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India Poker Championship - Megastacks

IPC Megastacks May 2022 - 60K Main Event Live Updates

Siddhanth Kripalani is New IPC Main Event Champ!

 Siddhanth KripalaniWhat a battle it was! 

Mumbai’s Siddhanth Kripalani was always known as an online crusher but now he’s got India’s biggest live poker title under his belt as well. It obviously wasn’t going to be an easy ride to beat a tough field of 334 entries but he managed to do so and keep his chip lead all the way through the final table. Up against Indian poker legend Aditya Sushant in heads-up, he kept up the intensity even after the deal was discussed and went on to win the title as well. 

Chip leader Kripalani called the 120,000 blinds preflop, and India’s first WSOP bracelet winner and IPC 2010 Main Event winner Aditya Sushant checked from the big blind. The flop opened to 9 Q 3 , and Sushant checked even though he hit a 3-pair with J 3 in hand. Kripalani, who had K J in hand, bet 140,000, and it was called by Sushant. On the turn of T , Sushant checked again, and Kripalani bet 600,000, which was raised to 1300,000 by Sushant. Kripalani called and the river showed a A . Sushant shoved all-in seeing the river, and the large-stacked Kripalani excitedly called having hit a straight on the river. Ultimately, it was Kripalani, who rivered a T-A straight, and both players stepped ahead for a hug. The latest IPC ME winner cashed a brilliant ₹39,72,700 as the top prize. 

  • Kripalani: K J
  • Sushant: J 3
  • Board: 9 Q 3 T A

Stay tuned to Gutshot Magazine for coverage of more exciting tournament series’ in the future. Till then ‘Adios, folks!’

Aditya Sushant Puts Up A Tough Fight; Finishes Second

Aditya SushantSiddhanth Kripalani is the IPC Megastacks May 2022 Main Event winner. After an interesting FT and an even more interesting heads-up, the final hand had to be the most exciting one and man, it was just that – The Perfect Climax! India’s first WSOP bracelet winner and India Poker Champion 2010, Aditya Sushant finished at the runner-up spot for ₹33,50,000. 

Sushant and Siddhanth Kripalani got into a deal before the heads-up, according to which, Sushant, who had the shorter stack would take home ₹33,50,000 and Kripalani would take ₹39,72,700 as he held the larger stack. However, the two players continued to play for the title and the coveted IPC trophy.  

We asked Aditya Sushant about the reason why he took the ₹33,50,000 deal, to which he replied, “To be honest even I am wondering. I’m also not very sure and I myself need to figure it out the next time. Also, Ender (Kripalani) is a friend, so that factor also came into play when we were discussing.” Talking about the difference the additional ₹3 Lakh would make to him, he says, “Yes, the ₹3,00,000 will not make a significant difference, however, as mentioned maybe if there was some other player I’d have gone for the full ₹13,00,000 difference between position 1 and 2.” Now that’s what we call #FriendshipGoals, isn’t it?

IPC ME Finalists Agree On Deal; To Play For Title

Siddhanth Kripalani and Aditya Sushant opted for a deal on the India Poker Championship Main Event final table. Kripalani will take home a massive ₹39,72,700 while the bracelet winner Sushant will pocket ₹33,50,000 in prize money. The two have now decided to play for the coveted IPC trophy and the esteemed ME winner title. 

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Anand Out At Second Runner Up

We have another casualty on the final table. Anand Thakur bet the minimum 100,000 and was raised to 1,050,000 by Aditya Sushant, Thakur shoved all-in, and flipped A 8 , while Sushant revealed A J . The board fanned out 2 2 5 4 6 . Sushant successfully busted Thakur with a higher J-kicker. Thakur enjoyed a good run at the FT before finally leaving the table at the third spot for ₹19,40,300. 

  • Sushant: A J
  • Thakur: A 8
  • Board: 2 2 5 4 6

IPC Main Event Heads Up Chip Counts

Siddhanth Kripalani and World Series Of Poker bracelet winner Aditya Sushant made it to the final table. The IPC Main Event Final Table chip counts are here:

Player Chips
Siddhanth Kripalani 10,345,000
Aditya Sushant 3,365,000


J Raju Is The Next Casualty At The Fourth Spot

Raju JThe most entertaining player on the FT has busted. Chip leader Siddhanth Kripalani bet 200,000 chips preflop, and J Raju shoved all-in with his 1,075,000 chips. Kripalani called by shoving his monster stack. Kripalani showed Q A and Raju showed K 8 . 6 9 2 3 5 opened on the board and Kripalani bagged the pot with his Ace-high hand, while Raju busted with a K-high. The cheerful player took home ₹12,43,500 at the fourth spot.

The player left the table disappointed as he stepped away uttering the words, “Sh*t! Sh*t! Sh*t! Sh*t!” No worries Raju, hope to see you at the 20L Freeroll!

  • Raju: K 8
  • Kripalani: Q A  
  • Board: 6 9 2 3 5

IPC Main Event Final Table: Chip Counts At Level 26

Post Level 26, we bid adieu to Siddarth Singhvi. He became the shortest stack within an hour into the game. While Singhvi busted on the fifth spot, the others have been going quite strong. Take a look at the chips of the ones in action:

Player Chips
Siddhanth Kripalani 7,300,000
J Raju 2,485,000
Anand Thakur 1,955,000
Aditya Sushant 1,560,000


Siddarth Succumbs At The 5th Place

Siddarth SinghviAnand Thakur limped and bet 80,000 preflop, and Siddarth Singhvi, who sat with the shortest stack, shoved his 345,000 all-in. Thakur called the bet and showed K J , while Singhvi showed A K . The board showed J 5 3 T 2 , and Singhvi left with an Ace-high, against Thakur’s J-pair hand. Singhvi pocketed a handsome ₹9,58,900 for his fifth place finish.

