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Founders Speak: Rising Gaming Networks Reveal Their Vision Behind MyPoker52 Poker
Donna Amo
Posted on 12 May, 2022
By Donna Amo
On 12 May, 2022
By Donna Amo
On 12 May, 2022

Founders Speak: Rising Gaming Networks Reveal Their Vision Behind MyPoker52

There have been countless poker platforms that have cropped up in the past few years. These platforms have continued to boost the growth of the industry by introducing players to the game. One among these is Rising Gaming Networks, the parent company of MyPoker52. Since its entry into the real money gaming world, MyPoker52 has turned its attention to giving its users a quality playing experience under a budget. Gutshot Magazine interviewed the founders Kabir Singh Bindra, COO, Paras Nagpal, CEO, and Aseem Gupta, CXO, to get an insight into its inception, vision, and future plans for MyPoker52.

1. What was the idea behind starting Rising Gaming Networks?

RGNET, as we fondly call our company is the culmination of passion, trust and the zeal to add value to society while cherishing relationships. RGNET has a unique offering in the field and aims to provide winning experiences in real money gaming to its user base at affordable costs. We aim to make our users win at a cost which is lesser than purchasing a bus ticket. Such an aim is very much in sync when a majority of the population are confined to the limits of their houses amidst multiple lockdowns as they seek ways to engage with their near and dear ones.

2. How and when did your journey in gaming begin?

All the founders of RGNET are friends who have been schooled from Delhi and have many shared interests, including poker which picked up popularity in their friend circle, during the 11th grade. Aseem greatly enjoys the game, however, is wary of high stakes ever since he lost a four of a kind to a royal flush. Paras Nagpal is an avid player who dons multiple hats wherein he mentors enthusiasts, runs a poker blog, is the primary promoter of MyPoker52 and also has extensive experience in the industry from his prior professional engagements. Kabir is the all-star poker ambassador for the firm and regularly mentors prospective gamers while giving tips to existing ones on how to better leverage their skills.

Founders Speak: Rising Gaming Networks Reveal Their Vision Behind MyPoker52

3. Tell us a little about the mission, vision, and goal of the company.

RGNET’s mission is to be a global affordable channel of real money gaming which works on community building, increasing happiness thereby making the world a better place.

4. What sets MyPoker52 apart from other poker platforms?

MyPoker52 focuses on customer satisfaction and enlarging the experience wherein it provides the best experience for the user’s time. We have a world-class product with an internationally certified real number generator and user-friendly options like preferred seats, auto tiling of tables and making opponent specific notes for professional players. In order to encourage community gaming, we regularly celebrate our winners and also feature them.

5. What are the challenges you have faced while leading your respective teams?

Our team at MyPoker52 loves challenges be it in the board room or in the operations as we believe in creating an exceptional product. We have overcome the challenge of rolling out an exceptional app and game, without investing as much as our competitors. We cultivated a loyal user base without handing out unviable promos etc.

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6. Given that live events are making a comeback, can we expect MyPoker52 to host a live event in the near future?

Yes, definitely! MyPoker52 believes in community building and live events are an integral part of our community-building framework. We shall be rolling out events based on geographies and domiciles to increase interaction and instil a feeling of community in the gaming world.

7. What is MyPoker52 doing to improve player experience on the platform?

We are constantly upgrading our systems to detect any malpractices or manipulations such as the creation of multiple accounts, chip dumping, player collusion etc. We assure all our users, a fair and enjoyable environment, which is bug-free, reliable, and customised to changing user requirements.

8. Does the company have plans to venture into other RMG verticals like fantasy sports and rummy?

Yes, we are constantly looking for technology partners who have reliable and attractive games which we can roll out to our user base with real money.

9. Where do you see Rising Gaming Networks in the next five years?

Global, with a strong foothold in SAARC and a loyal user base that swears by our products.

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