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Is This The Biggest BAD BEAT Jackpot In History? Poker
Donna Amo
Posted on 28 Aug, 2022
By Donna Amo
On 28 Aug, 2022
By Donna Amo
On 28 Aug, 2022

Is This The Biggest BAD BEAT Jackpot In History?

Bad beats are every poker player’s worst nightmare, and Benjamin Flanagan indeed experienced one at the Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh. However, unlike the usual outcome of bad beats when a player is left disappointed, Flanagan left the poker room smiling ear-to-ear. All thanks to the poker room’s $1.2 million bad beat jackpot!

The player from West Virginia in the United States rivered a quad aces on the board of Ad Qs As 9d Js in a $1/$3 no-limit hold’em game. But unfortunately (or fortunately) for Flanagan, his opponent Raymond Broderson defeated him with Ks Ts as he rivered a royal flush. This hand created the largest bad-beat jackpot in the history of live poker in the United States. It wasn’t just the Flanagan who walked away happy as the rest of the table consisting of six players, also received large payouts. Two of these players received life-changing money.

How much did the players get?

When it comes to bad beat jackpots, the player who losses the hand will receive the largest share of the $1,226,000 jackpot. Flanagan, who suffered one of his life’s most exciting bad beats, took home 40% of the prize money, which was $490,708. The second highest paycheck worth $368,029 (30% share) was given to Borderson, plus the comparatively small pot he won with his royal flush. The remaining six players on the table received $61,338 each, even though they were not involved in the hand’s outcome.

The mind-blowing news was shared by player Nick Rigby, a Pittsburgh resident, on his Twitter account @GTO_Diaper. Rigby is mainly known for his deep Main Event run in World Series of Poker (WSOP) 2021. He was the one to introduce the ‘dirty diaper’ game he plays to the poker world.

The bad-beat jackpot was heavily promoted by Rivers Casino in the past few weeks. They even released a video when the jackpot had hit $1.19 million. Two weeks after the announcement, the jackpot was finally hit.

More Massive Poker Bad Beats?

While this was the biggest bad beat jackpot so far in US live poker history, there have been other bad beat jackpots almost as big or even bigger. In 2018, one player at the Motor City Casino in Detroit won a lovely $427,452 after his quad threes lost to quad kings. In this case, the total jackpot pool was $1,068,590, just under $200,000 then the one that was paid at the Rivers Casino.

There was another one that happened in August 2017 in Canada. A $1,210,989 bad beat jackpot was reached at the Playground Poker Club. It was when Shane Galle rivered a straight flush against Elphege Delarosbil’s quad jacks in a $1/2 no-limit hold’em cash table. Delarosbil received $460,149 while $230,088 went to Delarosbil. It was in the same casino (Playground Poker Club) where a record-setting $2.2 million jackpot was hit. The winner who lost with quad tens walked away with around $845,000.

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What are bad beat jackpots?

A bad beat jackpot is the prize money that is paid when an adequately strong hand by a player loses to an even stronger hand by another player. Mostly, bad beats don’t even reach seven figures before they crack. The prize pool size depends on the card room and can range anywhere from $5,000 to what was seen at the Rivers Casino.

The rules triggering the jackpot depend from casinos to casinos. However, the standard hand is aces full of jacks losing to quads or better. In most cases, players will have to play with both their hole cards to qualify for the jackpot.

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