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India Poker Championship - Megastacks

IPC Megastacks May 2022 - 25K Kick-Off Live Updates

IPC Kick-Off Runner Up Sameer Agarwal Gets Candid

When we got in touch with IPC 25K Kick-Off runner up Sameer Agarwal, he told us about his experience at IPC and much more. Talking about the four-way deal that he opted for, Agarwal said, “The stacks were around the same. I was sitting with 22 BBs while the others had around 15 BBs but the only thing I had in my mind was that anything can happen in poker. However, I made sure that irrespective of whatever happens I will walk out with the highest amount paid. Even after the 50K set aside by all four players, I still wanted to be the highest. Also, I saw that the other players were more experienced and post my discussion with Arsh Grover, I decided it was ideal to take the deal.”

Mahesh Is The New IPC Kick-Off Winner

Mahesh Shyamsundar is the new IPC Megastacks May 2022 championMahesh Shyamsundar grabs the IPC Megastacks May 2022 25K Kick-Off title, trophy and a pay cheque of ₹8,15,579. Shyamsundar fought long and hard for the title with Sameer Agarwal who eventually took the second spot for ₹9,87,442. In the final hand of the Kick-Off event, Sameer Agarwal threw in all his tournament chips, and Shyamsundar made the call. The board ran out 9 6 3 8 Q . Agarwal’s 6-pair failed against Shyamsundar’s pocket jacks. A while ago in the tournament, the top four players struck an ICM deal and the payouts were finalised. The top two grinders battled it out for an additional ₹2 Lakh sum, title and trophy.

  • Shyamsundar: J J
  • Agarwal: T 6
  • Board: 9 6 3 8 Q

Winner interview:

IPC 25K Kick-Off Heads Up Chip Counts

The India Poker Championship (IPC) has come down to heads up. The final two are Mahesh Shyamsundar and Sameer Agarwal. Although Mahesh has been among the top 5 chips since Level 13, Agarwal overtook Shyamsundar when on the heads up. The chip counts of the two are as follows:

Player Chips
Sameer Agarwal 4,545,000
Mahesh Shyamsundar 2,205,000

IOPC June 2022 Schedule Out Now!

Kanishka Succumbs At The Third Place

Kanishka SamantSameer Agarwal bet 2,50,000 holding A K , Kanishka Samant called the bet with Q 9 . The board opened to 2 Q K , giving both players something to play for. Agarwal bet 3,25,000, and Samant shoved all-in banking on his Q-pair, not knowing Agarwal had a hit a higher pair (K-pair). The turn and river of 6 and J , didn’t help Samant as he bowed out at the third spot and took home a fancy ₹6,74,788.

  • Samant: Q 9
  • Agarwal: A K
  • Board: 2 Q K 6 J

Harsh Out In 4th Place

Harsh BubnaAfter a long and hard grind, Harsh Bubna bowed out in the 4th position. At Level 27 with blinds at 40,000/80,000, ante 80,000, Mahesh Shyamsundar bet 80,000, Bubna went all-in, Kanishka Samant called, Sameer Agarwal raised to 325,000 and Samant called again. On the flop, Agarwal bet 500,000, Samant opted for a shove and Agarwal matched. The community cards fell 7 A 4 2 6 . Both Samant and Agarwal, hit ace-pair but the latter had a higher kicker. But it was bad news for Bubna who exited the 25K Kick-Off tournament at the 4th spot for ₹3,52,300. 

  • Bubna: 5 6
  • Agarwal: A K
  • Board: 7 A 4 2 6

Arjanveer Exits At The 5th Spot

Arjanveer Singh ChadhaAt Level 27 with blinds at 40,000/80,000, ante 80,000, Arjanveer Singh Chadha shoved 2,60,000 preflop and Kanishka Samant matched. The community cards fell 5 A 9 3 2 . Both players had King-high hands but Samant’s higher kicker saved the day. Sadly for Chadha, it was time to bid adieu at the 5th spot for ₹2,72,000.

  • Chadha: K T
  • Samant: K Q
  • Board: 5 A 9 3 2

Vatsal Gets The Boot

Vatsal KumarAt Level 26, an interesting hand unfolded. Preflop saw Vatsal Kumar going all-in with 285,000. Sameer Agarwal and Mahesh Shyamsundar make the call. Flop and turn were checked by both Shyamsundar and Agarwal. Finally on the river, Agarwal bet 105,000 which led to Shyamsundar folding his hand. The board of 6 T 8 8 6 gave Agarwal a full boat and Kumar the directions to the exit door. The latter had a payday of ₹2,25,400 for his 6th place finish.  

  • Kumar: A 7
  • Agarwal: A 6
  • Board: 6 T 8 8 6

*Please note due to internet connectivity issues there is a delay in our live updates of the 25K Kick-Off final table.

Samay Clocks Out

Samay Singh ModiIn some heavy duty preflop action Samay Singh Modi bet 120,000 and Sameer Agarwal raised to 400,000. This move resulted in Modi shoving all his tournament chips into the pot and Agarwal who had a Big Slick in his armoury spared no time in matching the former’s bet. The board ran out 8 9 2 K 6 . Agarwal hit K-pair and Modi sadly got the boot. He exited at the 7th spot for ₹1,92,100. Was it hasty on Modi’s part to throw in all his chips with A T ?

  • Modi: A T
  • Agarwal: A K
  • Board: 8 9 2 K 6


Ashish Finishes In the 8th Place

Ashish AhujaAshish Ahuja who had doubled up through Kanishka Samant just a few minutes ago has bid adieu to the game. Ahuja bet 1,00,000 and Mahesh Shyamsyndar jammed with 8 A . Ahuja matched the bet. The community cards fell 2 7 T 9 5 . This gave Shyamsundar an Ace-high and Ahuja was eliminated in the 8th place for ₹1,63,900.

  • Ahuja: Q K
  • Shyamsundar: 8 A
  • Board: 2 7 T 9 5

Ashish Doubles Up

Ashish AhujaOn the final table, at Level 22 with blinds at 15,000/25,000, ante 25,000 Ashish Ahuja and Kanishka Samant locked horns. Ahuja threw in all his remaining chips and Samant made the call. The board ran out 7 T T A 3 . This gave the lawyer turned pro two pairs (AA, TT) and a double up.

