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Poker Magnet's Rahul Bhatia Reveals The Brand's Success Story And Future Plans Poker
Amarylisa Gonsalves
Posted on 12 Jul, 2021
By Amarylisa Gonsalves
On 12 Jul, 2021
By Amarylisa Gonsalves
On 12 Jul, 2021

Poker Magnet’s Rahul Bhatia Reveals The Brand’s Success Story And Future Plans

The online poker market in India is made up of several operators, yet, there is enough scope for newer firms to enter this dynamic industry. One such budding online poker platform with exceptional features and a top-notch customer service model is Poker Magnet, which was launched a couple of years ago and has made its way to the top. 

Founded by two poker aficionados, Rahul Bahtia and Govind Agarwal, with a vision to popularise the sport in the country, RVOnline Gaming is on a mission to bring the sport to every household of India. At the core of RVOnline Gaming is its flagship company, Poker Magnet. 

We connected with Rahul Bhatia, co-founder, RVOnline, who believes poker is to cards what jazz is to music. Mr. Bhatia is a poker player himself with a few international titles to his credit. Talking about his experience with the game, the entrepreneur says, “My journey with poker has been nothing but exhilarating. It amazes me how far we have come and still, there is a long way to go in terms of establishing Poker Magnet as the leading app in the market.”

From playing poker to establishing an online poker platform, this poker pro is surely living  his dream. We asked Mr. Bhatia how the idea of starting a poker platform arise from. He says, “I was introduced to poker on my business trips to the US and Canada and I gradually evolved from a curious onlooker to an avid poker enthusiast. 

In India, there was a mismatch in terms of player expectations and what the online poker platforms were offering in terms of the gaming experience. I always felt a pressing need to elevate the players’ experience and customer service thus, I shared my concerns with my long-time friend and fellow poker enthusiast, Govind. Soon, we were drawing plans on paper, and eventually, we were able to introduce a worthy poker app to the Indian market.”

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Introducing any product in an already established market is no child’s play. While launching the poker platform in 2015, they needed to make sure the platform stands out and adds value to the playing experience of the customers. Talking about how they made their product stand out, Mr. Bhatia says, “Since we are from the poker gaming ecosystem, we understand the needs of our players and we try to address those needs in terms of our game interface, user experience, and various features like custom emojis, the ability to host a private table, heads- up display option and last but not the least our absolute commitment to the customer service. 

Players before profits is our motto. We are constantly striving for swiftness in resolving customer concerns. Our players can reach out to our customer support at any time of the day and night.’

Talking about how much of a market share this budding platform has been able to capture, Mr. Bhatia says, “We are a noob in the gaming industry and are taking baby steps every day to establish our footprint. The cost of customer acquisition is very high in this industry so anyone entering the market has to have deep pockets. 

We started operations two years ago and although we are relatively small in size as compared to the market leaders, we are catapulting to be a prominent name and quickly grabbing major market share. As of today, we are amongst the top 10 players in the market.”

Mr. Rahul Bhatia, co-founder, RVOnline Gaming

Mr. Rahul Bhatia, co-founder, RVOnline Gaming

We asked Bhatia where poker stands in India and what are his plans for Poker Magnet. Bhatia was quick and excited as he shares, “With rising disposable incomes and an ever-growing global exposure, poker is destined to capture the significant mind space of Indians. I can see poker penetration in India will quickly catch up with the benchmarks in countries like the US and UK. We have a dynamic and skilled team that has helped us to create a product that is a cut above the rest and stands out in the market. 

We are planning to come up with exciting cash game variants. We are also planning to launch large-scale poker tournaments and create a first-in-market poker loyalty program co-branded with a major banking partner.”

After talking to Mr. Bhatia, we know that Poker Magnet has come a long way from where it started and has a long way to go. Apart from sharing about the company, he also told us about how he and Poker Magnet stepped forward to help the people affected due to the COVID-19 pandemic, in the interview with Gutshot Magazine.

Read the full interview with Mr. Rahul Bhatia in Gutshot Magazine’s June 2021 emagazine.

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