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IPC 20L Freeroll
Mrinal Gujare
Posted on 23 May, 2022
By Mrinal Gujare
On 23 May, 2022
By Mrinal Gujare
On 23 May, 2022

Sameer Knocks Out Two

Sameer RattonseyOn Level 10, preflop action got pretty intense. WSOP bracelet winner Nikita Luther, IPC Director and two-IPC champion Sameer Rattonsey and Varun Jain went head to head. Preflop saw Luther going all-in, Jain also shoved all his chips into the pot (46,000) and Rattonsey matched. The board ran out 9 5 6 3 3 . The two-time IPC winner with his Q 9 grabbed the pot as he hit two pairs on the river and knocked out two of his rivals in the process. Luther took the 4th spot for ₹82,500 and Jain finished 5th for ₹62,500.

  • Rattonsey: Q 9
  • Luther: A Q
  • Jain: A J
  • Board: 9 5 6 3 3


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