  • Ahuja: Ac 8s
  • Samant: Jd 3d
  • Board: 7 T T A 3

The IPC 25K Kick-Off Final Table Is Set! 

Vineet Kumar just bubbled the IPC 25K Kick-Off event and with this we have the final table of this event. The FT resumes with the surviving eight at 5:10 PM. The setup for the final table is done and we cannot wait for the FT to begin. The FT will be streamed on Gutshot Magazine’s YouTube channel. Stay tuned folks! 

Take a look at the chip counts of the final eight:

Player Chips
Mahesh Shamsundar 1,705,000
Sameer Agarwal 1,405,000
Harsh Bubna 1,280,000
Samay Modi 1,090,000
Arjanveer Chadha 465,000
Kumar Vatsal 395,000
Kanishka Samant 315,000
Ashish Ahuja 95,000

Vineet’s Dynamite Fail Him

Vineet KumarAt Level 24 with blinds 20,000/40,000, ante 40,000, Ashish Ahuja, Arjanveer Singh Chadha and Vineet Kumar locked horns. Preflop saw Kumar going all-in with his remaining chips (35K), and the other two players followed suit. The board revealed 8 2 K 8 4 . Chadha took down the pot as he hit two pairs (KK, 88). The final outcome of this hand resulted in Kumar getting eliminated. 

  • Ahuja: A J
  • Kumar: T T
  • Chadha: A K
  • Board: 8 2 K 8 4

Bullets Fire Hooks; Himanshu Out At 10th

Himanshu ChhikaraHimanshu Chhikara has busted just two places short of making it to the final table at the 25K Kick-Off event. Chhikara shoved all-in holding fish hooks, and Samay Modi, with pocket rockets, also shoved all-in. The board opened to Q 3 A 8 9 . Modi got a three-of-a-kind, while Chhikara was eliminated at the 10th place for ₹1,16,300. What a bad time to run into aces.

  • Chhikara: J J
  • Modi: A A
  • Board: Q 3 A 8 9

Siddhanth And Umer Kiss Kick-Off Title Goodbye

Siddhanth Kripalani and Umer FayazFollowing Nikita Luther’s bust out, two more players bid goodbye to the 25K Kick-Off title, one of them being Day 2 chip leader Siddhanth Kripalani. While the action moved slowly, Mahesh Shamsundar played his cards right when he called Umer Fayaz‘s preflop shove with pocket sevens. Kripalani, who went from chip leader to short-stacked, moved all-in as well.

The cards on the board showed 7 A 4 K 3 and Shamsundar took home the pot as he flopped a set with his sevens, knocking out Kripalani and Umer in 12th and 11th position respectively for ₹1,16,300 each. Kripalani’s exit from the tournament was heartbreaking as he was a favourite to take the prized IPC 25K Kick-Off title. However, all good things need to come to an end, and sadly for Kripalani and Fayaz that was the bitter truth. 

  • Shamsundar: 7 7
  • Kripalani: Q Q
  • Fayaz: A Q
  • Board: 7 A 4 K 3

Nikita Eliminated At The 13th Spot

Nikita LutherThe only female player on the field, Nikita Luther has also walked away, but not without putting out a tough fight. Mahesh Shamsundar and the Spartan Poker pro, Luther, both shoved all-in preflop with A 9 and T K respectively. The board of 4 5 9 9 A , giving Shamsundar a full house against Luther’s 9-pair hand.

India’s only female WSOP bracelet winner Luther entered Day 2 with 236,000 chips at her disposal. She ran pretty deep on Day 2 before finally busting out at the 13th spot cashing ₹99,700. We hope to see you at the 100K Highroller soon, Nikita!

  • Luther: T K
  • Shamsundar: A 9
  • Board: 4 5 9 9 A

Nikita Doubles Up Thanks To Siddhanth

Spartan Poker Pro Nikita Luther is going strong by the looks of it. The diva’s Fish Hooks battled it out with Siddhanth Kripalani’s Q T . Both are solid players and went all-in. The community cards fell A J 4 3 7 . The leggy lass flopped a three of a kind and took down the pot. Way to go girl!

  • Luther: J J
  • Kripalani: Q T
  • Board: A J 4 3 7

Spartan Poker Pro Nikita Luther Making Heads Turn Again

Nikita LutherSpartan Poker Pro Nikita Luther is the only female among the top 13 survivors in the IPC 25K Kick-Off event. Just a few minutes ago, she doubled up against Siddhanth Kripalani who has been the chip lead since yesterday.

14th Spot Finish For Pranit

Umer Fayaz shoved all-in preflop with pocket rockets with his 8BB. Pranit Agarwal with Q T too shoved all-in with his little stack. The board of 4 6 K T J gave Agarwal a T-pair, however Fayaz’s bullets fired Agarwal out. Agarwal cashed ₹99,700 with this 14th place finish. Not a bad finish at the IPC Megastacks May 2022 Kick-Off for Agarwal.

  • Fayaz: A A
  • Agarwal: Q T
  • Board: 4 6 K T J

WSOP Bracelet Winner Abhinav Iyer Is Here

The felts of Casino Vegas have been blessed by WSOP Bracelet winner Abhinav Iyer who just walked in and was spotted with MPL Poker Pro Dhaval Mudgal and Gokul Raj. While the IPC 25K Kick-Off event is down to just 13 players, on the other side of the casino cash tables have already begun.

Laksh Bows Out

Laksh Pal SinghAt Level 21 with blinds at 10,000/20,000, ante 20,000, Kanishka Samant bet 30K and Laksh Pal Singh shoved all his chips into the pot (280K) with Ad 5d. Two time IPC champion Samant called off Singh’s jam with his pocket kings. The board ran out J 6 4 9 8 . This gave Samant top pair and the IOPC January 2021 Main Event winner was busted at the 15th position for ₹99,700. Was Singh hard pressed to jam with A 5 ? Doesn’t look like it.

