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PokerSaint’s The Vulture Hunt Round-Up Poker
Donna Amo
Posted on 08 Mar, 2021
By Donna Amo
On 08 Mar, 2021
By Donna Amo
On 08 Mar, 2021

PokerSaint’s The Vulture Hunt Round-Up

When it comes to leaderboards and amazing prizes, PokerSaint is the way to go. Every month the brand hosts some of the best promotions for its users. Players who come to this poker platform can enjoy a range of tournaments. PokerSaint’s ‘The Vulture Hunt’ was held between 22 February to 7 March and it proved to be another successful series by the brand.

The two-week VIP program had players on the edge of their seats as they tried to get the lucrative top prize. Players could choose any stakes starting from 0.5/1 to 200/400 and above. The cash series was a success with many players coming out on top of their game. Each stake had its respective leaderboards in the following categories:

Bronze: (0.5/1 & 1/2)

Silver: (2/4 & 3/6)

Gold: (5/10 & 10/20)

Platinum: (25/50 & 50/100)

Diamond: (100/200)

Plasma: (200/400 & Above)

After a successful run, PokerSaint’s The Vulture Hunt came to an amazing end with many players clinching the top spots in each of its leaderboards.

Here are the details of the top winners:

Bronze Leaderboard:

The Bronze leaderboard witnessed players ‘Jubakesari’ and ‘tiger28’ come in first and second place with 21 and 12 VIP points, respectively.

PokerSaint’s The Vulture Hunt Round-Up

Silver Leaderboard:

Leading the lot on the Silver leaderboard is player ‘Vipin2534’ with 145 VIP points. Following close behind was player ‘CRAZY4U’ who took the runner-up position with 132 VIP points.

PokerSaint’s The Vulture Hunt Round-Up

Gold Leaderboard:

Player ‘Brainwash’ does it again with a top spot on the Gold leaderboard with 193 VIP points. It was player ‘AAallin’ who came in second with 146 VIP points.

PokerSaint’s The Vulture Hunt Round-Up

Platinum Leaderboard:

The top spot in the Platinum leaderboard with stakes of 25/50 and 50/100 was player ‘Brainwash’ who scored a total of 197 VIP points. The player was followed by ‘TEAmfromHELL’ in second place with 193 VIP points.

PokerSaint’s The Vulture Hunt Round-Up

Diamond Leaderboard:

Taking the lead in the Diamond leaderboard is player ‘TEAmfromHELL’ with a good 148 VIP points and the next is ‘Kaalifish’ with 121 VIP points.

PokerSaint’s The Vulture Hunt Round-Up

Plasma Leaderboard:

Coming on top of the Plasma leaderboard is the player ‘reloaded’ with 28 VIP points. While the runner-up position went to ‘Molo_Sumuk’ with 22 VIP points.

PokerSaint’s The Vulture Hunt Round-Up

That’s the full round-up of PokerSaint The Vulture Hunt. If you want to be a part of more cash series like these, register on PokerSaint through Gutshot Magazine. You will also have access to more exclusive deals and offers.

Keep reading GutshotMagazine.com, for more updates. Follow us on FacebookInstagram, and Telegram.

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