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Win from a pool of 7.5L in Calling Station's Clash VIP Race India
Gutshot Admin
Posted on 31 Oct, 2018
By Gutshot Admin
On 31 Oct, 2018
By Gutshot Admin
On 31 Oct, 2018

Win from a pool of 7.5L in Calling Station’s Clash VIP Race

Our country has seen a rapid rise in the poker industry over the last couple of years and it’s probably only going to get better from here on, if a few legal restrictions are cleared. As for online poker, several companies have been set up in recent times, all trying to ride the wave and make some inroads into the competition.

One of the many websites that have been established in the last few months is Calling Station Poker, a website that initially began only with cash tables of varying stakes, but now also has a few tournament offerings. They have a bunch of promotions always running and we’re here to inform our viewers about one such promotions.

The Clash VIP Race 1&2 is a 2-part cash game promotion where all of their users can win from the prize pool of INR 7.5 lakh over the course of just a week. The leaderboard competition was divided into two parts and currently, Clash VIP Race 1 is underway, scheduled between 29 October to 1 November.

Clash VIP Race 2 then kicks off on 2 November and will go on until 4 November, where players can play cash games of different stakes and unlock VIP points as they grind as usual on Calling Station. Based on the stakes, there are different levels to earn VIP points, and you can get a breakdown of the cash bonus of each level in the creative above. The levels are:

  • Maverick – Blinds 0.5/1 to 3/6
  • Rounders – Blinds 5/10 to 10/20
  • The Grand – Blinds 25/50 to 50/100
  • Molly’s Game – Blinds 100/200 and above

At the end of the contest period, players can cash out their real cash bonuses based on their respective levels, and these bonuses are immediately withdrawable. Keep reading GutshotMagazine.com for more updates on new poker companies in the market and their best promotions and tournaments.

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Don’t have an account on Calling Station? Don’t miss out on their bonuses, promotions, cash games and latest tournaments. Sign-up now by clicking HERE.


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