  • Singh: A 5
  • Samant: K K
  • Board: J 6 4 9 8

Siddhanth Shows Ankit The Exit Door

Ankit WadhawanAt Level 20, with blinds at 10,000/15,000, ante 15,000, Ankit Wadhawan bet 75K and Siddhanth Kripalani went all-in with his monster stack in a bid to eliminate his rival. The FTS 3.0 champion made the all-in call with no better time to shove with AK in hand. The board ran out 9 3 8 3 Q which was game over for Wadhawan. He finished 17th for ₹83,200.

  • Wadhawan: A K
  • Kripalani: A 9
  • Board: 9 3 8 3 Q

Shailender Sent Home In 16th Place

Shailender Pradhay Tournament lives continue to be claimed at Level 20 of the event with players busting out one after the other. After a couple of players bet preflop, Mahesh Shamsundar proceeded to jam his 200,000 stack with pocket queens and was promptly challenged by Shailender Pradhay who shoved 425,000 into the pot with Hooks. The cards K 6 8 5 4 fell on the board and gave the victory to Shamsundar who won with his Ladies. Pradhay was the 16th victim of Day 2 after his pocket jacks failed to sail him through the hand. He left the tournament in 16th place and a pay day of ₹83,200 and missed his chance at taking home the 25K Kick-Off title. 

  • Shamsundar: Qx Qx
  • Pradhay: Jx Jx
  • Board: K 6 8 5 4

BigggTymeR Times Out At The 18th Spot

Arsh GroverDay 2 of the 25K Kick-Off event saw another bust out and this time it was pro player Arsh Grover aka ‘BigggTymeR.’ Grover holding 7 K and Laksh Pal Singh with 4 K , both jammed in. The board of 2 5 J 6 4 gave Singh a 4-pair and showed Grover the door. Grover walked away at the 18th spot for ₹83,200.

  • Grover: 7 K
  • Singh: 4 K  
  • Board: 2 5 J 6 4 p

Sunil Bad Beats His Way Out

Sunil ChaudharyThe tournament has reached Level 20 and the bust outs continue to roll in with Sunil Chaudhary being the next to go. Preflop, Himanshu Chhikara shoved his entire stack holding pocket fives. Chaudhary being the short stack also went all-in with pocket queens. The dealer fanned out the cards and the board showed 2x 3x 4x 6x 3x which resulted in Chaudhary experiencing an unfortunate (and painful) bad beat as Chhikara defeated him with a straight on the turn. Chaudhary walked away shaking his head in 19th position for ₹66,600.

  • Chhikara: 5 5
  • Chaudhary: Q Q
  • Board: 2x 3x 4x 6x 3x 

Himanshu Kataria Bids Adieu At The 20th Place

Himanshu Kataria, who was dealt A 5 , shoved his 1 BB preflop. He was called by three more players on the table. The flop opened to 2 4 J , and the action simply checked on the flop, turn (7x) and river (Kx). At the showdown, Kataria’s Ace-high hand did not hold water against Harsh Bubna‘s 2-pair hand with K 2 . Kataria’s run ended at the 20th spot and he added ₹66,600 to his poker bankroll.

  • Kataria: A 5
  • Bubna: K 2
  • Board: 2 4 J 7x Kx

Arjanveer Doubles Up Amid Bust Outs

Arjanveer Singh ChadhaAt Level 20 with blinds at 10,000/15,000, ante 15,000, Samay Singh Modi took the all-in route preflop and Arjanveer Singh Chadha followed suit (280K). The board revealed 5s 4h Qd 8h 3h. Chadha with his Cowboys took down the pot and doubled up in the process. 

  • Chadha: Kd Kh
  • Modi: Jh Jd
  • Board: 5s 4h Qd 8h 3h

Harshad Out At 21

Harshad BarveIOPC July 2021 Blaze of Glory winner Harshad Barve has also exited the tournament on Day 2. Barve enjoyed a fantastic run at the event on Day 1. He resumed Day 2 with 153,000 chips (around 12 BB) but seems like couldn’t hold his stack for longer. He bowed out at the 21st place and bagged a sum of ₹66,600.

Siddhanth Kripalani Still Leads The Way

Siddhanth Kripalani is still leading with a massive massive chip stack of 1,306,000. While eight players busted back to back, Kripalani on the other hand has been growing his chip stack slowly and steadily. Chip counts at break from across the three tables are:

Player Chips
Siddhanth Kripalani 1,306,000
Samay Modi 551,000
Ashish Ahuja 470,000
Harsh Bubna 355,000
Nikita Luther 290,000

8 Bust Outs Back To Back

Within minutes of the game starting, we had to bid goodbye to Siddarth Singhvi, MPL Poker Pro Dhaval Mudgal, Priya Rajkumar, Makrim M, Aman Mehta, Nimit Patel, Shardul Parthasarathi and Kiran Gurung. This is clearly not how we expected Day 2 to progress. Although Mehta was the shortest stack when Day 1 of IPC 25K Kick-Off ended, he managed to pocket ₹44,500 as he busted on the 25th position.

Kiran Busts In 22nd Place

Kiran GurungAt Level 19, players on Day 2 of the 25K Kick-Off event continue to bust out. Following the fast line of players exiting the tournament, Kiran Gurung was next to meet his end. 

With only around 7 BB remaining, Gurung went all-in with pocket eights. His shove was called by Harsh Bubna who also went all-in for 225,000 holding hole cards Ax Jx. The board ran out with 4 9 6 7 A and unfortunately for Gurung, Bubna took the pot with his Ace-pair on the river. This spelt the end of Gurung’s journey and he was eliminated in 22nd place for ₹52,300.

  • Bubna: Ax Jx
  • Gurung: 8 8
  • Board: 4 9 6 7 A  

One More Bites The Dust

Shardul ParthasarathiOn Table 1 with blinds at 6,000/12,000, ante 12,000, Shardul Parthasarathi bet 105K preflop and Shailendra Pradhan called. On the flop, Pradhan with his Big Slick checked and Parthasarathi decided to shove all his remaining chips into the pot and Pradhan once again matched. The community cards fell 7 T 4 K 7 . The captain of the Kolkata Kings (PSL Season 4), could not survive the two pairs his rival hit on the board and left the game at the 23rd spot for ₹52,300.