  • Singhvi: A K
  • Thakur: K J
  • Board: J 5 3 T 2

It’s A Double Up For Anand!

Anand ThakurAnand Thakur managed to steal some chips from the chip leader, and double up in the process. Siddhanth Kripalani shoved his huge stack from the button, and he was called by Thakur, who had to shove his entire stack in, in order to call. Kripalani revealed Q 7 , and Thakur showed pocket kings. The rainbow board showed T 4 T 2 J allowing Thakur to double up with his two pairs (KK, 44). It was a much-needed double up for Thakur who sat with one of the smallest stacks. Kripalani still sits with a monster stack that looks like a mini fortress, Kripalani has managed to build.

After the hand was over, the most entertaining player on the table, J Raju, was seen joking with Kripalani as to how shoved all-in with Q7, and that he too, would play the hand if he knew. He also joked about how Kripalani should give one double up to all the remaining three players on the table.

  • Kripalani: Q 7
  • Thakur: K K
  • Board: 4 T 2 J

Pros Railing For Main Event Final Table

Although the Casino is fairly empty, and we miss the usual buzz, the much awaited India Poker Championship Megastacks May 2022 final table is going on. Adda52 game ambassador Kunal Patni, Saransh Garg, Kumar Vatsal among others are all railing for the final tablists. 

Meanwhile, when we caught up with Garg to know about his plans for the day, he added that he is looking forward to grind in the 20 Lakh Freeroll.  

Niharika Says Goodbye To The ME Title

Niharika Bindra Immediately after Sumit Sapra busted, Niharika Bindra was next to follow. Bindra started with a chip stack of 595,000 on the FT. With blinds 25,000/50,000 Bindra jammed 370,000 into the pot with A 3 . World Series of Poker bracelet winner Aditya Sushant called the shove from the big blind. The action opened on the board with 5 K K J 3 appearing. Sushant, with his king, flopped trips and Bindra with only a 3-pair was eliminated from the FT. 

She finished in 6th place with a payout of ₹7,93,600 added to her kitty. We’re sad to see her leave the game so early and wish her all the best! 

  • Sushant: K T
  • Bindra: A 3
  • Board: 5 K K J 3

Cowboys End Sapra’s Dream

 Chip leader Siddhanth Kripalani seems to be on a run to dominate the table. He bet 110,000 chips preflop and this was called all-in by Sumit Sapra. Kripalani called and Sapra flipped cowboys, while Kripalani showed A Q . The board flipped 6 A J 6 5 , and Kripalani got an Ace-pair to claim a FT life. Sapra walked away at the seventh spot taking home ₹6,66,300 in prize money. Being let down by Kings on the FT is something that must have left Sapra pretty disappointed. Nonetheless, good game, Sapra!

  • Kripalani: A Q
  • Sapra: K K
  • Board: 6 A J 6 5

IPC Megastacks ME FT: Sumit Sapra And Niharika Bindra Busted

Within minutes of Rajasekhar Puttamsetty getting busted, Niharika Bindra and Sumit Sapra also got busted. Sapra was busted by Siddhanth Kripalani who is bossing around with a massive stack while Bindra was busted by WSOP bracelet winner Aditya Sushant. 

When the game started, Sapra had the fourth largest stack. On the other hand, Bindra had the third smallest stack but managed to pocket ₹7,93,600 in prize money. 

J Raju who was the shortest stack last night has managed to come in the top five spots. 

Ace Knocks Puttamsetty Out In 8th Place

Rajasekhar PuttamsettyThe final table has already seen its first bust out of the day in Rajasekhar Puttamsetty who busted in 8th spot for ₹5,47,100.

When the FT began, Puttamsetty had the second last chip lead with only 190,000. At Level 25, Anand Thakur bet 150,000 with A 2 , Puttamsetty shoved his short stack with 6 2 and the community cards ran out 8 K 3 5 5 . This gave both players a pair on the board. As Thakur had an Ace, he won the pot and showed the door to Puttamsetty. Could Puttamsetty have chosen a better spot to shove?

  • Thakur: A 2
  • Puttamsetty: 6 2
  • Board: 8 K 3 5 5

Main Event FT Begins!

The glamourous final table (FT) of India Poker Championship (IPC) Megastacks May 2022 has begun and we are ready to witness the final table right before our eyes. And we are also set to bring all the action to your fingertips. The FT has the top eight players who made their way to the table from Day 1A, Day 1B flights and ultimately, Day 2 of the ME. The eight players will now battle it out for the most coveted IPC Megastacks Main Event title, a top prize of ₹43,05,300, and the IPC trophy. 

All eight players on the FT come with fair experience in big-ticket events. Here are the players seated at the FT with their chip stacks:

1. Siddhanth Kripalani – 6,050,000 chips

The FT chip leader Kriplani has a MASSIVE lead. He approximately holds the same amount of chips (60.05 L) as the rest of the players combined (60.98L). He has several online titles and victories to his credit including the Game Changer on PokerBaazi which he won for 40+ Lakh in July 2020. Will he be able to crush it and win a live IPC title? 

2. Aditya Sushant – 1,895,000 chips

Aditya Sushant, India’s first WSOP bracelet winner, needs no introduction whatsoever. He’s got several live and online titles in India and overseas and if he goes on to win this IPC Megastacks ME, he will then become only the third player to win two IPC Main Events, the others being Kanishka Samant and Sameer Rattonsey, who also have two IPC MEs under their belt.

