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Preparing for Your First WSOP Main Event Poker
Team Gutshot
Posted on 10 Aug, 2018
By Team Gutshot
On 10 Aug, 2018
By Team Gutshot
On 10 Aug, 2018

Preparing for Your First WSOP Main Event

Preparing for Your First WSOP Main Event? Here’s how you do it 

In recent months, Card-player Lifestyle’s “Ask the Experts” arrangement had contacted upon the themes of online poker security and also gaming industry advancements. In this portion, we will focus on the session of poker itself.  

As all of you know, the World Series of Poker takes place once a year in Las Vegas. As each summer, the consecrated lobbies of Rio once again become the dominant focal point with the Main Event set to start within seven days. Every year, a considerable number of hopefuls make good $10,000 for their shot at turning into the next Main Event champion. The experts are out in full power for this one “supreme must-play” occasion on the yearly logbook; however, every year likewise brings out a lot of newcomers, making a go in the Main Event for the plain first time. In that capacity, which preferable to swing to over a board of past WSOP Main Event champions to answer the current month’s inquiry? 

Scott Blumstein  

1. Have a patient attitude: Of my three bits of guidance for somebody playing the Main Event out of the blue, first of all, I would state that tolerance is the way to everything. You have a LOT of time to play poker, and there’s no compelling reason to surge or be rushed with any choices. You know the well-known adage that you can’t win the competition on Day One? You CAN lose it, however.  

2. Have a ton of fun!: The second piece of guidance I would provide for somebody playing the Main Event out of the blue is plain and basic: have a great time and appreciate the ride! For me, playing the Main Event out of the blue, it felt so extraordinary to finally get the opportunity to accomplish something I’ve always wanted to do. I was resolved to appreciate the ride. Poker is a fun game, and it’s imperative to remain free. Try not to be tense and enjoy the experience. 

Jamie Gold  

1. Get ready legitimately: Concentrate the diversion, converse with anybody you know who has been there and made inquiries. Rationally and physically plan for the long 12-to 14-hour days and comprehend the flow of eating routine and access/inaccessibility to sustenance that fits your requirements and different things you should support your vitality and ideal perspective. For instance, avoid unsafe water in plastic containers that individuals ordinarily confuse for hydration. The absence of hydration brings down your psychological limit truly.  

2. Try not to be scared by different players: Very frequently, learners give such a significant amount of regard to players they see on TV that it influences their game and necessary leadership process. Indeed, they may (or may not) have more ability or aptitude than you, but rather inside that thought is once in a while accommodating on this first excursion to enable it to influence you. Poker is a session of choices in light of restricted data. Do whatever you can to pick up data and reduce the measure of data you give away and control you provide for others.  

Joe Hachem  

1. Ensure you’re well rested: When you come to Vegas, don’t go out celebrating before you play. Get loads of rest and heaps of rest. You will play for 12 hours every day, and you’ll have to focus the whole time. Play to begin with, at that point go out and party if you’d like.  

2. Try not to get overpowered by the competition: Stress over your table and your table only. You can’t control anything that is going ahead around you, so merely stress over the players at your table, not who has got all the chips in whatever is left of the field. 

Chris Moneymaker 

1. Try not to get overpowered by Vegas: Talking as somebody who has been turning out around here for a long time, we would state the most significant thing to remember if this is your first Main Event is not to get excessively overwhelmed. Poker in Vegas in the late spring is extreme. Something is going on always. In case you’re not playing poker, at that point, something is going ahead in Vegas by and large. You should be restrained and remain out of the clubs, stay off the tables, and take a few breaks. That is all paving the way for the competition. 

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2. Get huge amounts of sleep: It’s adage to state that the Main Event is a marathon, not a dash, but instead, it genuinely is. Staying there for that numerous days, attempting to remain on you’re A-Game removes a LOT from you. When you finish for the day, return to where you’re staying, arrange some supper, and go to bed as right on time as you would so be able to that you’re fresh and prepared for the following day. 


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