  • Parthasarathi: Ax 4x
  • Pradhan: Ax Kx
  • Board: 7 T 4 K 7

Nimit Patel Is Next To Go; Takes 24th Spot

With just few minutes into Day 2, Pre-flop action saw Nimit Patel go all-in with his 15,500 stack with A 9 to be called off and shoved on by Himanshu Kataria with his 26,500 stack as well as by Harsh Bubna with his 220,000 stack. Kataria jammed with J 8 while Bubna had the royal couple K Q .

The flop ran out 2 8 6 J A giving Kataria a two pair JJ, 88 and busting Patel out in 24th position with a payout of ₹52,300. He managed a pay jump though in this process.

  • Patel: A 9
  • Kataria: J 8
  • Bubna: K Q


Aman Mehta Follows The Bust Out Suit

Aman Mehta Follows The Bust Out SuitAman Mehta walked into Day 2 of the IPC 25K Kick-Off event with 15,000 chips at his disposal. Only some kind of kick-ass play would have helped this player run towards the final table. But that never happened. At Level 19 with blinds at 6,000/12,000, ante 12,000, Mehta and Arsh Grover locked horns. Preflop saw Grover betting 66,000 and Mehta reacted by shoving in all his remaining chips. The board ran out 8 5 3 8 4 . This gave both players two pairs but Grover had a heftier hand which led to his rival’s exit from the tournament. Mehta finished at the 25th spot for ₹44,500.

  • Grover: Jx Jx
  • Mehta: 6x 6x
  • Board: 8 5 3 8 4

Makrim M Busts in 26th; All Indian Field Now

Makrim M The last overseas player left in the field of the IPC 25k Kick-Off Event was Makrim M but his bust means it’s now an all-Indian contingent in this tournament. We don’t have the exact details of his hand as yet but he finished in 26th place for a prize of ₹44,500. 

In just 20 minutes since the start of the day, we’ve seen a flurry of bust outs and if it continues like this, we may just have an early finish this afternoon. Makrim now has the option of heading back to his room or just hanging around for a few hours if he intends to play the IPC 100k High Roller which begins at 5pm!

Priya’s Tournament Life Comes To An End

Priya Rajkumar The start of Day 2 of 25K Kick-Off already saw its next bust out in Priya Rajkumar. Rajkumar made it to Day 2 with a chip stack of 24,000 and with blinds at 6,000/12,000 at Level 19 she did not last too long. 

Rajkumar went all-in preflop with 12,000 holding hole cards J 9 . Himanshu Chhikara called with Q J and the action on the board opened. The community cards showed 4 2 K 8 A and Chhikara took the pot with his high cards busting Rajkumar in the 27th position for ₹44,500. With her exit from the tournament, Nikita Luther is the only female player still in the game. 

  • Chhikara: Q J  
  • Rajkumar: J 9
  • Board: 4 2 K 8 A

Early Exit For Dhaval On Day 2

Dhaval MudgalMPL Poker Pro Dhaval Mudgal has busted early on Day 2 of the 25K Kick-Off event. Mudgal resumed Day 2 with a stack of 95,000 chips (approximately 8BB). With such a short stack and the event being a big blind ante tournament, it was natural for Mudgal to take risk, which he did. However, it didn’t prove fruitful. After Kanishka Samant bet 26,000 preflop, Mudgal shoved all-in holding suited connectors (A 2 ). Samant called, and the board fanned out to Q T 7 4 T . However Samant showed a A J , to send Mudgal away.

Mudgal busted at the 28th spot and took home the min-cash of ₹39,000.

  • Mudgal: A 2
  • Samant: A J
  • Board: Q T 7 4 T

Siddarth Singhvi First Bust Out Of Day 2

Siddarth Singhvi First Bust Out Of Day 2What to expect with a terrible short stack? Ask Siddarth Singhvi that. With barely any chips left in his hands, Singhvi has left the IPC 25K Kick-Off tournament. Yesterday must not have been an easy day for him as towards the end of Day 1, this well-known player was walking on thin ice. Singhvi took a pay cheque of ₹39,000 for his 29th place finish.

Day 2 Of IPC Kick-Off Begins!

Casino Vegas is set to welcome the super charged and the not so charged players for Day 2 of IPC 25K Kick-Off which starts in a few minutes and the 100K Highroller at 5:00 PM. Tournament Director Dexter Mercado is all set, donning a grey blazer, and he has said  ‘shuffle up and deal.’ 

Other than the usual attractions in the casino, you can also spot a photo booth right at the door of the poker space, which is designed like the cover of a magazine. All you have to do is, enter and strike a pose!

Welcome To Day 2 Of 25K Kick-Off

Welcome to India Poker Championship MegastacksDay 2 of the 25K Kick-Off event at the glorious India Poker Championship (IPC) Megastacks May 2022 is all set to begin. After long and intense gameplay on Day 1, 29 players have made it to Day 2. All these 29 players have secured a spot in the money (ITM) and ensured themselves of a min-cash worth ₹39,000. The 29 players are all set at Casino Vegas in Hotel Mechi Crown (HMC), Jhapa, Nepal to lock horns to win the Kick-Off title and a top prize of ₹13,30,200.

In the lead, we have Siddhanth Kripalani with a massive chip stack of 1,215,000. Following close behind is Vineet Kumar with 523,000 chips in his kitty. With such a huge lead, Kripalani is a favourite to win the 25K Kick-Off title. However, as we all know, anything can happen during the course of the tournament, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

So buckle up to witness some unmissable action that awaits on Day 2 of the 25K Kick-Off event. Stay tuned to Gutshot Magazine for all the latest updates on all IPC Megastacks May 2022 events.