3. Anand Thakur – 1,365,000 chips

Anand Thakur has been seen in form at the ongoing IPC Megatacks. After grinding at almost all events of the series, will Thakur be able to nail this one?

4. Sumit Sapra – 1,025,000 chips

Another poker veteran who has been around for over a decade, he’s someone who has plenty of experience in live events across Asia and the rest of the world. His titles include a PokerGuru Tour victory in 2012 and also a World Poker Tour (WPT) Cambodia victory in 2017. 

5. Siddarth Singhvi – 910,000 chips

Siddarth Singhvi has a PokerStars Festival Manila Bubble Rush title to his name. Like Sapra, Singhvi, too has several years of experience playing live poker, on the domestic as well as the international circuit. He has several cashes at events like WPT, DPT, and APT to name a few. Notably, he had finished 52nd at the last IPC, India Poker Championship (IPC) Jan 2020 Main Event. Not to forget, he has been grinding fairly well on the online felts recently. 

6. Niharika Bindra – 595,000 chips

Niharika Bindra, one of India’s top female players, is a veteran of the scene. As a player who has primarily been playing high stakes cash games, it’s good to see her make a tournament FT like the IPC ME. If she wins, it will be the first time a female player will win an IPC ME.  

7. Rajasekhar Puttamsetty – 190,000 chips

Puttamsetty was seen pretty deep in the last few events of the IPC Megastacks May 2022. When we spoke to him, he seemed very confident and surely knows his game. Apart from this, he was also seen at the DPT 65k High Roller final table in April 2022. Will his form help him nail the ME?

8. J Raju – 118,000 chips

J Raju has earlier made it to the FT at Baazi Poker Tour (BPT) in 2020. At the ongoing IPC Megastacks series too, he has been enjoying a good run. 

IPC Megastacks May 2022 Main Event Final Table Is Delayed

The final table of the India Poker Championship (IPC) Megastacks May 2022 Main Event will start in sometime. Although the reason for the delay is unknown, the FT is set and players are around, Tournament Director Dexter Mercado said that it will take sometime for the event to start. Players on the FT had requested for the FT to start a little late. 

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Dhaval Mudgal Ends IPC Megastacks on a High

We caught up with poker pro and MPL Poker ambassador Dhaval Mudgal after his run in the IPC 60k Main Event (33rd place) came to an end. We spoke to him about his experience in Nepal, his future plans in live poker as well as his run in this series. Take a look:

Main Event Day 2 Concludes

IPC Megastacks ME FTDay 2 of the coveted Main Event of the India Poker Championship (IPC) Megastacks May 2022 has finally come to an end after more than 11-hours of gameplay. 98 survivors resumed on Day 2, with Sukhjit Singh leading the pack. The final table has been set, and the top eight places will now battle it out tomorrow on the final table for the ultimate IPC Megastacks Main Event title, ₹43,05,300 top prize and the IPC trophy. 

Out of the 98 players that played Day 2, the top 42 players made it in the money. The min-cash stood at ₹1,03,000. Several top players like Harshad Barve, Kunal Patni, Kanchan Sharma, Mithun Mahesh, and others were grinding at this event; however, they couldn’t make it to the final table. IPC Megastacks May 2022 Kick-Off winner Mahesh Shyamsundar, was the unfortunate player who bubbled at the 43rd place. On the other hand, Awakash Rai bubbled the FT at the ninth spot. 

IPC Megastacks 2022 Main Event FT Chip Stacks

Siddhanth Kripalani - Chip Lead IPC 2022 METhe final table of India Poker Championship 2022 Megastacks is set. Some of the big names from the Indian poker industry have made it to the FT. Siddhanth Kripalani seems to have taken the chip lead position way too seriously. He was leading several in the IPC Kick-Off as well. The next player after Kripalani is World Series Of Poker (WSOP) bracelet winner Aditya Sushant.

Here’s a list of the top eight along with their chip stacks:

Player Chips
Siddhanth Kripalani 6,050,000
Aditya Sushant 1,895,000
Anand Thakur 1,365,000
Sumit Sapra 1,025,000
Siddarth Singhvi 910,000
Niharika Bindra 595,000
Rajasekhar Puttamsetty 190,000
J Raju 118,000

Awakash Rai Bubbles The FT

The final table of the 60K Main Event has been set with the elimination of Awakash Rai in the ninth place. Siddhanth Kripalani bet 1,00,000 preflop and was called by another player. Rai raised to 300,000 from the button and Kripalani shoved all-in. Rai also called by shoving his stack all-in. Kripalani showed Q Q , while Rai revealed J A . The board of K 3 T 2 9 , saving Kripalani with a Q-pair. Rai took home ₹4,30,500 at the ninth spot.

  • Kripalani: Q Q
  • Rai: J A
  • Board: K 3 T 2 9

Hooks Take Out Munot’s Cowboys

Ashish MunotAs we approach the final table bubble, it was Ashish Munot that busted close to it in 10th place. Preflop saw Siddhanth Kripalani bet 100,000 with J J . Munot raised 330,000 with K K and Kripalani shoved. The board had 9 6 6 J 2 and while Munot was leading till the flop, the turn did him dirty by blessing Kripalani with trips. Kripalani knocked out the heartbroken Munot from the Main Event race and he went home with a paycheck of ₹3,62,700. 

