The prize pool was seen to be distributed among the top 21 players. However, ‘Boris brejcha’ came on top to bag the healthy prize money beating ‘Basil5115’ in heads-up. The players drew their respective blinds, as the final hour of the tournament arrived. The former held 7c 7s up against his opponent, ‘Basil5115’ holding 3h Jd.

The flop opened 9d 7h Js which saw the entire stack of ‘Basil5115’ going out in the middle. Turn and river 9s 8h respectively, ‘Boris bjrecha’ showed his full house 77799, beating his opponent’s two pairs of JJ99, ultimately shipping the tournament for a decent bankroll addition.

SSS Event #4 INR 2 Lakhs GTD

A total number of 295 players entered for a buy-in of INR 660. A min-cash of INR 2,000 was shared among the 27 top finishers. It was Aditya Chaudhary aka ‘S1ckB3at’ who shipped the event after railing out ‘HugsForDrugs’ in heads-up. Chaudhary has set quite a record in his poker career both in live as well as online felts. The event concluded after the champion tossed over his flush with Ace high against the latter’s pair of Aces.

SSS Event #5 ReCharge INR 14 Lakhs GTD

Spartan Poker hosts ReCharge scheduled for each Monday and yesterday the featured tournament was a part of SSS Day 1 with the highest guarantee of 14 Lakhs. Observing a massive field of 744 entries for a buy-in of INR 2,200 the player to power through this field was a regular online grinder Manish Lakhotia aka ‘thekid’ who strengthened his poker bankroll after beating Wilson Yomso aka ‘Rohinisharma’. For a complete summary, read here.

SSS Event #6 Hi-Fi 8 Lakhs GTD

Outlasting a field of 362, a well-known circuit grinder Vivek Singh aka ‘KasolHieghts’ emerged triumphantly and took away the first-place prize money. Every SSS tournament ends with the last event being Hi-Fi. Singh was up against another leading player Utsav Taneja aka ‘CAseK’ in heads-up and both players settled for a 2-way deal. With Singh carrying the larger stack of 1.7 million added another feather to his poker cap.

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