Chip Stacks At The End Of IPC 25K Kick-Off Day 1

Take a look at the chip stacks of the 29 players who made it to Day 2 of the IPC 25K Kick-Off event: 

Player Chip Count
Siddhanth Kripalani 1,215,000
Vineet Kumar 523,000
Ashish Ahuja 488,000
Samay Modi 404,000
Mahesh Shamsundar 400,000
Sameer Agarwal 374,000
Kumar Vatsal 352,000
Laksh Pal Singh 351,000
Harsh Bubna 342,000
Arsh Grover 322,000
Umer Fayaz 312,000
Shailender Pradhay 265,000
Nikita Luther 236,000
Kiran Gurung 157,000
Harshad Barve 153,000
Dhaval Mudgal 95,000
Sunil Chaudhary 94,000
Makrim M 89,000
Pranit 89,000
Kanishka Samant 84,000
Himanshu Chhikara 72,000
Himanshu Kataria 70,000
Arjanveer Singh Chadha 68,000
Ankit Wadhawan 67,000
Shardul Parthasarathi 50,000
Priya Rajkumar 24,000
Siddarth Singhvi 18,000
Nimit Patel 16,000
Aman Mehta 15,000

Anil Kumar Is The Bubble Boy In The IPC 25K Kick-Off Event

Anil KumarAnil Kumar busted on the 30th position. With this Day 1 of the IPC 25K Kick-Off comes to an end. MPL Pro Dhaval Mudgal and Spartan Poker Pro Nikita Luther made it in the money. Along with them, 27 other grinders made it to Day 2 of the Kick-Off event. 

Coming to the hand, Siddhanth Kripalani bet 25,000 preflop with cards Q 7 which was called by Kumar. The flop showed 7 6 A and Kripalani hit a pair and bet another 29,000 to which Kumar called as he had flopped an ace-pair. The turn 7 came out and Kripalani’s hand improve as he hit trips on the board. He 3-bet 27,000 with confidence and Kumar repeated the call. When the river brought Q , Kripalani went all-in and so did Kumar. When the cards flipped, while Kumar had a good starting pair A T he lost to Kripalani’s full house and became the dreaded bubble boy of the event. 

This was also a close call for Siddarth Singhvi who just missed being a bubble boy for a second time as he had the second shortest stack in the tournament. Singhvi has bubbled the 8K Mega Satellite on Day 1 of IPC Megastacks May 2022 and would not have been pleased to become a bubble boy twice in a row.  

  • Kripalani: Q 7  
  • Kumar:A T
  • Board: 7 6 A 7 Q

Day 2 resumes at 1 PM tomorrow (19th May). The player who crushes this event will walk away with a massive prize money of ₹13,31,200. Stay tuned to Gutshot Magazine to know all the live updates of Day 2 IPC 25K Kick-Off event.

Our team spoke to Anil Kumar who busted on the bubble and here’s what he said, “I was disappointed as I wanted to win chips from the chip leader and ship the tournament.” 

Faiz Launched Out By Rockets

The tournament has reached Level 18 and the blinds are 5,000/10,000. Table 6 witnessed another player get eliminated from the tournament as the 31st bust out of the night. The player in question is Faiz Alam, who had gone all-in preflop with 138,000 and cards A Q . The shove was called by Mahesh Shamsundar from the big blind position who also moved all-in with A A . The community cards fell 5 A 7 4 2 and Shamsundar’s Pocket Rockets helped him take the pot. What a bad time to run into aces for Alam!

  • Shamsundar: A A
  • Alam: A Q
  • Board: 5 A 7 4 2

IPC Kick-Off Hand For Hand Has Begun

We’re down to 30 players in action. One more bust out and we will know who all will make it in the money! With this, we will also come to an end of IPC Kick-Off Day 1. 

Turn Plays Villain To Aayush

Aayush AggarwalAt Level 17 (blinds 4,000/8,000, ante 8,000), preflop saw Harsh Bubna bet 16,000 and Aayush Aggarwal with his pocket fours jammed with his remaining chips into the pot. Buban made the call. The board ran out A K 5 A 2 . This gave Bubna trips and Aggarwal was seen walking out after his loss just four places away from finishing in the money.

  • Aggarwal: 4 4
  • Bubna: A Q
  • Board: A K 5 A 2

Dhaval’s Bluff With Little Slick Gets Little (No) Luck

Dhaval Mudgal, who sat with little slick (A Q ) bet 17,000 preflop. Kumar Vatsal called holding the royal couple (K Q ). The flop opened to T K 8 , giving Mudgal a gutshot straight, while Vatsal now sat with a K-pair. However, both players checked. The turn showed a 9 ; Mudgal bet 36,000 and Vatsal called. The river of 5 ended Mudgal’s hope of hitting a straight, yet he attempted a bluff by betting 87,000. Vatsal, who is among the top chip holders, called. Mudgal’s bluff clearly failed as Vatsal grabbed the pot with his K-pair.

  • Mudgal: A Q
  • Vatsal: K Q
  • Board: T K 8 9 5  

If Four Players Bust We End Day 1

Who do you think will be the next 4 players who will bust out within the next hour or so? Currently, there are 33 players in action and only the top 29 players will make it in the money. The min-cash stands at ₹39,000. 

River Gives Singhvi A Full Boat

Siddarth SinghviDay 1 of the 25K Kick-Off is almost coming to an end with the action on the felts slowing down as the tournament approaches the money bubble. At Level 17, the preflop action saw Siddarth Singhvi bet 13,000 and Manish Lakhotia raised to 65,000 holding Q Q . Singhvi who had A 3 jammed and Lakhotia called. The community cards had J A 3 2 A with the river bringing a full boat to Singhvi who had a massive double up and a stack total of 720,000. Not bad for Singhvi who is definetly thanking the poker Gods during such a crucial moment in the tournament. 

  • Singhvi: A 3  
  • Lakhotia: Q Q
  • Board: J A 3 2 A

Guess Who Is Leading At Level 17?

Siddhanth Kripalani has been going strong! He is the chip lead at Level 17 with a massive stack of 720,000 chips. There’s over an hour left before we wrap up Day 1 of the IPC Megastacks 25K Kick-Off event. 

Gutshot ‘Pro’ Anant Purohit Speaks…

Popularly known as ‘Pro’ because of his online poker username, Anant Purohit is playing as a Gutshot sponsored pro for the IPC Megastacks May 2022 series. Dwayne Fernandes from Gutshot caught up with him to speak about his experience in Nepal so far as well as how his second tournament of the series – IPC 25k Kick-Off Event – played out.

