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Online Rummy: A Security Check Rummy

Online Rummy: A Security Check

by Amarylisa Gonsalves Posted on 05 Nov, 2021

As everything from payments to classrooms moves to the digital form, so are our modes of entertainment. Even playing our favourite childhood summer games such as ludo, chess, carrom, and even rummy has become digital. But as the digitisation of things increases, so do the risks and threats of cyber-related concerns. 

Online rummy has become increasingly popular over the past few years. Several online rummy sites such as RummyCircle, Rummy Culture, and A23 Rummy have also emerged in the online gaming industry in India. Unlike the traditional rummy games, which require a minimum number of players to play the game, online rummy enables a player to play with other enthusiasts spread across geographically. In simpler words, you no longer require gathering a certain number of people to play rummy. You can play online even if you’re alone. All users have to do is register on the online rummy site and play. 

Privacy Matters

Well, ‘play online even if you’re alone, all you have to do is register on the online rummy site and play’ that’s simple, isn’t it? But is it really that simple? In the process of registering oneself on an online platform, one must give out private information such as name, contact details and even financial details in case of real money gaming sites. How safe is the player data, considering the possibilities of cyber-attacks? Moreover, how are these sites using the player data? According to the 2019 Experian Identity and Fraud Report: Asia-Pacific Edition report, 65 per cent of Indian consumers expect full transparency from businesses on using their personal information. However, only 30 per cent of companies are moderately transparent with the use of personal information. 

The Online Rummy Federation (TORF), which acts as an apex body and a unified voice to guide and regulate the online rummy industry in India, laid down specific TORF standards to ensure the safety of players who indulge in online rummy. The Software Integrity and Internal Control Standards laid down by TORF state, “Some of the major safety concerns while playing online rummy are privacy, legitimacy and security. Hence, ensuring the authenticity of any online rummy portal is very important. TORF has identified and laid guidelines to follow safe rummy game-play practices and ensure that the websites are secure from any unauthorised internal or external access to the live game-play environment. The trustworthiness and authenticity of online rummy websites are critical and can be ascertained by using certified software. TORF ensures that all its accredited members rigorously adopt and follow the integrity and internal control measures as per TORF Standards.” 

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As per this standard, all members of TORF are required to use certified software to avoid any unwanted and unauthorised actions intruding into the software. If the software is safe, the vulnerability of the player data and the platform data is automatically reduced. The operators also internally examine the data and make sure it is well encrypted while stored on their servers. The data is also safely processed to avoid any unofficial access, modification or leaks. 

Players need to choose the right platform to play rummy online so that their private data is safe and in the right hands. Also, players should be careful about not sharing their login details with others to avoid any harm to their details.

Why KYC?

Additionally, the user verification standard states, “User Verification process is a process that rummy operators use to verify the identity of the players. The main objective of the user verification process is to prevent any misuse of business services by illicit elements. User verification standards such as KYC help operators in managing any such risks.” 

By checking and ensuring the authenticity of the players, platforms can be safe from notorious players who tend to use the platform for unlawful activities, thus building the users’ trust.

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No room for foul play

Another concern that arises when playing online games on the internet is the fairness of the game. Even if the software uses reasonable means, if the players resort to unfair means, the whole experience of playing online is distorted. To address this, TORF Standards include a ‘Fair Play Policy,’ which states, “Rummy is considered as a social game to be played with your friends or other players on the internet but colluding with anyone to the disadvantage of unsuspecting opponents should be actively monitored and controlled. Every game should be played fairly using the individual’s skill. Some of the actions classified as ‘unfair’ are money dumping, cheating, fraud and collusion, amongst others. Hence, to prevent any form of unfair practices, TORF has established stringent guidelines, as well as actions to be taken against violating players.” Thus the members of TORF are expected to lay down strict rules and take the required action if any player is found using such foul means. 

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