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Manthra Koliyer
Posted on 21 Jan, 2021
By Manthra Koliyer
On 21 Jan, 2021
By Manthra Koliyer
On 21 Jan, 2021

IOPC Day 7: Sanat Mehrotra has a dream run with 3 titles!

The tournaments on Day 7 of India Online Poker Championship (IOPC) January 2021 had a robust line-up of winners. With massive guarantees on offer, the seventh day of IOPC was an action-packed ride. Sanat Mehrotra shipped three tournaments on Day 7 which calls for a drumroll. The player not just made heads turn but also made his mark in IOPC history, for this remarkable feat he achieved.

Poker pro Gokul Raj, Sajjan Barnwal, Prafull Hasbe and Sahil Chutani won big on Day 7 which saw all hands on deck. Read below how IOPC Jan 2021 Day 7 reached its climax while keeping everyone on the edge of their seats.

IOPC #40 – 3 Lakhs GTD

The IOPC #40 was the first tournament of Day 7 which had 673 entries for a small buy-in of INR 550. The final prize pool crossed the initial one and reached INR 3,36,500. The winner of the IOPC #40 was Sanat Mehrotra aka ‘avneed’ who is a regular player in IOPC. Mehrotra took home a prize money of INR 61,995. 

  • Total entries: 673
  • Prize pool: INR 3,36,500
  • Buy-In: INR 550
  • Places paid: 31
  • Min-Cash: INR 2,961

IOPC #41 – 6.50 Lakhs GTD

The IOPC #41 had a total of 333 entries and a buy-in of INR 2,200. The final prize pool for this tournament surpassed the initial one and stood at INR 6.66 Lakhs. Sanat Mehrotra aka ‘avneed’ won yet again and took home a huge prize money of INR 1,47,519. The players entered the tournament with a chip ratio of 2:1. Both the players went pre-flop all in and the board opened with the J♣ 8♥ 5♠ T♥, 6♥ cards, which resulted in Avneed taking the pot with a pair of 8’s against ‘acchemichals’ high card.

  • Total entries: 333
  • Prize pool: INR 6.66 Lakhs
  • Buy-In: INR 2,200
  • Places paid: 27
  • Min-Cash: INR 6,660

IOPC #42 – DeepStack – 5.75 Lakhs GTD

The third tournament of Day 7, IOPC #42 had a total of 731 entries for a buy-in of INR 880. The prize pool ultimately reached INR 5,84,800. Sajjan Barnwal aka ‘KalaAngrez’ bagged the top position and happily collected a pile of cash to the tune of INR 1,13,158. Talking about his victory last night, Kumar said, “IOPC tourneys are very well structured and have big GTDs. I enjoyed playing in the tournament.” The runner-up of this tournament was well-known player Ratul Steves aka ‘Atriohm’ who added INR 71,345 to his bankroll.

KalaAngrez had a higher stack as compared to Atriohm. In level #56, both the players went all-in on the river. KalaAngrez took the lead with a Straight and crushed Atriohm who had a pair.

  • Total entries: 731
  • Prize pool: INR 5,84,800
  • Buy-In: INR 880
  • Places paid: 63
  • Min-Cash: INR 2,543

IOPC #43 – 3.50 Lakhs GTD

This tournament had a buy-in of INR 1,100 with a total of 376 entries. The winner was Prafull Hasbe aka ‘2Lucifer2’ who bagged INR 64,188 in prize money. Hasbe previously won IOPC #14 3.50 Lakhs GTD and cashed INR 79,699. The chip ratio was 2:1 as ‘2Lucifer2’ had a better chip stack as compared to ‘tks54321.’ Player ‘2Lucifer2’ folded on the river which brought the tournament to a close as the players opted for deal.

  • Total entries: 376
  • Buy-In: INR 1,100
  • Places paid: 31
  • Min-Cash: INR 2,977

IOPC #44 – DESTINY – 50 Lakhs GTD

This tournament was the most highly anticipated one of Day 7. The INR 5,500 buy-in tournament had 980 entries in total. Sahil Chutani aka ‘$lim$hady19’ shipped this tournament and collected a colossal prize money of INR 10,05,229. In the last showdown, ‘$lim$hady’ took the pot with two pairs against Paperboi’s single pair. But the tournament ended in a deal between the two players.

  • Total entries: 980
  • Buy-In: INR 5,500
  • Places paid: 85
  • Min-Cash: INR 13,500

IOPC #45 – 11 Lakhs GTD

The second last tournament of the day had a buy-in of INR 1,650. The prize pool of INR 13,12,500 crossed the advertised guarantee. The winner of this tournament was poker pro Gokul Raj aka ‘Super Kings’ who cashed an impressive INR 1,63,375. Level #48 had four players, namely, KasolHeights, ImHighIshove, Super Kings, and lilmessipranjal. Two players, lilmessipranjal and ImHighIshove folded pre flop. But while KasolHeights took the pot, the tournament ultimately ended in a four-way deal. 

  • Total entries: 875
  • Prize pool: INR 13,12,500
  • Buy-In: INR 1,650
  • Places paid: 71
  • Min-Cash: INR 4,987

IOPC #46 – 10 Lakhs GTD

This tournament had a buy-in of INR 2,200 and there were 486 entries in total. The winner of this tournament was Sanat Mehrotra aka ‘avneed’ who cashed a mighty sum of INR 2,00,500. Mehrotra was surely on winning spree as he won three tournaments on the same day, which is a rare and noteworthy achievement. Ashish Ahuja aka ‘Spewushhhiiiii’ was the runner-up and he took home INR 1,33,300 in prize money.

In level #50 the chip ratio of avneed was massive as compared to that of Spewushhhiiii as he was leading with a 4:1 ratio. Spewushhhiiiii went all in pre-flop. When the community cards were laid out, Spewushhhiiiii and avneed both had a pair, but avneed took home the pot with an Ace high pair.

  • Total entries: 486
  • Buy-In: INR 2,200
  • Places paid: 39
  • Min-Cash: INR 6,900

Follow this space for the latest updates on IOPC January 2021. For more updates on online poker tournaments, keep reading GutshotMagazine.com. Follow us on FacebookInstagram, and Telegram.

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