  • Kripalani: J J
  • Munot: K K
  • Board: 9 6 6 J 2

Samay Singh Modi Gets Free Entry to Mystery Bounty From Gutshot

Gutshot Magazine ran a contest at the Casino Vegas in Nepal where three lucky winners could win free entries into the IPC 15k Mystery Bounty tournament. Earlier in the day, we caught up with one of the winners Samay Singh Modi who spoke about his experience in Nepal so far. Unfortunately, the patched up Gutshot player couldn’t run too deep in this mystery bounty event. See here:  

Siddhanth Takes Another Tournament Life

Gera Abraham shoved all-in with his 330,000 chips and was called by Siddhanth Kripalani. The board showed Q T 7 4 9 . Abraham showed J 5 , and Kripalani showed A Q . Kripalani busted out another player at the event. Abraham busted at the 11th position for ₹3,62,700.

  • Abraham: J 5
  • Kripalani: A Q
  • Board: Q T 7 4 9

Aditya Knocks Out Kumar

Aditya SushantAt Level 23 with blinds 15,000/30,000, ante 30,000, Abhijeet Kumar and Aditya Sushant locked horns. Preflop action saw Sushant opening with 425,000 and Kumar shoved 430,000 chips. The board ran out 2 A 8 5 8 . These community cards gave two pairs and Kumar’s Cowboys got the boot. The online reg busted at the 14th spot for ₹308,600. 

  • Kumar: K K
  • Sushant: A K
  • Board: 2 A 8 5 8

Harshit Leaves ME In 12th

The high-octane action at the 60K Main Event continues and we have our 12th bust out in Harshit Jalan. At Level 23, Jalan bet 65,000 with Q T and is raised to 210,000 by Siddhanth Kripalani who has pocket jacks. The raise is called by Jalan and the flop opened to 4 Q 9 and Jalan who flopped a queen-pair went all-in for 635,000. Kripalani had a flush draw and called Jalan’s all-in. The turn completed Kripalani’s flush and the river did not help Jalan. With this, Kripalani takes out Jalan who busted in 12th place for ₹3,62,700.

  • Kripalani: J J
  • Jalan: Q T
  • Board: 4 Q 9 2 6

Cowboys Eliminate Rishab

We have gotten to that point at this tournament where every AX is now getting shoved. Rishab Sharma shoved all-in with 248,000 chips, and Anand Thakur also called all-in. Sharma showed A 6 , and Thakur revealed K K . The board opened to 9 J 2 T 2 . Thakur won the hand with two pairs (KK, 22) and Sharma left the tournament at the 15th place for ₹3,08,600. 

  • Sharma: A 6
  • Thakur: K K
  • Board: 9 J 2 T 2

Pack Up For Sukhjit

Sukhjit SinghAt Level 22 with blinds 12,000/24,000, ante 24,000, Rajashekhar Puttamsetty and Sukhjit Singh locked horns. Preflop action saw Singh (7 6 ) going all-in with 139,000 and Puttamsetty jammed with 289,000. This may have taken Singh by surprise for a moment but now he had to play along. The community cards fell K 7 K J T . This gave Puttamsetty three of a kind with his king, and he was now a happy man. But for Singh (after leading Day 1B), it was time to exit at the 16th place with a pay cheque of ₹2,56,500.


  • Singh: 7 6
  • Puttamsetty: A K
  • Board: K 7 K J T


Kanishka Leaves At The 17th Spot

Kanishka SamantKanishka Samant shoved all-in preflop with Q T and Abhijeet Kumar also made an all-in call with A K . The board fanned Tx 5x Qx Kx Kx giving Kumar a three-of-a-kind against Samant’s two pairs (QQ, TT). Samant left the table at the 17th place for ₹2,56,500.

  • Samant: Q T
  • Kumar: A K
  • Board: Tx 5x Qx Kx Kx

Kanchan Out From Main Event In 18th

Kanchan SharmaPlayers are busting out like flies and sadly the next one to go is Kanchan Sharma. With J 4 as hole cards, Sharma shoved preflop for 70,000 which was called by Ashish Munot who had A 2 at his disposal. The board brought with it 8 7 7 2 K and gave Munot two pairs (77, 22). Unfortunately for Sharma, both her hole cards did not do anything for her and she walked out of the event in 18th place for ₹2,56,500.

Munot has been on a roll busting players back-to-back. Will he make it to the FT?

  • Munot: A 2
  • Sharma: J 4
  • Board: 8 7 7 2 K

Zarvan Heads Out

Zarvan TumboliAfter losing a big pot, Kanchan Sharma bet her remaining 10,000 chips all-in. Siddhanth Kripalani raised 50,000 and was followed by an all-in call of 340,000 by Zarvan Tumboli. Kripalani called and the board showed 4 Q 2 Q 5 . Sharma showed K 4 to triple up, against Tumboli’s K J and Kripalani’s A T . Tumboli busted at the 21st spot for ₹1,72,300. 

  • Sharma: K 4  
  • Tumboli: K J
  • Kripalani: A T
  • Board: 4 Q 2 Q 5

Also, Makrim M busted at the 22nd spot for a payday of ₹2,11,400.

Queens Upset With Kanchan?

Kanchan SharmaJ Raju bet 40,000 with pocket Aces, this was followed by an all-in call from female pro Kanchan Sharma. Raju called the bet and the board opened to K 2 7 5 T , and Sharma showed pocket queens, which did no good on the board. Raju won the big pot with his ace pair leaving Sharma with only 10,000 chips to play with. 

