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Justin Bonomo’s Reply To Matt Glantz Crying Out Loud Is Sadistic AF Poker
Mrinal Gujare
Posted on 14 Dec, 2022
By Mrinal Gujare
On 14 Dec, 2022
By Mrinal Gujare
On 14 Dec, 2022

Justin Bonomo’s Reply To Matt Glantz Crying Out Loud Is Sadistic AF

What happens when you play sharp at a live poker event and your rival cries out loud on Twitter like a sissy? You either ignore because you have better things to do in life or you hit back at that insipid loser because it is necessary. This happened to Justin Bonomo when Matt Glantz ranted about the former’s play at World Poker Tour (WPT) World Championship 2022 in Las Vegas. The event is underway at Wynn Las Vegas and many popular pros are grinding in the tournament. 

Matt Glantz firing at Justin Bonomo

Glantz shared an interesting post on Twitter wherein he described a hand he played. Bonomo was playing on the same table and going by the tone of Glantz’s tweet, it was clear that the former’s aggressive play was not appreciated. Why? Read on to know how this testy Twitter rant ended. 

The Philadelphia player went off about ‘ZeeJustin’ in a tweet which read, “At my @WynnPoker table…All 3 guys have approx $200k. Utg+1 2800. 2 flats.  Pink Hair Guy 16k from sb.  Kid in bb 34k.  Opener calls. Pink Hair Guy calls.    Flop 894ss.  Pink Hair Guy checks dark.  Bb 30k.  Opener 80k.  Pink Hair Guy all in. Fold Fold. Can not breathe.”

Matt Glantz ranting about Justin Bonomo

The ‘cannot breathe’ may have been a bit of a stretch because nobody can dominate how others play. Moreover, Glantz kept on referring to Bonomo as the ‘Pink Hair Guy’ which was nothing but Glantz mocking the player who’s number one on the All Time Money List (Hendon Mob) and also among the richest poker players in terms of net worth in 2022.

Justin Bonomo’s reply to Matt Glantz

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Bonomo in his defense replied to his rival’s tweet in a way that defines savagery. He wrote, “ Weird, no trouble breathing on my side of the table Matt.” Bonomo did not stop with just one tweet. He shared a few more about the hands played on that particular table. Bonomo’s follow up tweet read, “Few hands later: Matt bets 35k and folds to a shove of 45k total (10k more) without even asking for a count from 80k guy in previous hand. NEXT HAND…”

This tweet by the Fairfax-born pro simply hinted that Glantz had no clue how to go about his game and did whatever came to his mind. Bonomo’s next tweet stated, “I open EP to 3k, Matt in SB says 8.5k and puts out a 25k chip. I say “I call and I’ll change the 25k”. I put out 8.5k and then in a separate motion put out 5 5k chips. Matt thought I said all-in and pushed his stack forward. Keep playing great Matt.” If this isn’t peak savagery then we don’t know what is. 

But wait there’s more to it. ‘ZeeJustin’ shared one more tweet, this time with a picture of Glantz’s depleting chip stack only to further cement his poor game play at WPT World Championship 2022. He captioned the post by saying, “Matt’s strategy after dinner break. Unclear if it’s an improvement or not over how he’s been playing. We all know about Bonomo’s rivalry with Daniel Negreanu (who’s also grinding at the event) but looks like the pink hair pro has found a new nemesis in Glantz. 

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