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Are you a novice or experience rummy player Rummy

What kind of a rummy player are you? Novice or experienced?

by Gutshot Editorial Posted on 18 Nov, 2021

The essence of individuality present amongst each of us makes us unique from the crowd and reflects our stand-alone personality. And this unique individuality influences every detail present in our lives.

While you play rummy too!

As unique as each one of us, the rummy game too flaunts its very own characteristics and is truly exhilarating. Moreover, the different kinds of players present in the game make it even more riveting.

Interestingly, these different Rummy game players can be categorized into various types, primarily, a novice player and an experienced player.

Why is it necessary to identify types of players in a Rummy Game?

Before you download rummy and start to play the game with all of its vigor and fun, it is critical to understand the different types of players.

Since the rummy game is unique and of its kind, the players associated with it are dynamic. Therefore, when you learn about types of players in a rummy game, you get yourself to a more advanced level.

Targeting opponents and formulating better strategies get better when you know what kinds of players you are playing with.

From a psychological aspect too, pro players deploy their strategies and trace their opponents’ minds to understand their moves and play accordingly, which naturally increases the chances of winning.

Let’s begin with the sketching of the two major types of players, novice and experienced.

The Novice

As the very terminology suggests, a novice player is the one who is just set into the game for the initial phase. However, just like how a new employee at the office needs to have proper induction, training sessions, similarly, a novice player in rummy requires complete understanding and knowledge of the game.

The first phase of starting the game might begin with little hiccups, but nothing to worry about at all for the same. It would take a minimum amount of time, based on your dedication and effort, to learn the basics of the rummy game.

It is okay to stumble on the obstacles during this initial phase. For example, you might struggle with understanding how to make sequences and sets.

The most critical part of being a novice player at the rummy game is that experienced players would beat you within minutes or sometimes even within seconds. But don’t let this intimidate you at all. Instead, learn from the mistakes and try to analyze how they beat your game.

Once you start to realize how to overcome the mistakes made in the past, you are already growing from the novice stage. So stay focused and hold on to your perseverance to understand the game bit by bit.

Since the nature of the game is so fascinating and entertaining, the initial losses can be taken optimistically to realize how interestingly you can turn the events for your next game. 

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The Experienced

An experienced player would always have the upper hand because of their seasoned knowledge of the game. An experienced rummy player knows how to deploy their moves effectively, trace their opponents’ strategies and when to hold and when to strike.

The most vital aspect of playing rummy is seizing the opportunity. Only an experienced player has a keen eye on all movements and knows how to leverage the best-given situation that favors their strategy.

Of course, no one becomes an experienced player in a day or two and it takes quite a number of playing sessions to be called a veteran of the rummy game.

What is more valuable to being called an experienced rummy player is the in-depth absorption of lessons learnt from lost battles. Only when you understand how to dodge the loopholes are you halfway winning in the game.

Physiologically too, you would notice that an experienced player’s body language is very calm and composed and doesn’t hastily make their move. Their equipped knowledge of tricks, tips, and strategies makes them aware of when to react and how to, especially when they plan on using a bluff in the game.

The Other Kinds

Apart from novice and experienced players in rummy, there are also other types of players too! Here are some of the interesting categories:

The Fast & Furious

If you are a novice player, be careful of these hustlers! These players, very active and rapidly, declare their cards within the span of a few moves. Throughout the game, you would find them to be very impatient and constantly push you to play fast. One of the notable traits of such players is that due to their rapid moves, you wouldn’t be able to predict or analyze any hint about their next moves.

The Rules Teller

Few players would always play by the rules, no matter what. They might stand out to be very intimidating for beginners because of their limited knowledge of the game and also to players who try to play the game impatiently. These players will constantly hammer your minds with the rules if they see someone trying to modify the game according to their benefit. Hardly you can detest these players and would instead admire their way of playing the game!

The Bluff Guru

Bluffing is a common practice in the online rummy game, and these players are master of it. They know how to trick their opponents and turn the course of the game.. You wouldn’t even see it coming!

Closing on a conclusion…

Online rummy is truly a game of skill!

So, irrespective of being a novice or an experienced player, enjoy the rummy game to the fullest. Download the MPL rummy game and turn on the entertainment mode today. 

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