  • Sharma: Q Q
  • Raju: A A
  • Board: K 2 7 5 T

Sapra Swallows Two

Sumit SapraAt Level 21 with blinds at 10,000/20,000, ante 20,000, all three players shoved all-in. The terrific trio comprises Sumit Sapra, Minissha Lamba and Deepak Bothra. Sapra’s pocket queens proved to be a calamity for the other two when the board revealed 7 J 4 6 4 . Lamba’s bigger stack kicked Bothra out at the 20th spot for ₹2,11,400 and Sapra queens cracked the Bollywood diva’s Big Slick and she exited at the 19th spot for ₹2,11,400.

  • Sapra: Q Q
  • Lamba: A K
  • Bothra: A Q
  • Board: 7 J 4 6 4

IPC 60K Main Event Chip Counts At Break

It is break time, which means we will give you chip count updates. Siddhanth Kripalani is on an all time high with a stack of  1,800,000. Here’s a list of the top 8 chip stacks of the IPC ME Day 2:

Players Chips
Siddhanth Kripalani 1,800,000
Harshit Jalan 1,200,000
Niharika Bindra 900,000
Gera Abraham 600,000
Anand Thakur 680,000
Aditya Sushant 830,000
Sumit Sapra 1,010,000
Minissha Lamba 630,000


Bad Call By Garg Sends Him Home

Saransh GargWe’re barely catching up with the fast-paced action at Day 2 of the 60K Main Event, but no worries cause we are keeping up and even have the next bust out for you.

Out in 23rd place is Saransh Garg, who has been at the top of his game during the course of IPC Megastacks May 2022. But it looks like the long grind may have affected Garg’s performance a bit as he went preflop all-in with a stack 343,000 (21BBs) with only pocket fours from the button. This eventually proved fatal for Garg as Harshit Jalan called the massive shove and the hand went to showdown. When the board opened up and the cards flipped, it was revealed that Jalan had Pocket Rockets which earned him better two pairs (AA, QQ) and collected the huge pot. Garg must have surely regretted this decision as he walked away with ₹1,72,300 in 23rd place. 

  • Jalan: A A
  • Garg: 4 4
  • Board: Q 2 Q 3 J

Also, Shashank Jain was eliminated on the 24th position for a hefty sum of ₹1,72,300. 

Allwyn Walks Away At The 25th Place

Allwyn Saldahna (K T ) shoved all-in with his 134,000 stack preflop, only to be called by Ashish Munot (A J ) at the button. The board showed Q 7 7 3 Q , and Munot won with a higher kicker. It seems like the aces are favoring Munot, as this is the second instance where he busted someone with an ace kicker. Saldanha busted at the 25th spot for ₹1,49,300.

  • Munot: A J
  • Saldahna: K T
  • Board: Q 7 7 3 Q

Vishal Shown The Door

Vishal OhjaBust-outs continue to happen on the Day 2 of the IPC Megastacks May 2022 Main Event tables. And just after losing Aseem Jain on the 27th position, Vishal Ojha has exited the ME race on the 26th spot. Preflop action saw Zarvan Tumboli happily calling off Ojha’s all-in jam of 138,000 chips with his K K . Ojha shoved with his Qd Jd. With no help on the board for Ojha, the online reg was eliminated for a hefty payout of ₹1,49,300.

Tumboli: K K

Ojha: Q J

Board: 4 6 T 6 T


Munot’s King Knocks Out Jain

Aseem JainAnd another one bites the dust. Aseem Jain exits the tournament in 27th place for ₹1,49,300 after he was knocked out by Ashish Munot

Preflop, Munot holding K 5 bet 32,000 and was called by two other players. The flop opened to Q 4 3 and Jain with 9 6 shoved his 122,000 stack as he had a flush draw. Munot called as he flopped a flush draw as well and the rest of the board opened 3 on the turn and 4 on the river. With two pairs on the board (44, 33), the pot was won by Munot with his K kicker and Jain leaves the tournament.

  • Munot: K 5
  • Jain: 9 6  
  • Board: Q 4 3 3 4

Raghav’s King Falls For Ace, Out At 28th

Raghav BansalRaghav Bansal shoved all-in preflop from the button with K J in hand. He was called by Sumit Sapra from the small blind, with A J . The board ran 5 9 9 8 9 , and both players hit a three-of-a-kind on the board, however, Sapra’s higher kicker came into play, and sent away Bansal at the 28th spot for a payday of ₹1,26,300.

  • Sapra: A J
  • Bansal: K J
  • Board: 5 9 9 8 9

Bindra Kicks Karan To The Curb

Vishnu KaranThe 60K Main Event is experiencing bust-outs after bust outs and it’s Vishnu Karan that has been shown the door next.  Table 2 saw another bust when Karan went all-in  preflop with 134,000 which is only 11BBs, holding A Q . Niharika Bindra has been on a roll and was quick to call Karan’s all-in with pocket sixes. The community cards fell and revealed 5 7 4 T 8 on the board. Despite having a premium hand, Karan busted from the tournament as Bindra defeated him by hitting a straight on the river. Karan left the tournament in 29th place and had a pay day of ₹1,26,300.

  • Bindra: 6 6
  • Karan: A Q
  • Board: 5 7 4 T 8  

Vatsal Goes Out In 31st Place

Vatsal KumarWith Day 2 of the Main Event now on Level 19, things are starting to heat up as players are playing in the money. Table 2 saw another bust out in Kumar Vatsal after his Cowboys were no match for Ashish Munot‘s Snowmen. Both the players went all-in preflop and a pot of approx 250,000 was formed. When the board opened, Munot flopped trips with his eights and while Vatsal was in the lead preflop, he bowed out of the competition in 31st place for ₹1,26,300. Looks like there won’t be another FT finish for Vatsal, who finished in 6th at the 25K Kick-Off event. 