See here:    

IOPC June 2022: Double Up Your Winnings With Two Leaderboards

Sameer Snatches Arsh’s Chips Away Big Time

Arsh GroverWith the end of the last break of Day 1, Level 16 of the event began with the blinds at 3,000/6,000. The action on Table 7 had Arsh Grover bet 12,000 with 9 9 . Sameer Agarwal jammed with A K and Grover called. When the board opened to K 3 6 Q J , Grover’s pair of nines crumbled against Agarwal’s pair (KK) who doubled up and left Grover biting his dust.

  • Agarwal: A K  
  • Grover: 9 9
  • Board: K 3 6 Q J

37 Remain In The Field

Almost an hour ago, we posted about 44 players in the game. Since that time, we’ve seen 7 bust outs already. While the action is getting heated up inside Hotel Mechi Crown, the weather outside is getting cooler and cooler as it is pouring cats and dogs in Jhapa.

Aayush’s Pocket Rockets Flushed Out

Aayush AryaAshish Ahuja with his big slick bet 12,000 preflop, and Aayush Arya confidently raised to 33,000 with his pocket rockets. Ahuja shoved all-in following Arya’s raise, and Arya too pushed his remaining stack of 1,05,000 on to the table. The board fanned out 7 5 T J 2 , and Ahuja hit a flush leading to an end of Arya’s run at the event.

  • Arya: A A
  • Ahuja: A K
  • Board: 7 5 T J 2

IPC 25K Kick-Off Update By ‘YourPokerGuy’

Parth Jain aka ‘YourPokerGuy’ ran us through what’s gone down so far at the IPC 25k Kick-Off Event in Jhapa, Nepal. Total entries, prize pool, top prize, places paid, and much more. Take a look: 

Chop Time For Siddarth And Manish

Chop Time For Siddarth And ManishOn Table 6 at Level 15 (blinds 2,500/5,000), preflop action saw online reg Manish Lakhotia betting 11,000 and Siddarth Singhvi matched. On the flop (A A J ), Singhvi checked, Lakhotia bet and the former raised to 21,500 which was matched. The turn (J ) was a blank page and action resumed on the river (T ). Here, Singhvi bet 40,500 and in a monster raise Lakhotia threw 82,000 chips into the pot which the Tuesday Spotlight winner snap called. Both players hit a full house and it was chop time. Well, all the excitement post the river fizzled out, can we help it though?

  • Singhvi: A Q
  • Lakhotia: A Q
  • Board: A A J J T

Tête-à-tête With A Gutshot Loyalist

Chaitanya ReddyGutshot team bumped into a Hyderabad-based player who happens to be a religious follower of our website. Turns out, Chaitanya Reddy decided to make a trip to Nepal, to attend the India Poker Championship Megastacks May 2022 event after finding out about it from Gutshot’s posts.

Chaitanya is a recreational player who returned from New Jersey to India only a few days ago. Chaitanya is super stoked about IPC being hosted in Nepal as he was looking forward to a different venue other than Goa.

Kunal Doubles Up With Dhaval’s Chips

Kunal PatniIf there is anyone who can chip up from a short stack, it’s the one and only Kunal Patni. At Level 15 with blinds at 2,500/5,000, Patni on Table 6 shoved his 6BB stack with 5 5 . Musician and poker pro Dhaval Mudgal with J T called with an aim to bust out Patni. When the board ran out K 5 6 9 7 it was Patni who emerged victorious after completing his set on the flop. Patni doubled up while Mudgal experienced a sizable damage to his stack at this stage in the tournament.

  • Kunal: 5 5
  • Mudgal: J T
  • Board: K 5 6 9 7


Dhirendra Short Stacks His Way To The Door

Dhirendra KumarThe 25K Kick-Off event has reached Level 15 with blinds at 2,500/5,000, players have begun to feel the pressure of the tournament with many of them being forced to go all-in. One among these was Gutshot pro Dhirendra Kumar who was forced into the hand from the small blind with a short stack of 1.5 BB. Abhilash Kumar and Harshad Barve called and the flop opened to Q J 4 . Barve, who had A 4 flopped a pair and raised 10,000 which was called by Abhilash as Dhirendra sat on the side to watch the action play out. The action checks on the turn 2 and the river flows 5 . Barve bet 20,000 on the river and pushed Abhilash to fold. This was the end for the Gutshot pro as his 6 2 could not stand against Barve’s pair (44). 

  • Barve: A 4
  • Dhirendra: 6 2
  • Board: Q J 4 2 5

LuckyBhai$ Finally Gets Lucky

IOPC January 2021 Main Event winner Laksh Pal Singh doubled up after shoving all-in preflop with big slick. Vivek Singh called holding queens. The board displayed 2 K T A * , giving Laksh Pal two high pairs (AA, KK). Vivek Singh’s queens bowed down, as he walked away. 

  • Laksh Pal Singh: A K
  • Vivek Singh: Q Q
  • Board: 2 K T A *

44 Players Still Going Strong

While we are nearing the end of Level 15 on Day 1 of the 25K Kick-Off event, we have 44 players remaining on the field. The blinds are 2,500/5,000 and the ante is 5,000. Some of the notables who are still in the field are Kunal Patni, Dhaval Mudgal among others. We’re nearing the end of the game, and we cannot wait to see who make it to Day 2 of this ₹25K Kick-Off event.

Siddhanth ‘CHIPlani’ Leads At Level 15

Siddhanth KripalaniLess than an hour ago, we had posted that Kumar Vatsal was leading while Siddhanth Kripalani was the shortest stack, but tables have turned. Kripalani is now the chip lead with a stack of 520,000. 

Vatsal has the second-largest chip stack consisting of 425,000 chips. 

Gokul Gets Hooked Out

It is said that no one can play pocket nines as good as poker legend Phil Helmuth, who clinched his 1989 WSOP Main Event championship with the starting pair. Well, we now believe it because we just saw a live example when we saw pro player Gokul Raj suffer an exit with the pocket nines. Harshad Barve bet 8,500 preflop, and chip leader Siddhanth Kripalani raised to a massive 35,000 chips with fish hooks. Raj shoved all-in and was called by the chip leader, while Barve eventually folded. The board ran out A 7 5 6 7 , not helping Raj. Kripalani’s fish hooks grabbed the pot and Raj exited the game.

