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The Rummy Dictionary – Part I

by Team Gutshot Posted on 14 Oct, 2020

If you are someone who loves playing card games, then this Rummy Dictionary is just what you need! Rummy earned its status as a classic card game after being played by people for centuries. In India, festivals and other family gatherings are always incomplete without a round of rummy!

But if you have newly discovered this game, then get ready to be blown away by this fabulous thirteen-card game. To make you well-acquainted with the how’s and what’s of rummy, take a walk through this list of commonly used rummy jargon!

Deck or Pack of Cards: A standard collection of fifty-two cards that have thirteen cards each from the Spade, Diamond, Hearts and Clubs suits.

Suit: A set of cards consisting of four different suits of thirteen cards each – Spades, Hearts, Diamonds and Clubs.


  • From a shuffled pack of cards, each player draws one card.
  • The person with the lowest value card is supposed to deal the game. 
  • The players can choose the dealer of the next game if they wish to. 
  • Sometimes the players decide on making the loser of the game as the dealer for the next game.
  • Or every player in the game can be given a chance to be the dealer.

Draw Pile: After the deal is served, the remaining cards that are not distributed are kept upside down in front of the players. These cards form the Draw Pile and when it is finished, the discard pile will be shuffled and substituted for the Draw Pile.

Discard/Lay off: 

  • Each player is served a deal of thirteen cards.
  • On his/her turn a player picks a card which will be the fourteenth from the draw pile or a discard pile.
  • The player can either use it or discard it as per the game strategy.
  • The discarded card can either be the new card one has just picked or one of the existing thirteen cards.
  • Each player must possess thirteen cards at all times.
  • The cards that are discarded by every player form the Discarded Pile.

Ace: There is one ace for each suit (Spade, Hearts, Clubs and Diamonds). Ace can either be used as a lower or a higher card. It depends on the way one chooses to make a sequence. Example: ‘Ace-2-3’ or ‘Ace-King-Queen’.

Come back to Gutshot Magazine for more definitions and terms!

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