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Martin Zamani wins PCA’s last High Roller - $25K HR Poker
Gutshot Editorial
Posted on 17 Jan, 2019
By Gutshot Editorial
On 17 Jan, 2019
By Gutshot Editorial
On 17 Jan, 2019

Martin Zamani wins PCA’s last High Roller – $25K HR

PokerStars LIVE hosted PokerStars Caribbean Adventure (PCA) is now in the books. One of the last tournaments to end on the final day was the $25k High Roller along with the $10,300 Main Event which was won by USA’s David Rheem.

The last day of PCA saw the final 12 players play for the top prize of $895,110 in the 3-day $25k HR tournament. Day 2 of the tournament saw two Austrian pros Thomas Muehloecker and Markus Durnegger leading in chip counts with Muehloecker slightly ahead. Other notable players in the final 12 included $100k PCA SHR winner Sam GreenwoodNick PetrangeloDominik Nitsche and PCA $25k HR winner Sean Winter.

The winner to emerge on the final day after a tough and competitive High Rollers was Martin Zamani who hails from USA. He bagged the title after beating Germany’s Nitsche in heads-up. He took home the 1st place cash prize of INR 895,110 (~INR 6.35 Crores) for his spectacular finish in the PCA. The runuer-up Nitsche won a sizeable $606,360, a respectable 2nd place cash prize indeed.

A few readers may have recognized the winner’s last name – Zamani. Benjamin Zamani, Martin’s brother, is a former World Poker Tour (WPT) Player of the Year and a two-time WSOP bracelet winner too. Martin even introduced himself in an interview as Ben’s brother.

Martin too has played quite a lot in America, having cashes since 2014. His best live cash previously was at 2018 WSOP 6-Handed BB Ante event, where he cashed in 7th place for $74,162. Though his previous best cash was a good score, there is no comparison between that and this fresh win, which more than doubled his live earnings. Zamani later commented, “It was fun, I ran really good.

At one point in the game, Zamani was nearly busted as Muehloecker had 3-bet him with Queens and Zamani shoved with Ace-Five offsuit. An ace on the flop saved Zamani from busting and the day’s chip leader Muehloecker busted a few hands later at 3rd place for $404,240.

I’ve wanted to play Dom (Dominik Nitsche) heads up for a long time. I mean, come on. He’s the end boss” Zamani later told the onsite press. Heads-up between him and Nitsche happened quite fast, both players checking, betting, and folding in a blaze.

Martin Zamani wins PCA’s last High Roller - $25K HR

The last hand of the tournament saw Nitsche limp on the button and Zamani raised to 360,000 and received a call. The flop came to Ac 10d 7h. Zamani made two pair instantly with his Ad 7d but made a cool 300,000 bet and Nitsche called it with Js 9s to see the turn come to 9d. Zamani put a sizeable bet after the turn, making a flush draw, and saw the German put his remaining 900,000 chips after tanking for a while. Only a Nine of clubs or hearts or an Eight could’ve beaten Zamani’s two pairs but the river of 2h proved fruitless and Zamani lifted the trophy later.

Final Pay-outs –

  1. Martin Zamani – $895,110
  2. Dominik Nitsche – $606,360
  3. Thomas Muehloecker – $404,240
  4. Tom-Aksel Bedell – $331,100
  5. Markus Durnegger – $265,640
  6. Gianluca Speranza – $205,980
  7. Sean Winter – $152,460
  8. Davidi Kitai – $112,040

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