  • Munot: 8 8
  • Vatsal: K K
  • Board: 6 J 8 A 2

Archit Heads Out

Archit KhandelwalAs action gets intense and moves deeper into the Main Event, we are seeing a lot of push folds in play. On Table 4, at Level 19, Archit Khandelwal jammed his 7 BB stack preflop with his A 6 and Sukhjit Singh took no time in calling him off with his A T . The board ran out 8 8 7 3 K and with no one hitting any pair, Singh took the pot down with his T-high kicker. Khandelwal was eliminated from the Main Event in the 32nd position and took home a handsome payout of ₹1,26,300.

  • Singh: A T
  • Khandelwal: A 6
  • Board: 8 8 7 3 K

Dhaval Out Of The Main Event Race

Dhaval MudgalIn a Dhaval Mudgal vs Zarvan Tumboli battle, the Parsi boy prevailed. At Level 19 with blinds 6,000/12,000, ante 12,000, Mudgal bet 12,000 and his rival called the bet. On the flop (5 Q 4 ), the MPL Poker Pro again bet 12,000 with a middle pair and Tumboli matched again with his top pair. On the turn (7 ), the 2018 WPT Vietnam Main Event winner threw in 40,000 and BPT March 2022 100K High Roller champ called. The river revealed A and this time Mudgal shoved all his chips into the pot trying to represent an ace only to be called again by the Parsi. The player who has music in his genes could not improve his gutshot straight draw and walked out of the tournament at the 33rd spot for ₹1,26,300 and Tumboli shipped the pot with his Q-pair.

  • Mudgal: 5 8
  • Tumboli: Q J
  • Board: 5 Q 4 7 A

Sunil Finds The Exit Door At The 34th Spot

Sunil ChaudharyWhile the ace proved to be unfruitful in the earlier bust out, it saved the day in the next hand. Sunil Chaudhary bet 24,000 preflop and was all-in called by Anand Thakur. Chaudhary also shoved his stack all-in to see the board of 9 9 9 A 3 . Thakur flipped A J , while Chaudhary showed Q Q . Though both players hit a full house, Thakur’s ace saved the day for him as he hit a better full boat (999, AA). Chaudhary walked away with ₹1,26,300 at the 34th spot. 

  • Chaudhary: Q Q
  • Thakur: A J
  • Board: 9 9 9 A 3

Deepankur ‘Krippled’ At 30th Spot

Deepankur Gupta

Siddhanth Kripalani bet 25,000 preflop with A 6 and was called by Deepankur Gupta, who held ducks. The flop opened to A 8 A , and Kripalani bet 24,000 having flopped a three-of-a-kind to be called by Gupta, who now sat with two pairs. Kripalani with the aim to trap checked on the turn of 7 , but Gupta bet 37,000, to be called by Kripalani. The river of 8 bettered Kripalani’s hand as he now had a full house, and he immediately bet 15,000. This was followed by an all-in call by Gupta, and a flat call by Kripalani. At the showdown, Kripalani won with a full house. Gupta made his way out at the 30th spot with ₹1,26,300 to his bankroll.

  • Kripalani: A 6  
  • Gupta: 2 2
  • Board: A 8 A 7 8

Niharika Bindra Has Over 1 Million Chips At Her Disposal

Niharika BindraNiharika Bindra is making heads turn on the casino floor and why would she not? Sitting with a stack of over a million, Bindra is bossing in the 60K Main Event.








Take a look at the chip counts of other players who are leading across tables:

Player Chips
Niharika Bindra 1,050,000
Harshit Jalan 975,000
Sukhjit Singh 715,000
Raghav Bansal 632,000
Deepankur Gupta 630,000
Anand Thakur 565,000
Saransh Garg 526,000
Kanishka Samant 510,000
Awakash Rai 505,000
Zarvan Tumboli 340,000
Deepak Bothra 315,000

Nimit Out At 35th Place

Nimit Patel shoved all-in from the UTG, and was called by the chip leader Niharika Bindra. The board opened to 7 5 2 A 7 . Niharika flipped K 7 , and Patel showed A Q , and the former hit a three-of-a-kind to win the pot and bust Patel with an Ace-pair in the 35th spot for ₹1,26,300.

  • Patel: A Q ,
  • Bindra: K 7
  • Board: 7 5 2 A 7

Deepankur Makes A Sick Call

Deepankur Gupta

When you can tell a bluff played by a well-known grinder, people will call you brilliant. A sick call was made by Deepankur Gupta against Siddhanth Kripalani’s bluff who had K J . Gupta had A K and raised to 68,000 when Kripalani opened with 23,000 preflop and the football lover called. On the flop (2 5 4 ), Gupta threw 43,000 and his rival called. On the turn (6 ), Kripalani bet 56,000 and his opponent matched with a possible flush and straight draw. River opened with 9 and Kripalani shoved all his chips into the pot and Gupta called with 138,000 and with what exactly? Ace-high! And Kripalani? Well, with KJ, it was a well intended (for him) bluff. Gupta sailed through safely with his high card and Kripalani lost a good amount of chips to his rival.  

  • Kripalani: K J
  • Gupta: A K
  • Board: 2 5 4 6 9

Anant Trapped By The Hooks, Takes 36th Spot

Anant PurohitNiharika Bindra bet 22,000 from the UTG +1, and was raised to 65,000 by Anant Purohit from the button preflop. Bindra shoved all-in and Purohit called by going all-in too. Purohit showed the little slick while, Bindra flipped fish hooks. The board showed 8 8 K 6 2 , and Purohit left with just a pair on the board, while Bindra flaunted two pairs (JJ, 88).

