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Pocket52 Jordar January ₹3.4 Crore GTD Poker
Mrinal Gujare
Posted on 10 Jan, 2023
By Mrinal Gujare
On 10 Jan, 2023
By Mrinal Gujare
On 10 Jan, 2023

Pocket52 Is Ready To Make Your January Jordar!

Are you thinking about what’s so Jordar happening on Pocket52? Don’t you worry, we will tell you all about it. Pocket52 is ready with a robust January 2023 plan which includes some of the best tournaments. Yes folks, this popular online poker room is all set with tournaments worth ₹3.4 Crore with Jordar January. Want to know what’s even more amazing? Pocket52 has freerolls worth ₹6 Lakh GTD! Now that sounds like a bumper deal, isn’t it? Sure is!

Pocket52 January Jordar

This online poker room is among the fastest-growing sites in the country. Needless to say, the promotions offered on this platform are the best that you can get. And January 2023 on Pocket52 is going to be sheer fireworks if you sign up and grind to win big prize money.

The online poker room has ₹12 Lakh GTD Pocket Kings scheduled every Sunday at 8 PM. The buy-in for this event stands at ₹2,200. Next up is ₹7.5 Lakh GTD Pocket Queens. This tourney is scheduled for every Friday and Saturday at 8 PM for a buy-in of ₹2,000. Pocket52 is offering plenty of tournaments on its platform for players to win big this season. There is no way you can miss out on these! So sign up and get started with your grind on Pocket52.

Apart from the marquee events, Pocket52 also has Pocket Brunch ₹1.25 Lakh GTD (Monday – Thursday) and Pocket Lunch ₹1.5 Lakh GTD (Friday – Saturday). These tourneys are scheduled at 2 PM and come with buy-ins of ₹660 and ₹990 respectively. Players can also grind in tournaments which have buy-ins of ₹495 (Pocket Snacks) and ₹550 (Pocket Soda). These two events come with 75K GTD which are perfect for mid stakes players.

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The online poker platform made sure to offer a considerable chunk of the prize pool for free entry tournaments which are pretty crucial for those who’ve just started their journey in poker. Yes people, we are talking about newbies in poker. Don’t worry folks, Pocket52 has you covered. With ₹6 Lakh GTD up for grabs, make sure you register and get grinding if boosting your bankroll at zero cost is on your agenda. Not just for the month of January, Pocket52 will make sure the year is loaded with fantastic promotions and freerolls.

 Jordar January Highlights

  • ₹12 Lakh GTD Pocket Kings – Every Sunday
  • ₹7.5 Lakh GTD Pocket Queens – Every Friday and Saturday
  • ₹4 Lakh GTD Pocket Jacks – Monday to Thursday at 8:00 PM
  • 75K GTD Pocket Snacks and Pocket Soda – Daily

Is that all? No, there’s more. Pocket52 also has some exciting deposit codes on offer. The online poker room is offering tickets to its feature tournaments. For example, if you deposit ₹20,000 using code KINGS then you will get a ticket to this ₹12 Lakh GTD event. Take a look below at the deposit codes:

  • 60K Pocket Squares – SQUARES – ₹4,000
  • 75K GTD Pocket Snacks – SNACKS – ₹4,500
  • 75K GTD Pocket Soda – SODA – ₹5,000
  • ₹1.25 Lakh Pocket Brunch – BRUNCH – ₹6,000
  • ₹1.5 Lakh Pocket Lunch – LUNCH – ₹9,000
  • ₹4 Lakh Pocket Jacks – JACKS – ₹15,000
  • ₹7.5 Lakh Pocket Queens – QUEENS – ₹18,000
  • ₹12 Lakh Pocket Kings – KINGS – ₹20,000

Folks, aren’t you already convinced that you need to register on Pocket52? If you want in on the action then sign up immediately via Gutshot Magazine and get ready for a fabulous journey ahead full of rewards, bonuses, exclusive freerolls, cashbacks, and much more.

Pocket52 Jordar January ₹3.4 Crore GTD

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