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Beginners guide to Pool Rummy and its variants Rummy

Beginners guide to Pool Rummy and its variants

by Manthra Koliyer Posted on 14 Oct, 2020

Pool Rummy is an online 13 card game played among 2 – 4 players. The game is played specifically with points and the one that gets the stipulated point gets eliminated from the game. The last player, as in the one that remains till the last will be declared as the winner. Players can drop and continue gaming in any round. There are two types of Pool Rummy – 101 Pool Rummy and 201 Pool Rummy. 

101 Pool Rummy

  • The winner of this format is the player with the least score at the end of the game.
  • Players have the option to Drop a round, but the penalty for drops is as follows: 1st Drop – 20 points ; Middle Drop – 40 points
  • The Full count in Pool 101 Rummy is 80 points.
  • The First Hand Show in 101 Pool game will yield a maximum of 40 points for the other players
  • For a successful show it is mandatory to have minimum 2 Sequences of which one has to compulsorily be a Pure Sequence (a sequence without joker or wild card) and the other can be a pure sequence or an impure sequence ( made with the help of a Joker card)
  • Player making a valid show gets 0 points.
  • The point for each player is calculated by summing up the values of their dead wood cards in hand. The points of each round are added to derive at the status of each player at the end of the round.
  • Players can do a Re-Buy and join back even after being eliminated. However Re-Buying is only possible if the individual score of other players at the table is below 79 points.
  • Once the individual score of a player reaches 101 points or above, the player is considered eliminated from further rounds.

201 Pool Rummy

  • 201 pool rummy is played between 2 – 4 players and every player is dealt with set of 13 cards to make valid sequences. 
  • Player accumulating highest score of 201 or above gets eliminated from each round and 
  • Player with least score in every round is declared winner
  • Users can increase the chance of winning by opting for split
  • Multiplier option is not available in 201 pool rummy.
  • In 201 pool rummy games, players can opt to drop but the penalty is follows: 1st drop – 25 points ; Middle drop – 50 points
  • The maximum count/deal/show in pool 201 rummy game will be 80 points
  • A player who makes valid sequences will lose 0 points in every round and the one that makes invalid sequence of cards will lose points based on the cards he dealt with.
  • There is no rebuy option in 201 pool rummy game
  • Player who remains till last round of the game is declared as winner.  The game is continuously played for a few rounds until one of the players has gathered 201 or more points. Player who reaches 201 points in every round gets eliminated from the game. 

To learn more such variants of Rummy, keep reading Gutshot Magazine.

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