  • Raj: 9 9
  • Kripalani: J J
  • Board: A 7 5 6 7

Siddhanth’s Royal Couple’s Marriage Leaves Khwaja Disheartened

Siddhanth Kripalani bet 8,000 preflop with his royal couple (K Q ). Munna Khwaja (8 8 ) shoved all-in with his stack of 45,000 chips (around 11BB), Kripalani called the raise. The board opened to J 4 Q A 4 , thus leading Kripalani’s royal couple to a happy marriage, while Khwaja’s snowmen led him out of the floor. Kripalani is certainly looking very focused and strong today.

  • Khwaja: 8 8
  • Kripalani: K Q
  • Board: J 4 Q A 4

Vivek Clears The Exit Route For Anish

Vivek SinghFinal Table Series (FTS) 3.0 High Roller winner Vivek Singh cleared the path for Anish Arora’s exit.  On Table 11 at Level 14 (blinds 2,000/4,000, ante 4,000), preflop saw Arora betting 8,000 and Singh raising 26,000 with his Pocket Rockets and Arora called with Qd Jd. The action further intensified on the flop where Arora checked and Singh again took the betting action in his hand. He put 18,000 chips into the pot and Arora went all-in with his remaining chips. Singh happily matched. The board ran out 4 6 T 5 9 . Singh’s Aces continued to hold solid ground for him while Arora busted. We wonder why Arora chose to go all-in on the flop.

  • Singh: A A
  • Arora: Q J
  • Board: 4 6 T 5 9

Saransh Bows Out

Saransh GargWe’ve reached Level 14 of the 25K Kick-Off event and the crowd of poker players seems to be dwindling down. On Table 5 we had another bust out when Saransh Garg went all-in with 22,000 holding A 9 . Umer Fayaz decided to take Garg up and called with J J . When the community cards were spread out at showdown, it was Fayaz that won the hand as he had pocket jacks and hit a pair of twos on the flop as well. Although Garg had an ace, it was no match for Fayaz’s two pairs (JJ, 22).

  • Fayaz: J J
  • Garg: A 9
  • Board: 2 2 7 6 5


Highroller Satty Event Winners

Along with the 25K Kick-Off event, the one-handed Highroller Satty event was also hosted on a separate table, a while ago. A total of 40 entries participated in this ₹10K buy-in Highroller satty event, and the 4 players who won a ticket to the IPC ₹1 Crore GTD Highroller event are Raj Talwar, Archit Khandelwal, Deepak Tamang, and Ritwik Khanna.

Top 5 Chip Counts At The Start Of Level 13

At the start of Level 13, Kumar Vatsal is leading with a chip stack of 392,500. Siddhanth Kripalani is the shortest stack with 198,500 chips. The top 5 chip counts in the IPC 25K Kick-Off event are as follows:

Player Chip Counts
Kumar Vatsal 392,500
Samay Singh Modi 240,000
Mahesh Shyamsundar 221,000
Raghav Bansal 202,000
Siddhanth Kripalani 198,500


Celebrities Spotted At The 25K Kick-Off

There’s a red carpet rolled out outside the Casino Vegas entrance and today, we saw a number of top poker players as well as Bollywood celebrities walk down it. Among them were Bollywood stars Siddhanth Kapoor, Anita Hassanandani, Aly Goni, and others. Spartan Poker Pro and WSOP bracelet winner Nikita Luther was also spotted entering the tournament earlier in the day. With this being just the second day of the series, we’re expecting many more big names to be a part of the action and add to the glitz and glamour of the event!

Take a look here:

Aditya’s Boat Goes The Titanic Way

Aditya SushantOn Table 6 at Level 12 (blinds 1,500/2,500, ante 2,500), World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet winner Aditya Sushant shoved all his chips into the pot and Mahesh Shyamsundar also made the all-in bet. The board ran out A K A 8 K . Shyamsundar (A J ) and Sushant (K T ) both hit full boats but the former landed a bigger boat and hence survived the battle of full houses. 

  • Sushant: K T
  • Shyamsundar: A J
  • Board: A K A 8 K

Raju Quacks Out

A player bet 5,000 from the small blind, and Raju J shoved all-in with his stack of around 11 BB (28,500 chips) holding quack (QJ). Samay Modi re-raised to 62,000 with his big slick, and the player who started the action folded. Raju flopped the middle pair, while Modi flopped the top pair on the board of 8 Q A . The turn and river of 2 and 4 didn’t help Raju, as he made his way out. Modi added massive 61,000 chips to his stack in the process.

  • Raju: Q J
  • Modi: A K
  • Board: 8 Q A 2 4

Ladies Eliminate Zarvan; Umar Triples Up

Zarvan TumboliTable 5 saw an interesting hand, where Umer Fayaz tripled up against pro players Zarvan Tumboli and Arjanveer  Singh Chadha. Tumboli and Chadha both held big slicks; the former bet 5,000 preflop, while the latter raised to 16,000. Fayaz, who held queens, shoved all-in with his stack of 72,000. Tumboli and Chadha called. The board opened to 7 8 6 8 9 after Tumboli and Chadha checked on the flop, turn and river. Fayaz’s queen held the guard for him as he tripled up and bounced to stay back in the game.

  • Chadha: A K
  • Tumboli: A K  
  • Board: 7 8 6 8 9

IPC Kick-Off Prize Pool Update And More

The advertised guarantee of this 25K Kick-off event was ₹50,00,000 but due to the inflated number of players in this event, the final prize pool stands at ₹56,50,000. The min-cash in this tournament is ₹39,000 which will be paid to the player who busts in 29th position. The top three finishers, namely the winner, runner up and second runner up get paid ₹13,31,200, ₹9,35,000 and ₹5,79,000 respectively.

