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Rahul Mittal wins Hi-Fi on SVS Day 4 on Spartan Poker
Team Gutshot
Posted on 24 Nov, 2019
By Team Gutshot
On 24 Nov, 2019
By Team Gutshot
On 24 Nov, 2019

Rahul Mittal wins Hi-Fi on SVS Day 4 on Spartan

The Spartan Value Series (SVS) currently underway on Spartan Poker, country’s one of leading online platforms. The 5-day long tournament hosts five tournaments daily and worthy winners take away the valuable prize money. Let’s take look at yesterday’s SVS Day 4

SVS Event #16 INR 30k GTD

The first tournament of the day saw the smallest buy-in of INR 110 attracting a pretty good field of 289 players. The share from the prize pool was well-received by the top 20 finishers for a min-cash of INR 402. Outlasting the field was ‘ProGambler’ who took home INR 7,200 in prize money. The anonymous winner defeated ‘sleeptimer1’ in heads-up by showing two pairs of Aces and Twos over the latter’s single pair of twos.

SVS Event #17 INR 60k GTD

Quite a known player on Spartan Poker Mandar Madaye playing under ‘MAMA04’ triumphed the second tournament on SVS Day 4. The entire event registered 232 players entering for a buy-in of INR 275. The top 20 players received a paycheck of min-cash INR 804.

In level 28 of the final hand, 4 players enter the tournament. With Madaye carrying the largest stack of 373k chips emerged victoriously, adding INR 11,246 into his poker bankroll.

SVS Event #18 INR 75k GTD

With a buy-in of INR 358 a total number of 185 hopefuls entered and the top 17 finishers were in the money receiving a min-cash of INR 1,177. Claiming the day was Shivam Shukla aka ‘blacklollipop’ who grabbed INR 13,365 to strengthen his bankroll. The runner-up Rishi Gupta aka ‘BollywoodNight’ walked out with INR 11,876. The final hand of the tournament saw 4-way deal and Shukla with the largest stack of 238k shipped the third tournament.

SVS Event #19 INR 1.75 Lakhs GTD

217 players took to the seats with a buy-in of INR 770. As usual, the top 17 players received a min-cash INR 2,747, a portion from the prize pool. Outlasting the field was ‘parzival74’ defeating ‘PokerStar090’ in heads-up.

The final hand of the tournament was real quick! The anonymous player ‘parzival74’ with 4d 2h enters with 1 million chips up against ‘PokerStar090’ holding Qd 8h with 30k chips putting his entire stack on the table in pre-flop itself. The board ran Kc Jc 3s 3c 2s, and that’s when ‘parzival74’ shows his two pairs of Threes and Twos over the opponent’s single pair attaching another title to his poker career.

SVS Event #20 Hi-Fi INR 4.5 Lakhs GTD

The last event title was grabbed by Rahul Mittal aka ‘Rmitis’ who powered through a field of 284 entries. The buy-in for the tournament was INR 1,650 which created a prize pool and the share of which was well-received by the top 24 places. Mittal beat ‘GauravGoru’ in heads-up and shipped the entire tournament.

The final hand reached in level 37, both players placing their respective blinds. Mittal (8h Jh) enters with 1.4 million chips up against ‘GauravGoru’ (As Qs) with 679k chips. The former finds two pairs on flop 8d Jd As and bets 32k while the latter raises 64k. The turn and river Tc and 6d respectively saw ‘GauravGoru’ putting his entire chips on the table. Both players show their cards and Mittal triumphs the day finding two pairs of Jacks and Eights over his opponent’s pair of Aces.

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