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Mindful Mondays - An Introduction To Fitness, Exercises, Diet & More India
Manthra Koliyer
Posted on 04 Jan, 2021
By Manthra Koliyer
On 04 Jan, 2021
By Manthra Koliyer
On 04 Jan, 2021

Mindful Mondays – An Introduction To Fitness, Exercises, Diet & More

As poker players have you ever wanted to have a healthy body but did not know where to begin? We’ve got you covered. Rahul Tarfe is a professional bodybuilder and certified fitness trainer. He will be sharing his experience and suggesting several tips for our poker players. Watch out for this space every Monday to know more about fitness, exercises, diet, and more.

Firstly, why did we choose Rahul in the first place?

Rahul Tarfe is a Mumbai-based professional bodybuilder. An American College of Sports and Medicine (ASCM) certified personal fitness trainer and influencer. Rahul has an Instagram profile with more than 14K followers where he updates his fans about fitness, diet, and lifestyle changes. Firstly, as a beginner, amateur, or professional, you must know that having a proper sleep cycle and an elaborate diet routine is very crucial to even begin working on your body. Gutshot asked Tarfe to share valuable insights and tips for poker players. Take a look:


Fitness freaks or not, sleep cycle is very important. When you sleep, you tend to get up with a fresh mind. This helps you to focus and pay attention to several aspects of your life. As poker players, it must be difficult to maintain a healthy sleep cycle, but you should try and get yourself at least 7-8 hours of sleep.

Sleeping gives time to your muscles for rebuilding. Muscles are stretched while working out or even while doing daily exercises. Hence, you must ensure that you sleep undisturbed so that your body gets enough time to recover.


To start a good fitness regime, you must keep your gut happy. While consuming meals, you must not keep a big gap between meals. When there’s a huge gap between meals, your metabolism rate decreases and eventually decreasing the fat burning process. Other than this, a gap between meals also leads to severe acidity. I would suggest that you should at least have 5-6 smaller meals every day according to your fitness goals. If you keep feeding your body after 2-3 hours, your metabolism rate increases, and this eventually speeds up the process of fat burning.

Players who wish to gain weight should consume carbohydrates, protein, and food with fat components in their diet. Players who want to lose weight: Should stop consuming fats and sugar intake. They should also keep their carbs and protein intake under control. If you want to know which food to consume while grinding, check it out here.


Workout timings should be personalized according to the individual’s convenience. There is a predominant belief that one must only workout during a specific time of the day. Rahul, on the contrary, says that you must choose timings to work out according to your convenience. While choosing you must only fix a time when you are highly energetic and happy. Because when you are highly charged, it will reflect in your performance.

If you are a gym freak, remember, you must keep upgrading yourself. You could have started out from a very basic gym but remember upgrading your gym is very crucial. People think that air conditioning in a gym is just fancy, but on the contrary, it is very helpful. Your performance increases when you are in an airconditioned gym.

Do not worry that due to the pandemic you are stuck at home. “I also went through the same phase, hence I chose to give online training to my clients, “ says Tarfe.


Lastly, being mentally strong is very important. You need to be determined because nothing is unachievable. Recovery of muscles also takes place well when you are entirely motivated. You will also have to cut down on eating junk food, drinking, smoking, etc. as all of this will delay your body from operating in the right manner.

“When I was in school, I was bullied for being extremely skinny. Today I am a fitness trainer and I have come a long way from the person that was being bullied. Take people’s criticism and use it to motivate yourself,” says Rahul Tarfe. Remember, you are stronger than you think.

These are just a few tips, but hey, we’ve got a lot more in store. Keep watching this space every Monday to learn more about fitness, diet, exercises etc. Please post your comments below. 

About the interviewee: Rahul Tarfe started working out at the age of 15. This 28-years-old fitness freak has won the Gold Medal in Junior Mr. Mumbai 2014, Bronze in Sr. Mumbai 2020, and several other local and district level competitions. He has collaborated with several brands such as Kong Fitness, Big Flex, Empowered Subs, etc, and represented them as their official athlete. You can check out his website and Instagram profile here!

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