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Mrinal Gujare
Posted on 05 Feb, 2021
By Mrinal Gujare
On 05 Feb, 2021
By Mrinal Gujare
On 05 Feb, 2021

Online Gambling In Tamil Nadu Will Result In Imprisonment & Fine

An amendment bill introduced in Tamil Nadu assembly seeks imprisonment up to two years or fine not exceeding INR 10,000 or both for people engaging in online gambling. The news report further adds that an amendment bill introduced in the Tamil Nadu assembly on Thursday seeks to replace an ordinance banning cyberspace gambling. The media reports about this amendment bill further state that online games like rummy and poker which involve wagering or betting will become an punishable offense.

The bill further states that no person shall be allowed to use ‘computers’ or ‘any communication device’ or any other instrument of gaming to engage in online gambling. The news report adds that nobody can facilitate or organize any online games involving gambling in the virtual space. Furthermore, people who violate this law will be liable for legal action. The amendment bill also covers ‘games of mere skill’ in consideration of a “wager, bet, money or other stakes.” The bill tabled in the Tamil Nadu assembly also includes more conditions.  The bill adds, “The offence committed by a company, person, in charge and responsible for the conduct of the business, at the time of the offence, as well as the firm shall be deemed to be guilty of the offence and is considered liable to be proceeded against and punished.’

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The media reports add that lottery is not included in gaming. But it considers any game involving wagering or betting in person or in digital space as illegal. The statement of objects and reasons of the bill stated, “Playing games like Rummy, Poker etc., using computers or mobile phones for money or other stakes which are addictive in nature had developed manifold in the recent times. This resulted in innocent people getting cheated and incidents of suicide being reported. As a preventive measure for suicides and for the purpose of protection from getting addicted to online gaming, it was decided to impose a ban wagering or betting in virtual space by appropriately changing the critical enactments.”

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