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Poker Dictionary - Fish Hooks Poker-Dictionary
Amarylisa Gonsalves
Posted on 09 Jun, 2021
By Amarylisa Gonsalves
On 09 Jun, 2021
By Amarylisa Gonsalves
On 09 Jun, 2021

Poker Dictionary – Fish Hooks

Playing with a deck of 52 cards, trying to make the best hand with five cards, one is certain to come across countless combinations. In the world of poker, some of these combinations have been given names for easier understanding and communication. Simply put, it’s faster and simpler to say ‘I have ducks’, instead of saying ‘I have a pair of Deuces.’ Let’s look at one such nickname given to a combination of hole cards – Fish Hooks.

What are Fish Hooks?

Fish Hooks is nothing but a term used to describe a pair of two jacks or simply, pocket jacks. It is an uncommon yet interesting name given to cards. Pocket jacks are usually a troublesome hand to play for many. It is also known as ‘brothers‘, ‘John Juanda‘, ‘jaybirds‘ or ‘jar jars‘.

Why Fish Hooks?

There is no strategic importance or reason why it is named Fish Hooks. It is simply because the letter J resembles a Fish hook, hence the name Fish Hooks to two Js.

It is also commonly called brothers because it resembles two male members of a family getting along, ‘John Juanda’ after American professional poker player, who holds five WSOP bracelets. John Juanda was also voted to the Poker Hall of Fame in the year 2015.

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How to play the Fish Hooks?

The Fish Hooks are usually difficult to play. It’s the fourth strongest pair after the pair of aces, kings and queens.


How you play your Fish Hooks pre-flop should totally depend on your position at the table. Suppose your opponent is dealt with A-K, your play of jacks will change, it will depend if the opponent plays before you or after. If the opponent plays before you, he’s more likely to have the lead, if he plays after you, you will likely take the lead in the game.


One important tip is to avoid betting on a middle hand. Simply because if one bets on it there is less possibility of getting called by a worse hand and higher possibility of being called by a greater hand. This is a general poker theory. 

Fish Hooks is the appropriate example of a middle hand in pre-flop. If the flop opens to a card that improves a Fish hook, only then it becomes higher, or it remains a middle hand.

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