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Monday Roundup: Gaurav Sood wins ReCharge on Spartan Poker
Gutshot Editorial
Posted on 24 Dec, 2019
By Gutshot Editorial
On 24 Dec, 2019
By Gutshot Editorial
On 24 Dec, 2019

Monday Roundup: Gaurav Sood wins ReCharge on Spartan

The action slowed down last night with the commencement of the working week. Sundays keep blazing with fire and give way to a comparatively slower Monday. Yet it did not stop the players from taking their seats and showcasing their poker skills. The biggest guarantee tournament was ReCharge INR 12 Lakhs GTD on Spartan Poker followed by The Bout INR 10 Lakhs GTD on PokerBaazi. And here is a complete summary of the Monday majors…


Riding past a huge field of 603 entries, a prominent and regular online grinder Gaurav Sood took down ReCharge INR 12 Lakhs GTD on Spartan Poker last night. Each of these players entered for a buy-in of INR 2,200, observing the guarantee being slightly surpassed to create a higher prize pool, a slice of which was well-received by the top players before the tournament came to standstill. Any active player would know Sood and yesterday the champion added another feather to his illustrious poker cap after railing out another circuit crusher Arjanveer Chadha aka ‘bazzingaa’ in heads-up to grab the winner’s prize money.

The tournament concluded in level 53, Sood holding 7h Jh up against Chadha holding Kc Ad. Pre-flop saw the entire stack of latter in the middle and got a call from the former. Flop 3h Ac 7d, both players hit pair while turn and river 6c 9h appeared blank and that was it, Chadha couldn’t dominate Sood’s pair of Aces with his pair of Sevens and the champion further strengthened his poker bankroll.

  • Total Entries – 603
  • Prize Pool – INR 12,06,000
  • Places Paid – 55
  • Min-Cash – INR 5,909

Other notable finishers include Anmol Mehta aka ‘anzzzzz’ (4th), Harshad Barve aka ‘omglukbox’ (10th), Faiz Alam aka ‘DrStrange’ (25th), Siddarth Singhvi aka ‘PeterPunter’ (26th), Ayan Ray aka ‘interlalia_1’ (27th), Neeraj Kumar aka ‘SelfClaimedPros’ (37th), Rubin Labroo aka ‘kornkid’ (50th), Guneet Kwatra aka ‘guntz’ (55th) and so on.

The Bout

Last night’s flagship tournament on PokerBaazi was The Bout INR 10 Lakhs GTD luring a total of 246 players with each one chipping in a buy-in of INR 4,400. Eventually, before the tournament ended the prize pool was distributed among the top finishers who strolled out of the competition with a min-cash. However, the glory of the night was taken away by ‘NOTAPRO’ who defeated online grinder Anuj Yadav aka ‘BrockLesnar95’ for INR 2.35 Lakhs. Yadav managed to secure INR 1.65 Lakh for ending up in the runner-up position.

  • Total Entries – 246
  • Prize Pool – INR 10,00,000
  • Places Paid – 27
  • Min-Cash – INR 8,300

Kuldeep Jorwal aka ‘Bacchapro’ (3rd), Arjanveer Singh aka ‘holdbaby’ (4th), Vinay B aka ‘Vinstill’ (6th), Faiz Alam aka ‘AilaGaya’ (13th), Raman Gujral aka ‘ifryu’ (15th), Sahil Mahboobani aka ‘ImHighIshove’ (17th), Rajat Sharma aka ‘LungFakeer’ (21st) were among few notable players to finish in the money.

Goa Fest

Dominating a field of 433 entries, Kamal Naruka aka ‘ksn123’ took away the title of Goa Fest INR 8 Lakhs GTD on Adda52 last night. The buy-in to the tournament was INR 4,000 which saw the guarantee being surpassed and generating a higher prize pool, a share of which was taken away by the top finishers. However, Naruka shipped the tournament after defeating ‘abhisekchem86’ in heads-up for INR 2.2 Lakhs while the runner-up settled for INR 1.2 Lakh.

  • Total Entries – 433
  • Prize Pool – INR 8,08,082
  • Places Paid – 24
  • Min-Cash – INR 6,869

The top 24 places finished in the money including Sagar Choudhury aka ‘alwaysnutz’ (3rd), Sandeep Varma aka ‘effuno’ (5th), Spartan ReCharge winner (read above) Gaurav Sood aka ‘gauravarod’ (6th), Abhishek Garg aka ‘thegrinder’ (8th), Guneet Kwatra aka ‘guntz’ (23rd) and so on.


The chip graph on PokerStars Monday Hustle INR 6 Lakhs GTD shows ‘shaandaarsingh’ continuing his battle by resting above the average stack throughout the final hours of the competition. The tournament however ended after the players striking a heads-up deal. With ‘shaandaarsingh’ building up his impressive stack pushed away Faiz Alam aka ‘LFGgggg’ in the runner-up position. Both players closed the tournament after earning INR 1,04,110 in prize money.

  • Total Entries – 187
  • Prize Pool – INR 6,00,000
  • Places Paid – 31
  • Min-Cash – INR 5,911

Other notable players to cash include Devvrat Arya aka ‘bhasm@sur1’ (5th), Abhinav Jain aka ‘hustler427’ (8th), Anuj Yadav aka ‘brockLesnar95’ (11th), Sahil Mahboobani aka ‘inaboobham’ (17th), Ashish Ahuja aka ‘Spewushhhiiiii’ (23rd), Ashish Ahuja aka ‘Spewushhhiiiii’ (23rd), Sagar Choudhury aka ‘sagarpupull’ (31st) and so on.

StackUp Turbo

9stacks hosted StackUp Turbo INR 1 Lakh GTD at 8 pm sharp enticing 118 players who registered for a buy-in of INR 1,100. The guarantee was surpassed creating a higher prize pool of INR 1,01,000 and the lion’s share of the same was taken away by an anonymous but online reg ‘HUTUTU’ who eliminated ‘Pretend’ in heads-up for INR 27,270. While the runner-up managed to settle for INR 19,190.

  • Total Entries – 118
  • Prize Pool – INR 1,01,000
  • Places Paid – 15
  • Min-Cash – INR 1,414

Other notable players to cash include Manoj Singh aka ‘Arnav17’ (8th), Neeraj Dureja aka ‘Cheetah’ (12th), Harsh Raaj aka ‘littleboy’ (13th) and so on. For latest updates on live and online poker tournaments keep reading GutshotMagazine.com and stay tuned!

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