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Posted on 20 Jul, 2019
By Gutshot
On 20 Jul, 2019
By Gutshot
On 20 Jul, 2019

IOPC Day 6: Barve wins Elite; Parakh wins 3rd title of series

Yesterday was Day 6 of the very popular India Online Poker Championship (IOPC) on Spartan Poker and once again, we had a few known winners and some making a name for themselves for the first time ever. The biggest tournament of the night was the Friday special The Elite, which was won by Harshad Barve; other winners included Aditya Rathi and Shawn Chatterton, while Aman Parakh managed two titles on the day! Keep reading for our complete summary of IOPC Day 6…

IOPC Event #27 INR 3 Lakh GTD

INR 550 was the buy-in to the first tournament of the day and here, the guarantee was passed due to the field of 664 entries participating. The top 47 players eventually got a share of the prize pool with a minimum of INR 1,892 each but the player to win the biggest prize of the night was ‘Immortal killer’ who has won major titles on Spartan Poker in the past. Here, he bagged INR 64,706 for beating the field and ‘raging Bourne’ in heads-up, with the latter winning INR 41,101 for finishing second. The final hand was a PFAI situation where both players hit a pair of Aces on the flop, but Immortal killer hit Aces and Eights on the river to win the pot and the tournament!

IOPC Event #28 INR 3 Lakh GTD

Same guarantee but here, the buy-in was INR 440 as a field of 818 entries participated and took the prize pool up to INR 3,27,200. It was always going to be a tough fight with such a vast field in play and eventually, the top 55 players received a piece of the pie, taking away a minimum of INR 1,603 each. The winner turned out to be Aditya Rathi aka ‘Gappuu’ who outlasted the field for the top prize of INR 63,476. In heads-up, he beat ‘Virshallsee’ and the latter received INR 40,245 for ending second. It was another PFAI situation that ended the tournament with Rathi hitting a pair of Tens in addition to a pair of Nines on the board in the final hand. This was Rathi’s first title of the ongoing series and will give him confidence for the rest of the IOPC!

IOPC Event #29 INR 5 Lakh GTD

The trend of guarantees being passed continued in this INR 880 buy-in tournament where a total field of 675 entries participated to take the prize pool up to INR 5.4 Lakh. This was then shared by the top 47 finishers of the event, each getting a minimum of INR 3,078. There was more to play for as the tournament ran deeper and eventually, it was ‘moZart’ who emerged victorious, beating Ankur Aryan aka ‘showstopper89’ in heads-up, with the latter already having won an IOPC title just the previous day on Spartan Poker. moZart received the only 6-figure score of the tournament, winning INR 1,05,246 while Aryan won INR 66,852 as runner-up cash prize.

IOPC Event #30 WTF – Who’s The Five – INR 1 Lakh GTD for Top 5

This tournament is like a mini-version of the 5For5, where the top 5 players all receive a guaranteed prize of INR 1,00,000 and the tournament halts when we’ve reached the final 5. The buy-in was set at INR 2,200 and by the end of registration period, we had 629 entries registering which meant another tournament had its guarantee passed and the top 40 spots received a min-cash of INR 3,774. All of the top 5 winners received not just 1 Lakh each but INR 1,50,960 each! These winners included Shawn Chatterton aka ‘N00b N00b’, ‘lolllypoppins’‘koi_toh_rok_lo’‘ChipTricks’ and Aman Parakh aka ‘KarmaPoker’, with Parakh winning his second title of the series so far. The tournament came to an end when Rohit Mishra aka ‘ShippingYard’ hit the rail in 6th place.

IOPC Event #31 The Elite INR 30 Lakh GTD

This was the one everyone was waiting for. Spartan’s Friday feature tournament Elite often attracts the best in the business and here too, some of India’s best pros were in contention. Here, 422 entries each paid the high buy-in of INR 11,000 to participate which smashed the guarantee yet again, creating a prize pool of INR 42,20,000. This was then shared among the top 39 places with a min-cash of INR 29,118. Big tournaments usually see big players in contention towards the end and here too, it was Sriharsha Doddapaneni aka ‘GTOsucks’ up against Harshad Barve aka ‘omglukbox’ in heads-up, with the latter emerging as champion and bagging the massive top prize of INR 8,46,110. Sriharsha shoved pre-flop in the final hand and got a call from Barve. Sriharsha was ahead as he hit a pair of Jacks on the flop itself but the river wasn’t lucky for him as Barve hit a pair of Kings and went on to scoop the pot and also the IOPC Elite title. The runner-up won INR 5,62,526 for his impressive run.

IOPC Event #32 Hi-Fi INR 8 Lakh GTD

Final tournament of the night and this one is always a hit on Spartan Poker, with a buy-in of INR 3,300 last night. A field of 412 entries meant that the guarantee was absolutely smashed, creating an inflated prize pool of INR 12,36,000 which was eventually shared by the top 31 players, each receiving a min-cash of INR 10,876. Once again, it was Aman Parakh aka ‘KarmaPoker’ who emerged victorious, winning his second title of the day and his third of the ongoing IOPC series on Spartan, winning vital points to the IOPC Leaderboard as well. Parakh won INR 2,61,414 here after beating ‘ONmyMAC’ in heads-up, the latter winning INR 1,76,006 for finishing second.

For similar updates on the ongoing IOPC series on Spartan, stay tuned to GutshotMagazine.com.

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