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Thursday Round-up: IOPC January 2021 Poker
Manthra Koliyer
Posted on 15 Jan, 2021
By Manthra Koliyer
On 15 Jan, 2021
By Manthra Koliyer
On 15 Jan, 2021

IOPC Day 1: Parikshit Dhall, Anish Arora, Amarjeet Gandhi Claim Titles!

There cannot be a better way to begin the India Online Poker Championship (IOPC) January 2021 tournament series. This special 10th edition tournament series is a major one and has been one of the most highly anticipated events of the year. IOPC is held twice in a year, and the January 2021 edition kick-started on a high note. Spartan Poker was filled with enthusiastic players ready to battle it out on the digital felts. Let’s take a look at what went down on the first day of IOPC JAN 2021.


This tournament was a major hit among players. The advertised guarantee was INR 10 Lakhs and the prize pool reached an impressive INR 12,26,500. Shrvan Amlekar aka ‘SSAScorpion’ took the winner’s title and won a whopping INR 1,78,372. Amlekar was followed by ‘Howdodoo’ in second place who cashed for INR 1,58,792.

  • Total entries: 2,453
  • Prize Pool: INR 12,26,500
  • Places paid: 223
  • Min-Cash: INR 1,459


With a total of 744 entries, IOPC #2 tournament offered 8 Lakhs in guarantee. The tournament took a splendid turn when the prize pool went up to INR 11,16,000. Rudramani Pokhrel aka ‘rud1478’ won the tournament and claimed INR 2,15,946 in prize money and 63 players ended up earning a min-cash of INR 4,854. 

Gutshot spoke to Pokhrel and congratulated him for his magnificent win. We also quizzed him about his win and he said, “It was good to win the tournament. IOPC was the event I was looking forward to. Winning on the very first day was really awesome. This win will certainly boost my confidence and now I can play in other tournaments of the event with an optimistic approach. Certainly, very excited to see the IOPC medal in my Spartan Poker ID hereafter.”

  • Total entries: 744
  • Prize Pool: INR 11,16,000
  • Places paid: 63
  • Min-Cash: INR 4,854


This tournament was one of the much-awaited tournaments of IOPC Jan 2021. With a promised guarantee of INR 6.50 Lakhs, all eyes were on the prize pool, which did not disappoint at all. The prize pool scaled up to INR 9,56,800. IOPC #3 had Amarjeet Singh Gandhi aka ‘superchor89’ as the proud winner. The runner up of Monster Stack was ‘IAmAllIn’ who took home INR 1,40,369.

We quizzed Gandhi about his win and he said, “It always feels good to win a tournament but winning an IOPC tournament is even more special because of the huge prize pools and large player fields.”

  • Total Entries: 1,196
  • Prize Pool: INR 9,56,800
  • Places Paid: 95
  • Min-Cash: INR 2,822


This tournament had INR 4.25 Lakhs in guarantee. The prize pool went all the way up to INR 5.67 Lakhs, which proved to be a stellar turn of event. The winner ‘Tarush123’ took home a massive winnings of INR 1,10,508. The runner-up was ‘jmdjmd’ who bagged INR 70,194 in prize money.

  • Total Entries: 567
  • Prize Pool: INR 5.67 Lakhs 
  • Places Paid: 95
  • Min-Cash: INR 2,822


One of the biggest attractions of Day 1 was IOPC #5 Ultron INR 35 Lakhs GTD. The tournament had 845 entries logged in. Parikshit Dhall aka ‘zapdos1311’ won the IOPC #5 ULTRON and took a whopping INR 5,76,984 home. Following Dhall, Rajat Sood aka ‘raso009’ won the second place and took home INR 5,16,065 and Vinay Rajpal aka ‘2cards1guy’ bagged the third spot with INR 3,01,700 in prize money.

  • Total entries: 845
  • Prize Pool: INR 35 Lakhs
  • Places paid: 79
  • Min-Cash: INR 11,900


This tournament had 638 entries for a massive INR 19,14,000 in prize pool. IOPC #6 had top 63 players getting paid. Racing ahead of all the entries was ‘deranzzdd’ claiming the top spot for INR 3,70,359. Following him were Bharat Vasan aka ‘dorasingh’ in the second position bagging INR 2,33,508 and ‘ElegentlyWasted’ in the third place who won INR 1,67,475.

  • Total entries: 638
  • Prize pool: INR 19,14,000
  • Places paid: 63
  • Min-Cash: INR 8,325


With a buy-in of INR 1,650, IOPC Deepstack observed a promising field. The promised guarantee of 8.75 Lakh was crushed and a bigger prize pool of INR 11,31,000 was made. Anish Arora aka ‘downswing4ever’ won the IOPC #7 Deepstack and walked away with INR 2,18,848.

  • Total entries: 754
  • Prize pool: INR 11,31,000
  • Places paid: 63
  • Min-Cash: INR 4,919

Follow this space for the latest updates on IOPC January 2021. For more updates on online poker tournaments, keep reading GutshotMagazine.com. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Telegram.

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