  • Purohit: A Q
  • Bindra: J J
  • Board: 8 8 K 6 2

Shreyabha’s Sailboats Housed By Raju

Shreayabha Pandey, who shoved all-in with his sailboats preflop, was called by J Raju. The board opened to 2 6 Q 9 9 , and Raju flopped a set and then a full house on the river, while Pandey was left with two pairs. Raju took down the pot and sent away Pandey at the 37th spot for ₹1,26,300. 

  • Raju: 6 6
  • Pandey: 4 4
  • Board: 2 6 Q 9 9

Abraham Shows Chhikara The Door

Himanshu ChhikkaraHimanshu Chhikara had only 8BB and jammed it into the pot at Level 18 with blinds at 5,000/10,000. Abraham Gera took up the challenge and at preflop pushed his entire stack in the pot as well with K J . The community cards fell and showed T J 6 7 K . Gera was already leading with a Jack-pair on the flop and then hit two pairs on the river (KK, JJ). With this, he took the pot to himself and the chance for a 25K ME title away from Chhikara. 

  • Gera: K J
  • Chhikara: K 8
  • Board: T J 6 7 K

Bad News For Chadha

Arjanveer Singh ChadaAt Level 17 on Table 5 with blinds at 4,000/8,000, Arjanveer Singh Chadha locked horns with Deepak Bothra. Preflop encompassed all the table action and the outcome was not at all suitable for Chadha. The poker veteran shoved all his chips into the pot with A T and Bothra on the other end called. The board ran out 4 J K 8 2 . This gave Bothra three of a kind with his pocket eights and Chadha got the boot. 

Just before Chadha, we bid adieu to Anil Kumar who busted on the 40th spot.

  • Chadha: A T
  • Bothra: 8 8
  • Board: 4 J K 8 2

Awakash Rai Leads At Level 17 Of IPC Main Event

Now that the bubble boy busted, everyone is in the money! Awakash Rai is the chip lead (795,000) at Level 17 of the IPC Main Event, he is followed by Siddhanth Kripalani who has a stack of 790,000. Take a look at some of the chip counts from across the floor:

Player Chips
Awakash Rai 795,000
Siddhanth Kripalani 790,000
Sukhjit Singh 740,000
Niharika Bindra 655,000
Anand Thakur 475,000
Harshit Jalan 450,000
Saransh Garg 410,000
Mithun Mahesh 360,000

IOPC June 2022 Schedule Out Now!

Kanchan’s Hooks Throw Out Sanat

Kanchan SharmaKanchan Sharma bets 16,000 preflop with J J . Sanat Mehrotra who had a Big Slick shoved his 25BBs stack into the pot. Sharma called the bet and the action reached showdown. The flop, turn, and river had 6 9 9 9 5 and what a great call for Sharma! While having pocket jacks usually results in disappointment, the story was quite different for Sharma who scored a full house on the turn. Mehrotra’s Big Slick ultimately proved fatal for him and he busted out. 

Right before Mehrotra, Mithun Mahesh busted on the 42nd spot. Although he busted, he made it in the money and pocketed ₹1,03,000 in prize money.

  • Sharma: J J
  • Mehrotra: A K
  • Board: 6 9 9 9 5  

Not A Sundar Spot For Shyamsundar

Mahesh ShyamsunderIPC Kick-Off winner Mahesh Shyamsundar, bet 16,000 from the small blind preflop, only to be raised to 70,000 by Niharika Bindra. Shyamsundar re-raised 145,000 and Bindra shoved all-in making a three-bet. The first winner of IPC Megastacks May 2022, did not shy away from making a four-bet as he pushed his remaining stack onto the table. Bindra flipped pocket rockets and Shyamsundar flipped cowboys (A strong face-off we’d say). The board opened to A 8 5 6 T further strengthening Bindra’s hand as she flopped the best set. Only a bad beat like this could end Shyamsundar’s run at this event and that’s what happened. Shyamsundar was the unfortunate bubble boy, who had to walk away at the 43rd spot, just before the ITM started at the 42nd place. GG Shyamsundar!

  • Bindra: A A
  • Shyamsundar: K K
  • Board: A 8 5 6 T  

IPC Kick-Off Winner Mahesh Shyamsundar Is The ME Bubble Boy

There was a huge noise on the poker floor when the IPC Main Event Bubble boy busted. It was IPC Kick-Off winner Mahesh Shyamsundar who exited from the ME without a penny. Although the series has been quite successful for him, he could not make the cut in this event. Other notables who busted before ITM were Adda52 Game Pro Kunal Patni, and Siddhanth Kapoor. 


Patni Walks Out

Kunal PatniSaransh Garg, with a monster K K in hand, bet 16000 chips and Kunal Patni with just about 44,000 went all-in. The board ran 6 K T T 7 and Garg not only hit a set but bettered it to a full-house on the turn to eliminate Patni just a few places shy of the payouts.

  • Garg: K K
  • Patni: A 9
  • Board: 6 K T T 7  

48 Survivors Remaining In IPC 60K ME

We’re at Level 15 of the IPC 60K Main Event and there are 48 survivors in the game. With six more bust outs we will have the names of the players who make it in the money in the IPC ME. Checkout the prize money and the min-cash details in our payouts section. 

