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Drinks To Stay Away From Before A Crucial Poker Game Poker

Drinks To Stay Away From Before A Crucial Poker Game

by Manthra Koliyer Posted on 21 Dec, 2020

Christmas and other celebrations surely include a whole bunch of drinks of a different kind. But to all the poker players out there, you must never drink before a game. You may be super motivated to win, but alcohol, cocktails and caffeine could prove to be a hindrance in your game. 

Here are the top three drinks you must surely avoid before any game:

Alcohol and Cocktails

Consuming alcohol and cocktails is not wrong but, consuming it before a poker game is terribly inappropriate. Alcohol can easily play with your mind’s stability and your power to strategize. Poker is a mentally demanding game and you need to be in your best form to play and excel at the game. Alcohol would bring your focus down and severely reduce your ability to play. Alcohol diminishes your ability to think or act in a wise manner. Habitual drinking is absolutely detrimental to your game. Sure, you can enjoy your scotch on the rocks or your dry martinis from time to time but drinking too much necessarily undermines your ability to win.

Caffeinated Drinks

Now, you must wonder that after hyping up so much about drinking, we have added caffeinated drinks. One of the biggest temptations while grinding is to take several doses of caffeine when you’re feeling exhausted. Expressos, Americanos, or a Macchiato, too much of these caffeine heavy drinks could hit you hard. Caffeine gives you an instant wake-up call but in the long run, it only ends up making you more slower. This is something you must avoid at all costs.

Energy Drinks

Energy drinks like Monster and Red Bull give you a dose of instant energy but do not keep it going for the entire game. Remember, though it is sold in supermarkets, Red Bull does have an effect on your state of mind. You must never sip on cans of such energy drinks before a poker game. They will eventually take a toll on your overall health condition.

These are just a few among the several other drinks that you must avoid if you want to champion your game of poker. Gutshot recommends a few teas, that you could surely sip during or before a game of poker. Check them out here! 

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