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India Poker Championship - Megastacks

IPC Megastacks May 2022 - 15K Mystery Bounty Live Updates

Jain Trips Sharma To The Exit

Nishant SharmaIt’s Level 9 of the 15K Mystery Bounty, preflop Abhishek Jain bet 2,800 with A Q . Nishant Sharma with only 13BB and K 7 jammed his stack and was called by Jain. When the dealer fanned out the cards, Jain flopped a set with his Ace and was already in the lead. While Sharma hit a King-pair on the turn, it was no use for him because the river soon followed and Jain still had the upper hand. With that Sharma busted out of the tournament. If he wants another go at the title, he will have to re-enter soon because late registration closes at the end of Level 9!

  • Jain: A Q
  • Sharma: K 7
  • Board: 4 A A K T

Players Are Loving The Mystery Bounty Event

This is the first time that the 15K Mystery Bounty tournament is being hosted in the India Poker Championship series. Players are swooning to the registration desk to get themselves registered for the Bounty event. So far, 87 players have registered for this event. The obsession for this event is such that most players who busted from the Main Event Day 2 are not regretting a tad bit but are immediately registering for the bounty event! 


Dhirendra Busted

 Dhirendra KumarThe 15K Mystery Bounty event at IPC Megastacks May 2022 is a unique format and players were eagerly looking forward to participating. At Level 3, Gutshot sponsored pro Dhirendra Kumar lost a huge pot with pocket eights against Jaydeep Dawer (A 9 ) and a few minutes later got busted with J8 at the hands of Vivek Karwa who had 7 6

. Kumar probably shoved all his chips into the pot post losing a sizable stack to Dawer. None of Kumar’s moves helped him progress further into the Main Event and he had to bid adieu to the game.

  • Kumar: 8 J
  • Karwa: 7 6
  • Board: 9 A 7 9 Q

Sarala Ramakrishnan Is The First 15K Mystery Bounty Ticket Winner

Sarala RamakrishnanGutshot Magazine had set up a raffle booth for IPC Megastacks 2022. Players had to register themselves at the booth since the day IPC began and we now announce the name of the first player who won a free ticket to the Mystery Bounty event.


It is Sarala Ramakrishnan! 

Ramakrishnan has been grinding quite intensely since day 1 of IPC Megastacks. We are super excited to watch this powerhouse in action. Keep crushing it Ramakrishnan! 


Sameer Shown The Door

Viney Singal bet 600 preflop to be called by two players and raised to 3,200 by the 25K Kick-off Event runner up Sameer Agarwal. Singal with his pocket kings happily called.

On the flop of 8 K 6 , Singal hit a set and bet 8,600 but due to the wetness of the board, Agarwal jammed his entire 28,200 stack with no hearts or any pair only to be called off by Singal. The 6 on the turn sealed the deal for Singal as he made his full house and busted Agarwal.

  • Singal: K K
  • Agarwal: A J
  • Board: 8 K 6 6 J

Registrations Are Flooding In For 15K Mystery Bounty

The IPC 15K Mystery Bounty tournament started at 4 PM and we already have 23 registrations. This was one event several players were looking forward to grind in. So far, well-known grinders Aayush Agarwal, Sameer Shivhare, Gopal Bajaj, Vineet Kumar, Harsh Bubna, Avneesh Munjal, Gagandeep Malik among others. 

15K Mystery Bounty Begins

The 15K Mystery Bounty has kick-off here, at Casino Vegas in Hotel Mechi Crown (HMC), Jhapa Nepal. As we told you earlier, this tournament has a unique format and will bring in some exciting surprises. All players playing this ₹15,000 buy-in event, will get a starting stack of 30,000 chips to play with. Each blind level at this tournament will last for 20 minutes and will have six breaks including four 10-minute breaks and three 15-minute breaks. The late registration period will end after Level 9 (Blinds 600/1,200). 

Have a look at the structure:

Mystery Bounty

Players Choosing To Sleep Over 15K Mystery Bounty?

In less than a few minutes, the much awaited 15K Mystery Bounty will start. This is the first time that such a tournament is being hosted in the Indian felts for the first time. The suspense factor adds to the excitement of the bounty tournament. Bounty events are always looked forward to as it gives an additional bonus along with the prize money. Although there are so many benefits to it, our players choose to sleep instead of grinding in the event? 

As per our registration desk, most players are telling them that they’re sleepy and would come and register later. Some even asked the folks on the front desk to do the registration on their behalf. 

Get Ready For The 15K Mystery Bounty

As we closely witness and update you about the latest updates on India Poker Championship (IPC) Megastacks May 2022, Main Event Day 2, we will also bring you the updates from the 15K Mystery Bounty tournament happening alongside. This one-day event is all set to begin at 5 PM today and is expected to welcome registrations from several popular names. 

Mystery bounty is a unique twist on the knockout bounty variant of poker. Players have to buy-in with ₹15,000. Out of this, ₹10,000 goes to the tournament’s prize pool, and ₹5,000 goes into a mystery bounty prize pool, instead of a ₹5,000 bounty on every player. Interesting, right? And the fun part is, that no one knows how much bounty a player carries. The bounty prize pool will be divided into multiple bounty amounts and placed in a box. Additionally, these mystery bounties will be introduced once the money bubble has burst. Players have to pick out a draw to know their bounty amount. 

So, stay tuned to Gutshot Magazine for the latest updates about this fun and exciting tournament, and watch the drama unfold. 

Place Winner Name Prize
1 NA
2 NA
3 NA
4 NA
5 NA
6 NA
7 NA
8 NA
9 NA
10 NA
11 NA
12 NA
13 NA
14 NA
15 NA
16 NA
17 NA
18 NA
19 MA
20 NA


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