Take a look at the payouts of this IPC 25K Kick-Off event:

Position Payouts
1 ₹13,31,200
2 ₹9,35,000
3 ₹5,79,100
4 ₹3,52,300
5 ₹2,72,000
6 ₹2,25,400
7 ₹1,92,100
8 ₹1,63,900
9 ₹1,33,200
10-12 ₹1,16,300
13-15 ₹99,700
16-18 ₹83,200
19-21 ₹66,600
22-24 ₹52,300
25-27 ₹44,500
28-29 ₹39,000


Cowboys Disappoints Dhirendra

It’s almost midnight and players are continuing the long grind on the IPC felts here at Casino Vegas in Hotel Mechi Crown. Table 11 had Sunil Chaudhary who shoved his entire stack of over 24 BB into the pot, banking his tournament life on his pocket jacks. This move was challenged by Gutshot sponsored pro Dhirendra Kumar who called the shove with his Cowboys. The action unfolded on the table as the board revealed J A 9 8 3 . Unfortunately for Kumar, his pocket kings were not able to carry him through and he lost to Chaudhary who flopped trips on the board. Just a few hands ago, Kumar had won a massive pot from chip leader Kumar Vatsal but wasn’t able to hold on to it for long.

  • Chaudhary: J J
  • Kumar: K K
  • Board: J A 9 8 3

Who Is The Most Handsome Poker Player On The Floor Today?

Although all of the poker players look super classy, we’re all heart eyes for Harshad Barve! He has been channelling Godfather vibes and is surely making heads turn. Our photographer could not stop but go ‘click-click’ as soon as he spotted Barve. 

Anant vs Kanishka Was A Bloodbath

Anant vs Kanishka Was A BloodbathGutshot Pro Anant Purohit busted at the hands of Kanishka Samant. In a brutal turn card, Purohit lost most of his chip stack. Leading on the flop with his Q6 two pairs, Samant also flopped two pairs with the 9 on the turn leaving Purohit behind with just 4 BB eventually. 

The very next hand was again a Purohit (Ax Jx) vs Samant (Ax Kx) action and the board bricked knocking out Purohit from the 25K Kick-Off event.

Sumit’s Aces Failed Him

Popular grinder Sumit Sapra has been eliminated at the hands of Vivek Singh. At Level 11 on Table 11 (blinds 1,000/2,000, ante 2,000), preflop action saw Singh betting 4,000 which got called by the other three players. On the flop (2 Q 6 ), Gutshot Pro Dhirendra Kumar checked, Singh bet 4,500, Sapra and Kumar called. Turn (2 ) saw Kumar checking, Singh going for a bet of 12,500 and Sapra matched. The river (6 ) witnessed Singh going all-in with 45,500 and Sapra called again. Singh’s flush drowned Sapra’s Pocket Rockets. Singh’s 4,500 raise on the flop must have got Sapra thinking that Singh had hit his Queen which made it difficult for him to fold his Aces on the river. Did Sapra not imagine a flush could be in the offing?

  • Singh: J T
  • Sapra: A A
  • Board: 2 Q 6 2 6

Space Cowboys Knock Out Gagandeep

Gagandeep MalikIn the eleventh hour of the 25K Kick-Off event, blinds have reached 1,000/2,000 at Level 11 and the ante is 2,000. Vineet Kumar with A K bet 5,000 preflop. Gagandeep Malik moved all-in with Dimes from the small blind, challenging Kumar who tank called and finally jammed 61,000. The board had 9 A 7 K 7 and gave Kumar two pairs on the flop and turn. Malik’s Dimes dropped and his tournament life came to an end.

  • Kumar: A K  
  • Malik: T T
  • Board: 9 A 7 K 7  

Dhirendra Rivers The Chip Leader

Dhirendra KumarThe chip leader on Table 11, Kumar Vatsal (Q T ) bet 3,000 preflop, which was called by Gutshot Pro Dhirendra Kumar (6 4 ) and one more player on the table. On seeing the flop 7 6 Q , Vatsal again bet, but this time he pushed 3,500 chips, since he flopped a Q-pair. He was called by Kumar, who also flopped a 6-pair. The turn of 8 helped neither player, however, the river of 4 turned the game in favour of the Delhi lad who now had two pairs (66, 44). Vatsal bet 15,000 on the river and Kumar called. Kumar won the pot against the chip leader stealing away some of his chips.

  • Vatsal: Q T
  • Kumar: 6 4
  • Board: 7 6 Q 8 4

Caroline D’Souza Spotted Wearing Gutshot Patch

Among the male dominated field, we saw several female players in the IPC events hosted yesterday and today. The female contingent includes Spartan Poker Pro Nikita Luther, Anita Hassanandani, Priya Rajkumar, Caroline D’Souza, Aakanksha Singh and others. D’Souza is one such player who has been on the field since quite sometime. Yesterday, we spotted her grinding in the IPC 8K Mega Satty event and today she is crushing it in the 25K Kick-Off tourney.

Could she be Gutshot’s next Sponsored Pro?

Late Registration Over

It is the end of Level 9 and the late registration period has ended. There are 226 entries in total in this IPC 25K Kick-Off event. Kumar Vatsal, who won the silver package satellite on Spartan Poker. He continues to lead with a stack of 405K chips and we are already rooting for this grinder.

In other news, IPC September 2019 Main Event winner Raj Talwar was spotted in the casino but why did he not grind in the tourney? Talwar was spotted grinding on cash tables a while ago by our reporters.

Bullets Flopped By Sailboats

Samay Modi bet 2,000 preflop holding sailboats and Mithun Anand called with pocket rockets in hand. Modi flopped a set on the board of 4 9 2 , and naturally, Modi bet again with 5,000 chips, Anand raised and shoved all-in with 32,000, Modi happily called. The turn and river opened to Q 8 respectively. Anand’s pocket aces proved fateful as he busted at the hands of pocket fours. Maybe a raise preflop instead of just limping with his aces in order to trap Modi would have saved Anand from this bad beat.

  • Anand: A A
  • Modi: 4 4
  • Board: 4 9 2 Q 8

Siddhant Doubles Up

Siddhant KapoorCelebrity poker player and Gutshot’s June 2021 e-magazine cover star Siddhant Kapoor made a gutsy move which proved to be fruitful for him. Kapoor on the big blind, with T T , shoved all-in preflop with his approximately 16 BB stack (23,500 chips). He was called by Arjun Bhardwaj, holding 4 7 . The rainbow board showed 2 9 2 A