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Rummy Rummy

02 Oct, 2018 How ‘Life’ and ‘Rummy’ are Related?

Rummy is an ability based card game which requires essential understanding and careful practice to achieve a specialist level. When we discuss the occurrences in the Rummy game, it can nearly identify with our life demonstrations. Today, we will stroll through the connection between ...

playing poker Rummy

30 Sep, 2018 Why is playing Rummy the perfect end to your weekend

There is no other game like Rummy whose primary purpose is to bring fun on the table. Rummy consists of a pack of 52 cards and three sub-categories of games viz. 13 card points rummy, 13 card deal rummy, and 13 card deals rummy. The game apart from being legalized in India, carries a hu...

Rummy Rummy

23 Sep, 2018 Winning at Rummy: Here’s How you do it!

Getting the hang of anything in life is an intense cut, however, showing signs of improvement at a game is just a matter of being the most intelligent person at the table. The way to being the most brilliant person at the table is weighed down with terrible guidance, underhanded moves, ...

Rummy Rummy

22 Sep, 2018 Significant Myths about Rummy

Being the most cherished card game in India, the prevalence of rummy is on the ascent so is the misguided judgments related to it. The approach of online rummy games has made it simple for the players to communicate with the game. If you are a card fan who cherishes playing customary ru...

Rummy Rummy

16 Sep, 2018 Tips to Master the Game: Rummy!

Rummy is a game of ability, and it requires encounter more than training. Which implies, that players who have been playing the game longer than you have a higher shot of winning since they have officially invested a lot of energy taking in the privileged insights of the game and acing ...

4 Forms of Indian Rummy Rummy

28 Jun, 2018 4 Forms of Indian Rummy

Indian rummy has two variations that is very popularly played 13cards and 21cards, there also many other variations of this game. Each variations has its own set of rules to be followed and played at different fun level. With online game being launched it has become very easy for the ca...

Gin rummy Rummy

27 Jun, 2018 Gin Rummy for Beginners

There are four 2-player card games to have been recorded in history. They are Gin rummy, Pinochle (Bezique), Cribbage and Piquet. Gin being the newest amongst all has managed to gain popularity across the globe. It is believed to have been invented by Elwood T. Baker in 1909, this is on...

Rummy Understanding the standards and beginning games Rummy

26 Jun, 2018 Rummy: Understanding the standards and beginning games

Rummy is a card game in which you attempt to enhance the hand that you’re initially managed. You can do this at whatever point it’s your swing to play, either by drawing cards from a heap (or stock) or by getting the card discarded by your rival and after that disposing of a...

Tips on How to Win Rummy Rummy

25 Jun, 2018 Tips on How to Win Rummy

If you are looking for ways to improve your rummy game, then you are at the right place. The fact is the more you practice the better you become at the game. But our tips will help you stay ahead of all the other players. Methods for being a winner at rummy every time: • […]

The Rummy Federation to host Skill Gaming Summit in July Rummy

22 Jun, 2018 The Rummy Federation to host Skill Gaming Summit in July

The skill-gaming industry in India is booming over the last couple of years, with games like poker, rummy, fantasy sports and others on a rapid rise in the country. Of late, quite a few conferences and meets have been organized by the top authorities to discuss the future of the industr...

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