Shardul Bows Out

Shardul Parthasarathi After experiencing a double up just a few hands ago Shardul Parthasarathi soon met his end at Day 2 of the 60K Main Event. At Level 16, Sunil Chaudhary bet 16,000 preflop and Parthasarathi jammed all-in with pocket queens. Chaudhary called the shove holding A J . The board ran out K A Q T 6 . Parthasarathi flopped a set and was in the lead until the turn appeared and ruined his chances by giving Chaudhary a T-A straight. When the cards flipped, Parthasarathi officially bid goodbye to the ME title. 

  • Chaudhary: A J
  • Parthasarathi: Q Q
  • Board: K A Q T 6  

Secure Your Stack, Sukhjit!

Sukhjit SinghThe chip leader Sukhjit Singh aka Jimmy seems to be playing with extra aggression and giving away free chips in the process. After Saransh Garg bet 27,000 from the big blind, Singh shoved all-in with his sailboats and Garg all-in called with his 255,000 holding ladies. The board fanned 2 Q 3 8 T , and Garg flopped a set of queens and easily doubled up stealing away some valuable chips from the chip leader. 

Just a few hands earlier too, Singh lost a big pot and gave away chips. All we’d like to say is “Careful, Sukhjit!”

  • Singh: 4 4
  • Garg: Q Q
  • Board: 2 Q 3 8 T

Harshad’s Popeyes Busted

Harshad BarveIOPC July 2021 Blaze of Glory winner Harshad Barve is out of the IPC Main Event race. Preflop action had a player bet 10,000 which Sukhjit Singh (9 8 ) called and Barve took the all-in route with 75,500. Siddarth Singhvi who sat with Cowboys did not blink and shoved 1,47,500 into the pot. The board cards read A K 8 T J . Singhvi hit three of a kind with his kings while Barve was found looking for the exit route. Also what was Singh thinking when he called with 98 off suit? We don’t know, do you?

  • Barve: 9 9
  • Singh: 9 8
  • Singhvi: K K
  • Board: A K 8 T J

Armaan Hijacked

Armaan KochharA massive 600,000 pot was played out between Armaan Kochhar and Awakash Rai. Rai bet 5,000 preflop, and was raised to 17,000 by Kochhar. Rai called and the flop showed 4 5 5 . Rai flopped two pairs holding 7 4 and bet 13,000, which was called by  Kochhar who shoved his 276,000 all-in. Rai also made an all-in call. The turn and river of 6 Q didn’t help Kochhar as he busted with his hijack in hand.

  • Kochhar: A J
  • Rai: 7 4  
  • Board: 4 5 5 6 Q

Paawan Bids Goodbye To ME Title

Paavan BansalShardul Parthasarathi shoved 19,000 into the pot from cut off with A 9 and Paawan Bansal moved all-in from the big blind with A Q . With both players’ stack now in the pot the board opened to 9 9 K 4 3 . Parthasarathi flopped a set with his nines. While leading preflop, Bansal exited with nothing by the end. 

  • Parthasarathi: A 9  
  • Bansal: A Q
  • Board: 9 9 K 4 3

Kripalani Cripples Gagandeep

Siddhanth KripalaniJust a few minutes ago Gagandeep Malik had doubled up. But fate had other plans. Siddhanth Kripalani made a preflop bet of 15,000 and Malik shoved all-in with A T and the football enthusiast did not waste time in calling. The board cards fell 4 2 Q 3 J . Kripalani who was chip lead at the end of Day 1 at the IPC 25K Kick-Off event, hit a Q-pair and showed Malik the way out.  

  • Malik: A T
  • Kripalani: K Q
  • Board: 4 2 Q 3 J

Chip Counts During Level 15 Of IPC ME Day 2

We’re at Level 15 of the IPC ME Day 2 and 62 survivors are in play. Take a look at some of the chip stacks from across the floor:

Player Chips
Kanchan Sharma 403,000
Mahesh Shyamsundar 396,000
Harshit Jalan 367,000
Vatsal Kumar 363,000
Armaan Kochhar 360,000
Sumit Sapra 350,000
Vishal Ojha 330,000
Raghav Bansal 326,000
Aditya Sushant 320,000
Anant Purohit 320,000
Allwyn Saldanha 304,000
Sunil Chaudhary 298,000
Siddhanth Kripalani 280,000
Deepak Bothra 250,000
Mithun Mahesh 240,000
Anant Thakur 160,000


Straight Double Up For Himanshu

The preflop action on Table 7 with blinds 2,500/5,000 was as eventful as ever. Manish Lakhotia bet 10,500 preflop which was raised to 48,000. Himanshu Chhikara who did not want to miss out on the action with A T called. Lakhotia putting his trust in 7 7 went all-in for 134,500 and Chhikara took up the challenge and went all-in. The dealer fanned out the cards and the board Q Q K J 2 got Chhikara a T-A straight which helped him double up. 

  • Chhikara: A T
  • Lakhotia: 7 7  
  • Board: Q Q K J 2

Straight Send Away For Shah

Vikaash Shah bet 16,000 preflop and was called by Sukhjit Singh and another player called. The flop opened 9 K 3 , and Shah who flopped a set, instantly bet 8,000, and was called by Singh who, flopped a flush draw with two spades in hand. On the turn of 4 , Singh called Shah’s 42,000 bet. though he sat with around 15 outs, as he now hit a straight draw too. Singh called and the dream river showed 7 , giving Singh a 3-7 straight. Shah bet 123,000, and was naturally called by Singh who shoved his 417,000, and called by Shah, who put his remaining 396,000 onto the table. Shah was ultimately busted by Singh’s straight. 

  • Shah: K K
  • Singh: 5